All the Same

All the Same

Ken Morley

When you start to look, there are so many ways that the subtle energy has been defined, it can get quite confusing. Each person, or group, that came up with a system to make use of the subtle energy seems to have found a unique definition. Often they are all convinced that the system they have defined is unique and different from any other. Fact is, it probably IS different.

  • The Reiki teachers use a system of Kanji characters to open the initiate so they can become a Reiki healer, a channel for healing energy.
  • Baron von Reichenbach found that 'Od' (his name for the energy he had found) could even be seen. If the person wishing to observe Od sat for a very long time in a completely dark room, a very dim light became visible.
  • Wilhelm Reich found that 'orgone' had very many uses. Uses Reich claimed included drawing rain to an area, causing the temperature to rise inside a special sealed and insulated metal box, as well as many others.
  • Shamans have been able to gain insight about a situation by using non-ordinary awareness.
  • Torsion science as developed by USSR scientists from 1940 to the present Theoretical Basics of Experimental Phenomena, Yu. V. Nachalov.

One can continue for quite a while investigating all the different aspects of the subtle energy found by different explorers.

The original Maxwell equations seem to indicate that electromagnetic energy may have two forms, a transverse form and a longitudinal form (example). The transverse form is what is in use today in our electrical and magnetic equipment - electric motors, electric power delivered by wire, and all the various forms of radio. There have been a few efforts to explore the longitudinal form. The most famous such work was done by Nicola Tesla.

Tesla was a Croatian-born Serbian-American inventor, physicist, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, and futurist. He is best known for his contributions to the modern alternating current (AC) electrical supply system and usage of AC current. It was his system that was the successful system in the "War of Currents", AC versus DC -- where he was pitted against the system Edison was in favor of. Tesla's patent and theoretical work formed the basis for the invention of radio communication. He is also known for his high-voltage/high-frequency experiments.

But he also developed ways to transmit power, what he called "radiant energy". It was a separate system that took power directly from the environment — by his definition power from the field that is part of our environment. Both the transmission and the direct power systems are apparently uses of transverse electromagnetic energy. Quotes from Tesla indicate that this form of energy was usually much less disruptive to life forms, whereas we are well acquainted that the effects of both microwaves and the power grid can be quite dangerous to life. One time he even put together a system that he used to power a large car for several weeks! (The gasoline engine had been removed from the car first.)

It is possible to make subtle energy devices that are simply a symbolic version of a hardware device that has been invented to make use of such energy. Radionic diagnostic and treatment devices have been made using just an accurate symbolic version of a hardware device (Radionics and T. Galen Hieronymus by Duncan Laurie, page 9). There are available several symbolic items that apparently act to reduce the negative effect on life forms (including humans) of transverse electro-magnetic energy ( do a Google search for "EMF protection devices"). In a communication, William C. Gough ( Co-founder/CEO Emeritus of FMBR) made the following statement:

"I believe that there is a deeper meaning underlying your discussion of symbols. The Universe consists of patterns. It is not matter or energy but patterns that carry information. It is these patterns of Nature and how they change that both modern science and ancient metaphysics study. Every system in the Universe, including our physical system, is "designed" so that there will be a coupling to certain patterns. Such couplings change over time. Symbols represent meaningful patterns for an individual experiencing them. Our scientific symbol system is known as mathematics. Bob Shacklett and I wrote a paper about symbols which is on the FMBR web site. It is the "Source" beyond space and time that imparts" information" into the "zero point field." You have described a number of processes for coupling and enhancing that coupling for knowledge and creating change."

It has been found many times by science that it is the simpler of the many explanations for an observed phenomenon that works out to be superior — Occam's razor. It seems that in this area of subtle energy, the simpler definition again may work best. It could be that all these various systems mentioned above (and further implied in the literature) are more closely related than it appears on the surface. Each energy system may simply be a different expression of the basic structure of our universe. Each time there is a new discovery, it appears that the discoverers/creators may have let their intention set the range and limits that will apply to their system. Their intention could really be the controlling factor and not any basic limits of the subtle energy itself. It seems likely that all the different discoveries are simply a different view of the same world of subtle energy, just viewed though different eyes. All could very well be really the same energy -- an energy that is the basis of all creation.



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