FMBR was founded to explore the wide – and at times wild – area of human activity that takes place between traditional science and spirituality.

• All FMBR monthly meetings are video-recorded and may subsequently be viewed on the FMBR YouTube page. After each video has been processed it is available at FMBR Videos.

• Our “Self Healing & Awareness” page offers great opportunity for exploration. It includes topics we can all relate to, as well as an introduction to a variety of techniques which, when individually applied, can help us function at our best while enriching our day-to-day lives.

“Lessons from the Journey of Life” is a short paper that reviews observations of just a few of the many aspects of subtle energy. When outcomes of scientific experiments don’t make sense from a traditional, western science perspective, they are often discarded. When viewed more broadly, however, such outcomes offer insights that expand science into new and exciting areas. “Lessons from the Journey of Life” includes examples of what may be discovered when shifts in perspective take place.



• The internet provides access to a massive amount of material and resources in areas of interest to FMBR: videos of talks and panels, articles from various publications, and scientific papers. In our ongoing effort to enrich and expand minds, we provide a link, with short introduction, on our Media page to new sources as they become available. Two indices can be found at the bottom of the Media Page, one by source/speaker, and one by title.

• This page includes links , to organizations and people of interest to FMBR.

• A short description of our meetings dating back to September 1999 can be found on the Past Speakers page. The wide range of speakers and topics presented by FMBR over the years can be found on the Past Speakers’ Websites page.