And the Blind Shall See | FMBR Short Story Entry 2016

FMBR Short Story Entry 2016

And the Blind Shall See

by Liliana Cerepnalkoski

Luminita Simion, MD, PhD, or Lumi as I have come to know her, is a physician and scientist in Iasi, Romania. An orthopedic surgeon with decades of experience, and more recently, a passionate researcher in the emerging field of regenerative medicine, Lumi has studied acupuncture, Reiki, transpersonal psychology, neuro linguistic programming (NLP), and pranandi -- a form of energy medicine from India. In addition, she has read a copious amount of books and attended a plethora of conferences on the topics of spirituality and energy medicine.

Throughout her formal and informal studies, however, Lumi's medical--scientific mind could not bend around the possibility that energy medicine actually might lead to tangible healing results, as demonstrable through the methods of conventional Western medicine: X-rays, MRIs, blood tests, and so on.

Lumi and I were introduced via E--mail, by Adrian Stoica, PhD -- an engineer and senior research scientist for over twenty years at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Jet Propulsion Laboratory -- who had attended a few of my lectures in Los Angeles and had multiple discussions with me thereafter. Aware of Lumi's interest in energy medicine, Adrian sensed that Lumi and I would connect and have much to talk about, even from a distance. The communication with Lumi in fact proved to be interesting, pleasant, and sincere, and she ended up becoming a client of mine.

A couple of months earlier, Lumi's dentist had informed her that he must remove her dental implant, as a result of an extensive infection that had eaten up Lumi's jaw bone, leaving a hole. The dentist advised Lumi that he would have to take out the diseased tissues, fill the hole with synthetic bone, wait for a couple of months for everything to heal, then insert a different type of dental implant, once the healing was complete.

Lumi was in severe pain, a world away, when we started our work together by phone. I not only worked on her but also taught her how to work on herself. We began the process by cleansing her entire jaw area with brilliant white light and pastel shades of blue and green light, effectively removing the energetic debris. Taking advantage of Lumi's training as a surgeon, I advised Lumi to imagine that she was doing a thorough curettage, a medical scraping procedure using a curette, and white light.

Next we filled the jaw bone hole with golden light, the highest form of chi, and I taught Lumi a few shamanic body talk techniques, along with techniques for optimizing her base chakra. I sensed that both would be useful for her during that period, and in fact, they ended up having a positive impact on her quality of life.

As Lumi and I continued working on her jaw daily, she on herself and I from a distance, her pain quickly disappeared, making her life bearable as she worked on a research project in Ireland. Two months later, when Lumi visited her oral surgeon in Romania, a dental X ray indicated that the hole no longer existed. Instead, there was just a small faint line remaining, with no sign of infection. The oral surgeon could not believe his eyes. "You are a phenomenon!" he exclaimed to Lumi. "You are a real miracle!" Lumi, meanwhile, was delighted that the looming jaw surgery -- which would have been lengthy, expensive, and complicated -- was cancelled.

"I am a MD myself, an orthopedic surgeon actually, fully aware of the threat of a bone infection, its devastating effects, and its unfortunate outcome when it affects the jaw," Lumi wrote to me, shortly after returning from the oral surgeon. "I must confess, even though I am myself a practitioner of energetic healing, I was completely amazed to see the undeniable X--ray result." This test result effectively blew open Lumi's mind, leading her to realize that anything is possible. Her experience was similar to mine a few years prior: When conventional medical tests verified that the hole in Semir's heart successfully had been closed (with the guidance of Master Jesus), I came to understand that energy medicine works in tangible ways, above and beyond offering temporary comfort.

As for Lumi, following this experience, she stopped using pharmaceuticals altogether and instead utilized shamanic body talk. "What can be better than not having to take pills, but instead, being able to counteract almost any physical problem in little time, just allowing your body to communicate its specific needs?" she said in a letter a few months after the dental healing experience. "What can be better than being able to cope with long, tiresome work hours or jet lag? It can be almost everything one needs to enjoy long--lasting wellbeing." Lumi went on to share with me that above and beyond her physical healing, she experienced spiritual, psychological, and emotional transformation, "an almost magical life makeover," as she called it.

Two years after the dental healing, Lumi contacted me for a series of my private Energy Makeover sessions by phone. Through this work, I teach how to transform, enhance, and maintain one's energetic system. "I feel like I was born again," Lumi said to me, sometime after the sessions. "I clearly perceive myself radiating calm, joy, and confidence, which is obviously influencing people around me -- family, patients, even people I meet on the street."

