Women's Group Update

When I started the women’s group, I was very conscious that I wanted to honor the feminine way of being, even in the creation of a new endeavor. I wanted those who were interested in creating something, to join together and hold the space for the emergence of something new. We did not dictate what that new thing was to be. We gathered in a circle, creating the container into which the new could emerge. Each time we gather, we pay attention to the energy, the ebb and flow, the resonances. Each time we meet, the circle deepens, trust and communion are built, we witness each other in the process of becoming. And we honor what is. As I was preparing for the circle, I thought about bringing in a theme of spring and new beginnings. Spring comes early where we live, and though it was only the end of January, the first buds of spring had already begun to open. Within a week, Candlemas would be upon us, the halfway point in winter. Many people are looking longingly toward the spring, especially in the colder regions. But as I felt into the time, I realized that I wanted to honor the place we are right now, not jump ahead into what will come in its own time. We are still in winter, the seeds are still germinating, there is riotous life beneath the surface as the roots gather nutrients and water that will enable the seeds to grow toward the light. But, in many cases, the evidence of all that movement is unseen. Above the surface of the soil, much is quiet and bare. My question to the assembled women was, what is germinating in your life, in your soul? What do you think is germinating for our community, our country, our planet for the coming year? We spoke of sacredness. We spoke of being witness to each other. We spoke of the desire for ritual and poetry, and the affirmation of ourselves and our world as healed and whole. We honored what was present in the moment. And now, at the new moon which ushers in the Lunar Chinese New Year, we start with a clean slate. So, I ask you, what are you creating in your life? What seeds of the new are germinating in your experience? Where do you find sustenance and communion? What gifts are wanting to enter the world through you? Take some time at the new moon to contemplate. Be receptive. Call on your intuition. Let your soul speak. Write down what comes, and honor that which comes as a whisper. Let us create a space in which the intuitive, receptive and life-affirming brought forth as a healing force within each of us and on the planet.]]>

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