2004 Newsletter Information

2004 Newsletter Information

Oct, 2004 


At the Sept 26th members meeting the following persons were elected:

President & Board Member (2006) Tiffany Schneider
Co-Vice President (Operations) Ken Morley
Co-Vice President (Community) Edie Fischer
Executive Administrator Kenneth Cone
Treasurer Austin Marx
Secretary & Board Member Cece Morrison
Board Member Marion Gough
Board Member Jodell Bumatay
Board Member Marsha Sims

Board Members that were not up for reelection: (until 2005) Bill Gough, Chairman; Ken Morley; Ken Cone; (until 2006) Austin Marx; Edie Fischer.

May, 2004 


Instrumental transcommunication (ITC) is the use of TVs, radios, phones, computers, and other devices to get information directly from the spirit worlds in the form of voices, images, and text that is virtually unfiltered by the human mind. Mark Macy, ITC pioneer and author of Miracles in the Storm, will present a three hour, two part seminar. Part 1 will share the actual voices of departed colleagues, nature spirits, and angels. Part 2 will present the hard evidence and verifications that have been gathered by ITC researchers around the world, supporting the premise that we are indeed in touch with spiritual beings. There will be ample time during the seminar discussion and for Luminator pictures that seem to "melt away" some of the barriers between our world and the other side.

After earning journalism and electronics degrees, Mark Macy spent two decades as a professional writer and editor on newspapers and in technical writing departments of high-technology corporations. In 1991 following a serious health crisis, Mark became convinced of spiritual reality and immersed himself in the young field of ITC, which uses electronic equipment to get information from the spirit worlds. In July 2003 Mark earned a Ph.D. and now focuses his efforts upon spreading the word about ITP and spiritual reality through various media, including his World ITC wedsite: www.worlditc.org.

TIME: Sunday, June 6, 2004 7:00 p.m.

PLACE: ITP's Great Sophia Room

SPEAKER: Dr. Mark Macy, ITP Pioneer


Jack W Geis submitted his 362 page new book Physics, Metaphysics, and God to FMBR for review. Jack is an aerospace engineer with an MS in physics who is also a believer in the Christian Science religion. He has done extensive research for the book including personal contacts with many of the key researchers referenced. In Part I, the book provides an excellent introduction to the "quantum universe" by describing the key experiments in understandable terms with numerous figures and illustrations. The research described points the way towards a new paradigm based upon tn the primacy of consciousness. Part II creates the bridge to metaphysics and God. Key experiments in consciousness as they affect the external world are described. Also, many examples of spiritual healing, especially as demonstrated by the Christian Science church are discussed. The book has a detailed table of contents and list of figures, excellent references and a bibliography. Unfortunately, the book has no index. I recommend the book as an impressive overview of the interface between modern physical science and its implications to our spiritual evolution and healing. To order a copy e-mail the author at: jmgeis@woh.rr.com. W.C.Gough

Workshops by Timothy Dunphy

Timothy Dunphy will present one day workshops at the Divine Science Community Center at 1540 Hicks Ave, San Jose: May 22, June 19, July 17, August 21, September 18, October 23, November 20, December 4. Please see www.chi-aura.com for more information. Another location: East West Bookshop, Mountain View, CA, Sunday, May 16.

Mar, 2004 


FMBR member and former speaker, Russell Targ, has arranged for the republication of a select series of out-of-print classics on the scientific study of consciousness. We believe our members will find these books to be extremely thought provoking.

Feb, 2004 


The Annual Christmas Party for FMBR members and friends was hosted by Russell Targ & Patricia Phillips of Palo Alto. We appreciate their generosity in providing such a beautiful setting. The large festive party of about 80 people gave us all a chance to renew old friendships and reaffirm the community each of us finds in the Foundation. Marion Gough played the piano; Marsha Sims led the singing. Ronnie George, a Stanford graduate student from India, joined them on guitar. Shortly after the Christmas Party Russell and Patricia journeyed to Sante Fe, NM and were married at the Upaya Buddhist Center. We wish them great happiness.

Jan, 2004 


The FMBR Board of Directors is happy to announce that our affiliation with the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology is progressing well. Our first major initiative is to move the January meeting to their facility.

The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology is a private, accredited, non-sectarian graduate school offering residential and distance-learning degree programs for professional, educational and personal growth. Its unique curriculum focuses on six core areas of inquiry: the intellectual, emotional, spiritual, physical, social, and creative.

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