An Exchange of Emails on Manifestation

An Exchange of Emails on Manifestation

William C. Gough and Lynn of British Columbia

Here is an exchange of correspondence that explores the subject of manifestation, and how one may use the rules and knowledge of manifestation to create something in one's life:

On Jul 9 Lynn wrote:

Hello Bill,

I thoroughly enjoyed your paper, "MANIFESTING, CREATING, & ATTUNEMENT" which I recently read on FMBR's website.

I have always been interested in the power of the mind and how our thoughts create and affect our environment, and every facet of our lives.  I also believe in the power of prayer, creative visualization, and miracles!!  Belief systems also come into play and can be just as powerful in the creation of our desires.

The reason I felt compelled to write to you is I am in a situation right now where I am finding it difficult to "create" something and since you are an expert in this field and have done the research and study, you might be able to offer some additional insight and help.

I took the courage and resigned from a very negative and "toxic" job last year.  I took University level courses and graduated in April 2007, at which time I thought I would find that perfect high-paying full-time job right away.  After 2 1/2 months, I am still looking and now desperate to find something before I run out of my savings.  I know I should relax and let it happen but I am getting abit concerned.  I need that job that is the "perfect fit" for me and an organization.

I realize I can manifest this wonderful, positive job (where I would be working with great people) as the universe is a bountiful universe and wants to deliver to me what I want (but time is not on my side).  Do you have any suggestions on what I could do to bring this to me, while remaining calm and confident?  I need this job immediately.

Many, many thanks, for your time Bill!
(Sorry for this long winded email) -
Kind regards,

Lynn, British Columbia

Hi Lynn,

What an interesting challenge you are presenting to me! Let me explore with you some of what I have learned regarding manifestation and apply it to your letter.

To manifest "magic" with great effectiveness you really need to "believe" you can. There must be an inner "knowingness" that what you need is already present and can manifest in this reality. Religions call this "faith." When you  have that inner knowing events around you will change. You will bring into your life the people who can get you or lead you to the appropriate opportunities. Such "knowing" is not an easy task in this society, but at least you need to be in "neutral" and be open to the possibility of "magic" occurring. Every doubt you have is like throwing water on a fire you are trying to ignite.

You must remember that you are interacting with a domain of unbounded potentials, but it is also a spaceless and timeless domain. You can't demand a time schedule from the Absolute -- magic may not occur on the time schedule that you believe if should. You are not in control of the process! It is true that you need to remain "calm and confident." However, you need to let go and be thankful for whatever happens.

You need a clearly focused intention for magic to manifest in ways that fulfill your inner passion and mission in life. You are now interacting with the interconnected whole of the cosmos. Everything is interconnected -- it's like a spider's web, what you do vibrates throughout the whole web. This is why spiritual traditions emphasize service with love and compassion that helps benefit others -- helps keep the web healthy. Are you clear why you want a new job -- is it for money and to avoid a "toxic" environment? What is your real passion?

You are entering a "hero's journey" seeking the golden chalice. Some people can plunge in and with absolute faith and commitment go where life leads them. Others like me tended to be more cautious and would not burn my bridges behind me, but stay in a less desirable situation as the universe decides the timing for my focused intention to evolve my life's path. As you learn how to do focused "magic" it becomes easier to just trust the feedback from the Absolute -- from God.

Best wishes,


On Jul 11, 2007, at 8:17 PM, Lynn wrote:

Hi Bill,

Thanks for allowing me to write to you.  Yesterday, I was actually thinking of writing you again to ask if you had ever heard of a man, William (Bill) E. Gray.  He has since passed away but I did a lot of research a couple of months ago to try and find out more about his modality as I am fascinated with the world of healing as well.  He was a healer in the 40's and 50's.

This man, Bill Gray, was able to heal through the "magnetic field" (lower abdomen) in the body.  He wrote a book in 1947 called "Know your Magnetic Field" but when I finally found it and purchased it through the internet, it was disappointing because it really didn't outline how he healed.  He was born with the gift and was able to somehow tune into "the Powers" which would tell him which "life ray" (human energy on individual wave lengths) an individual was born with, and he would "tune into" the waves of the individual (we each are born with 3 waves which operate at different frequencies, according to our astrological sign and other factors).

Have you ever heard of this fellow?  He was mentioned in one of Ruth Montgomery's books, "Born to Heal", and I am very interested in finding out about this type of healing.  I am not a healer by trade - an office manager actually - but want to eventually see if I could do this later on.  It is just an interesting topic (along with miracles, the power of the mind, etc.) that I have always been interested in.

There are so many things that cannot be explained and most people do not believe in things if there is not clear evidence, but something like a healing cannot always be explained - it just is!  But, I think it is so fascinating, especially when the healing involves helping children and animals, this is truly rewarding.

