This page provides access to 3 versions of Dr. Jean Millay’s book “BIOFEEDBACK AS A TOOL FOR THE STUDY OF CONSCIOUSNESS”. There is an online version, which is fully available through your web browser, there is a PDF version which you can directly download to your computer, and there are zipped files of the original Microsoft Word files, as written by Dr Millay, that you can down load and unzip.

There are also several papers and articles that Dr Millay has suggested might be interesting to those who are interested in her book. See this page of index page to this additional material.

The online version contains a very slightly modified version of the original document as written by Dr Millay. ( The only changes that were made were those needed to make the book work in its web version.)

To continue to the web version, CLICK HERE .

( It is suggested that you download each file, one at a time. Simply click on each section, chapter title, and chart page to download that part of the book. When the downloading of one section is completed, close that window and click on the next desired part.)

The PDF version was made using the original pages as supplied by Dr Millay. It is presented here as 8 separate text files and 4 files that make up the Electromagnetic Spectrum chart. Each of these 12 files must be down loaded separately.

These files ( links below ) are the zipped Microsoft Word text files and images of the original pages as supplied by Dr Millay. They are presented here as 17 zipped files. ( The final 9 files are images files. ) The zipped files may need to be separately unzipped by your computer, if you computer does not do so automatically. Then the files may be opened by an appropiate version of Microsoft Word, or translator, to see the book.

Updated April 28, 2008