Ascension | May 2003

FMBR Editorial: May, 2003


William C. Gough - Based upon writings of Oliver Markley and Dean Brown

Ascension is typically thought of as going from the physical body to a higher level after death of the body. However, the wisdom traditions of the world have for millennia told us that ascension should begin while we live in our physical body. Ascension emerges from a three-fold miracle of creation. The first miracle is that anything at all exists, rather than nothing-ness. The second miracle is that some of what is, is alive. The third miracle is that some of what is alive is self-aware, including awareness of the three miracles. Ascension becomes the application of this self-referencing capability -- a journey inward to the Source. In effect you ascend to a "higher zone" of consciousness that transforms your perception of critical problems into opportunities. The movement from each major zone to the next represents the equivalent of a quantum shift in how one perceives reality.

Dr. Oliver Markley proposes a gradient model of ascension that maps three profoundly differing levels or zones. At the first level an individual's motivation is primarily based upon a "win-lose" competition between "I and it." Polar opposites are the norm. There is a defined good and an evil. Relationships follow a pattern of domination and/or submission. At the second level a proactive "win/win" collaboration between "I and Thou" prevails. This strategy of conflict resolution has been researched under the mathematics of game theory. The path to success is through the practice of compassionate acceptance, cooperation and sharing. All polar opposites integrate holistically. At the third level there exists a knowingness that we are a part of a Unity Consciousness originating within an eternal now-ness -- beyond space and time. One experiences a total awareness that no separation of self exists and encounters a peace and love that passes understanding. At this level there is a transcendence of all polar opposites including good and evil -- the ultimate motivation resides in the One -- the Unity Consciousness.

Lets apply this gradient model of ascension to the issue of good and evil. We will use the war in Iraq as a specific example. At the first level of ascendance, we never get away from evil -- it is absolutely necessary for ascendance and evolutionary transformation. It provides the rungs of a ladder on which we climb. Our President perceives Iraq and Saddam as part of an "Axis of Evil." Equally, the peace activists who indulge in violent protests against the evil of President Bush's action are also participants at this first level of ascendance. At the second level, however, evil becomes perceived as an integral part of all that is, to be accepted with compassion, rather than resisted or merely tolerated.

Thus, evil is experienced as more of a negation of good rather than an opposite. The goal is to address this negation of good through universal law process established by consensus. Examples would be the United Nations Charter and mutually agreed upon use of force and humanitarian actions. Peace activists following the non-violent principles of Gandhi and Martin Luther King represent examples of second level perceptions -- a move from confrontational activism to interactive activism.

At the third and highest level, all is transcendentally "non-dual" without consideration of hierarchical distinctions. The model assumes that there are reliable spiritual paths to action through which the higher wisdom resident in all of us can be accessed and used. These include sudden transitions such as near death experiences. Such paths exist even though we experience our lives, for the most part, at lower levels of ascension. The traditional concept of performing the "right action" necessarily involves the making of judgments regarding right vs. wrong and good vs. evil. This is appropriate at the lower levels of ascension. However, the wisdom literature of the world is clear that "right action" involves more than just that which is in conformity with conventional ideas of right and wrong. It represents action that is in harmony with Cosmic Law and the evolutionary flow of reality. These Cosmic Laws are at the root of, and encompass, the physical laws of material and biological science, ethics, logic, and esthetics -- they are invariant.

At level three one becomes a conscious participant in the co-creation process; and with the underlying love that is at its core. The individual actions chosen to address the Iraq situation might be meditations to facilitate a universal field change for the highest good (a type of hundredth monkey effect), as well as service actions based upon unconditional love. However, to individuals at level one, actions originating at level two and three are found to be confusing, ineffective or unrealistic. Yet, level three could well represent the maximum possibility for affecting physical reality since it is closest to the creating process and therefore the most efficient for producing change.

William C. Gough, FMBR Chairman of the Board, May 2003
(Based upon the writings of Drs. Oliver Markley and Dean Brown.) 

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