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FMBR Meeting, Friday March 24
Bill Virga
911 Revisited,
A Critical Thinking 

Have you ever wondered about the official explanation for the terrorist’s attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on the morning of September 11th, 2001?  Did you know that there are many questions about really why the 2 tall towers fell and why they fell in such a strange way?

Bill Virga will discuss these and many more controversial anomalies as he examines the story.   We will watch filmed news footage at the time, including eyewitness testimony from fire fighters, police officers, news reporters and citizens who tell what they saw and heard.

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FMBR Meeting, Friday, April 28
Russell Targ

FMBR Meeting, Friday, May 26
Jerry Kroth, PhD

FMBR Meeting Friday, June 23
Robert Gilbert, PhD
The Egyptian Science of Energy Balancing through
Shape, Sound, Color, and Motion

FMBR 6 Day Workshop, with
Robert Gilbert, PhD
June 24 Through June 29
BioGeometry Foundation Training

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