A Different Path | Sep 2008

FMBR Editorial: Sep, 2008

A Different Path

Yevgeniy Gorodetskiy

Can you remember those wild adventures you experienced as a child? The parks and forests filled with mystical creatures, the ability to fly thousands of miles away in your mind, and your dreams of other worlds and dimensions that were just as real, if not more real then this one. All of this you were told, and eventually believed, was imaginary. Do you remember what the world felt like back then? These feelings and experiences may not be just childish fantasies.

Young children are much more perceptive than adults and have access to a wider spectrum of informational interactions, which can include other planes and worlds of existence. Those of us interested in paranormal human abilities know of many abilities that are possible for people with a slightly wider spectrum of perception, which fall under the umbrella of “psychic” abilities. These can start with intuition and premonitions. Then there is seeing in many forms, both internal and external, including seeing energy streams and fields (like auras), remote viewing, foreseeing the future and so on. There can also be an expanded awareness of the thinking processes leading to telepathy. Also, other senses can be expanded such as the sense of smell, sound, taste, and touch. The last one is most interesting since a person can begin to feel his own organs and tissues on a much deeper level leading to a sense of other structures both within and around the body. This brings us to human energetic structures.

If a person's perception begins to expand and self-exploration leads him around his own body, he will discover numerous different structures, which are a continuation of the physical body and directly affect the health and consciousness of a human being. There are a number of sets of energetic channels that run within the body and are capable of passing very intense energy currents. An example of these would be the channels that run through the arms and legs. Next there are a number of centers of energy transformation present within and around the body (these are often referred to as chakras). Examples include ones in the area of the chest and the forehead. There is also a complex system of tiny energy tubes that run within and around the body called the meridians. These meridians also carry energy in and out of the organism. Once discovered, a person can learn to work with, start processes within, and perform actions with these energy structures. An example would be bioenergetic healing or altered vision.

The truth is that all of us are given these many incredible gifts that are woven into our biology by nature but we, by our own ignorance, do not use them.

By consciously exploring these forgotten parts of our being, we open the door to a world from which we are hiding -- behind our informational overloads, technological advances and fear of ourselves. So there is no need to “imagine,” as reality is much deeper, richer, scarier, more exciting and full of life than anything we can possibly imagine.

Therefore we should not tell our children that they are imagining things. In fact, they can be seeing things much clearer then we are. All that we as adults need is a desire to take a step back towards ourselves and begin to explore our own body, our energetic structures.

The world is changing and it’s not clear in which direction but I would prefer to be around people who are simpler, brighter, and closer to nature, like children. This is why I work with my energetic structures and hope that more people will begin to be a little more sensitive towards themselves and the world by following the same path. There is so much in the world that is worth protecting. Not for ourselves or our children but simply because it exists. I hope that by changing ourselves, our energetic structures, and becoming stronger trees in the forest we can collectively withstand any difficulty that may be ahead of us and individually be able to look at ourselves with content.

In Russia there is a unique place where people have been doing what I have just described for over 15 years. It’s called the Institute of Biosensory Psychology, St. Petersburg, Russia - a Private Education Institution for Additional Professional Education. I have participated and studied at this Institute. The founder of the Institute is Vladimir Tonkov who is a leading figure in the field of human natural abilities and a recipient of a world record in the category "the largest number of people taught in the shortest amount of time the skills of telekinesis (moving objects without contact)" - several hundred in the past two years. These people look like regular people and yet you can tell them apart by a little spark in their eyes and a full-of-care attitude towards the world, which is evident in their every move. While interacting with them you feel no need to pretend or fear. It's an interesting feeling when you can just be yourself. This is the way you feel with people who are not dangerous to you.

Yevgeniy Gorodetskiy, FMBR President

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