The original “Mission Statement” of the Foundation states

“Our mission is to provide an intellectual gateway to the Mind-Being reality through research, discovery, and communication; . . .”

Education is in part a process of “communication.”  Thus, this part of the website is planned as a way to foster education in the fields that the Foundation finds will “..bridge between our mind ( and heart) and our (higher) being, . . .” (definition – ‘What is Mind-Being” ‘) On this page there are links to courses, editorials that have appeared in the Newsletters, two books, and a study guide to a book.

• The field of consciousness studies is getting wider all the time.  Yet many aspect have been known and taught for centuries, though not always thought of as consciousness studies.  FMBR has gathered over 50 different slide presentations on a wide range of topics.  Some are focused on a particular topic others are general presentations that act as introduction course. Here is the opening page for the  FMBR Courses.


•   Books – three books are linked here

“Cosmic Law” written by Dr. Dean Brown and Wenden Wiegand.  This book was extracted from the content of “a one-year course in consciousness and cosmology” taught initially by Dr. Brown.

“Teaching Self-Discovery Science with Biofeedback and Electromagnetism.” by Dr. Jean Millay is a study plan for use in grades five through twelve (though it is likely that any of us could profitably use this guide for self study).  Dr. Millay says in the Preface:

“Our politicians and newscasters continually report how this country might become bankrupt over the staggering costs of health care for our seniors and children, so we have an urgent need to focus on energy medicine, energy education, and our natural energetic relationship to our sources of Life: Sun and Earth. “

“The Law of One” is a channeled work of five books “channeled in 1981 by Carla Rueckert, based on questions from Don Elkins, Ph.D. with Jim McCarty as the scribe.”   This channeling was presented “to help humanity as it seeks the truth of who we really are.”   Presented here is a table of contents for the “Study Guide” that gives a very good sense of what the “Law of One” presents.  There are links to the complete work as well as to the “Study Guide.”

• The fields of subtle energy and science have been studied since the 1800s using scientific methods, and new models developed as a result of these studies. New physics models have been developed in recent years as well. Links to information on some of those models may be found here.