So, there you have it.  Some more "food for thought" for you ~

I look forward to your reply!


Sent: Thursday, July 12, 2007 12:36 PM

Hi Lynn,

You really appear to be on a Hero's Journey to serve as a healer! I have Ruth Montgomery's book, "Born to Heal," and assume that Mr. A is really Bill Gray. I also know that Bill Gray was a mentor to the healer Rosalyn Bruyere. Diane Goldner, who wrote the book "Infinite Grace: Where the Worlds of Science and Spiritual Healing Meet" is a friend who is on the same journey as you. She interviewed Rosalyn and briefly discusses Bill Gray in her book. Also understand that Carole Sumler is writing a book about Bill Gray. Have you contacted her?

When you heal you change your state of consciousness. The secondary effects are detectable in brain wave patterns, heart rate variability, breathing, etc. There are now available computer biofeedback tools that allow you to observe these changes in yourself. Some tools have been made into fun games. For example, the Institute of HeartMath sells the "Freeze Framer" and another group in Colorado sell the game "The Journey to Wild Divine." I was a science advisor at HeartMath and know that these biological changes occur when you focus upon a "feeling state" of love and compassion in your heart area (heart chakra). This also facilitates your ability to "tune into" the waves of another individual.

Our body has an energy field surrounding it that many can observe as an aura. Research shows that your body is affected by changes in the earth's magnetic fields such as the solar wind from sun spots. The goal of science is to understand the physical world using data and various models. The Electromagnetic Theory (EM) is the one most appropriate for the macroscopic nature of our bodies.  There is a term in EM theory called the Magnetic Vector Potential. Originally this was thought of as a term added to make the theory work. Years latter scientists proved that changes in this field affected the magnetic field (B) that you are familiar with. The Magnetic Vector Potential appears to originate from beyond our normal physical reality. This helps explain why someone who can consciously operate from realms beyond the physical can affect the order of things in the physical, like move charges in molecules and change patterns -- this could help explain the mechanism by which healing is accomplished -- but it is more complex than this. However, when you observe entities from "the other side" allowing themselves to be known, you will often see electric lights dim, electronic equipment do strange things, smoke detectors go off (they are sensitive to ionized particles), etc. Thus, I think Bill Gray is correct regarding the importance of changes in the magnetic field of the body during the healing process. (On the FMBR web site under Reports you can search and find more about the Magnetic Vector Potential.)

Best wishes,


On Jul 12, 2007, at 4:21 PM, Lynn wrote:

Hi Bill,

Thanks for your lengthy response.

I must have been an investigative reporter in a past life (ha. ha!) because I did my homework when I was researching Bill Gray.  I did manage to connect with all 3 individuals you mentioned.  By sheer luck, Rosalyn came to Vancouver last year to participate in a weekend conference and I was able to meet her for a few seconds.  She told me she was not taking any new students under her wing right now as she was just too busy.  One day, I hope to take one of her courses in the States.  I also found Diane's book "Infinite Grace" and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I also connected with Diane by phone.  As well, I found an email for Carole and emailed her about her book.  She mentioned she was being met with some delays in getting it written but would have it done one day.  Lastly, I connected with Carol DeSanto at "Pathways for Healing" in the States but didn't quite find what I was looking for.

I guess I was hoping to find explicit instructions in a book, or have someone who had tutored under Bill, show me exactly how he did his healing!  I know that Rosalyn is one such individual but her time is limited.  I was hoping to find other students that trained under Bill when he had his foundation.  For instance, there was a nurse that travelled with Bill and he was tutoring her constantly but I cannot find this lady anywhere - she may have gotten married and changed her name.

The "Magnetic Vector Potential" is a new term for me so I will investigate this now.  Thanks Bill!

(P.S.  Please keep me posted, should you happen to come across anyone who might have thorough training in this area, who was tutored under Bill Gray.  Maybe you might be lucky and find the name of that nurse!!!).

Bye for now,


Sent: Thursday, July 12, 2007 7:32 PM

Hi Lynn,

Wonderful! You indeed have been walking the path! I don't know if you will ever find "explicit instructions" that suit your unique capabilities. This is an inner process and most healers seem to find a healing modality that becomes their special way. However, you can't go wrong by becoming a student of healers like Rosalyn Bruyere, and seeking others who trained with Bill Gray. You don't need science to be an exceptional healer. But if you are interested in how science might eventually fit such "miracles" into a scientific framework then read some of my papers which were written with two quantum physicists, Drs. Robert Shacklett and Dean Brown.

Wishing you a fascinating journey,


Date: July 12, 2007 8:10:52 PM PDT

That's great - I can't thank you enough, Bill!
I look forward to reading those papers you mentioned (written with Drs. Robert Shacklett and Dean Brown) and will keep you posted on my journey and how it all unfolds.

Bye for now!


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