A year later, Lumi contacted me on behalf of her father, Dumitru Labusca, who had lost his vision. He was confined to a chair, leaving him both depressed and dependent on the care of Lumi's sister. Despite Lumi's transformational experiences with energy medicine, Lumi still doubted the modality could significantly impact something as delicate as eye sight. Still, she decided to give it a whirl. "Why not?" I encouraged her. "We have nothing to lose."

At the time, Dumitru was a young 86 year--old. Prior to his eye problems, he had been very active. After retiring a couple of decades earlier, he had spent his time reading and writing books, gardening, and taking trips through the mountainous regions of Romania. A couple of months before Lumi contacted me, his vision had deteriorated rapidly. The ophthalmologists said he had a progressive case of age--related macular degeneration (AMD) in both eyes -- a condition they asserted was untreatable and would lead to complete blindness in a couple of months.

While Dumitru neither understood nor believed in energy medicine, he was desperate to try anything that might work. In addition, being that his doctor--daughter had experienced her own miraculous healing through energy medicine, he was open to the possibility that it just might work for him as well. So I designed an action plan that engaged Dumitru, Lumi, and me as a team, each of us doing our individual daily practice on Dumitru's behalf. As a daughter, Lumi was happy to be able to help her father heal. As a scientist, she was intrigued by the pending "experiment."

I instructed Dumitru to start by reciting The Lord's Prayer, three times each morning and evening. I further instructed him to set aside additional time to commune with God, as Dumitru understood Him to be. While Dumitru was not religious, he did come from a Christian Orthodox background, so I further advised him to invoke the help of Jesus the healer.

In addition, I guided Dumitru on practicing breathing exercises and "waterfall" visualizations, three times a day, a few minutes at a time, alternating the following colors of light: brilliant white, pastel orange, pastel green, and pastel electric violet. This practice washes the aura and the body, both inside and out -- entering through the crown of the head and exiting through the soles of the feet into the earth. Mother Earth takes these negative, dirty energies and recycles them.

I then asked Lumi to pray for Dumitru, twice a day, in the morning and evening, and to visualize him under the same waterfall, three times a day, for a few minutes each time. In addition, I asked Lumi to spend a few minutes visualizing waves of alternating colors of brilliant liquid white, light blue, and light green light entering the back of Dumitru's head -- washing the complete optic system and eye bulbs; energetically cleansing every cell, molecule, and atom; then directing the "dirty energies" out through the front of the eyes and into the ocean, where they would disintegrate.

Dumitru reported back that he was praying daily but only visualizing intermittently. Lumi, meanwhile, reported back that she was doing all the praying and energy healing I advised, but only once a day, as she was traveling on vacation with her husband and did not have the free time and quiet space to do more.

As for my part, I held a precise, strong intention that Dumitru would heal. Though I had no prior experience working with blindness, doubt never crossed my mind that the work would be successful. I also did a clairvoyant reading of Dumitru's full energetic system and the eyes, especially in the degenerated area, which looked dark and uneven. I then performed an overall Energetic Makeover session on Dumitru, properly grounding him in the earth and also connecting him with the Universe. In addition, I prayed for Dumitru and performed the exercises I had instructed Lumi to do.

As part of all this work, I invoked Master Jesus and asked for His help. In what I jokingly refer to as our "conference," He kindly explained to me the course of action. The first step, He said, was to level the dark area of degeneration. I took a sharp and delicate instrument made of gold energy, the equivalent of a thin and sharp knife, and energetically scraped all the uneven areas, smoothing them out. As is required by this kind of work, I proceeded mindfully, delicately, and reverently, with love and compassion, in full attention, as if nothing else existed in the world at that moment. A few days later, I evaluated the situation clairvoyantly and noticed a marked difference. The area in question had transformed, becoming clean and even.

Next, I played with the idea of stem cells, since it is a modern area of research in medicine and one in which Lumi is interested. I ran the idea by Jesus, who agreed with my "energetic stem cells." Through His and my visualization, we invoked perfect, golden, potent energy stem cells and implanted them in the diseased area, just as a farmer would plant rare, precious seeds in a field, in even, tight rows. As I progressed in this work, I reported to Lumi, who was enchanted by the process."How beautiful!" she exclaimed. "Christic, cosmic, energetic stem cells!"

The next objective was to nourish the cells to grow and function in healthy ways. Knowing of my love for flowers and plants, Jesus revealed to me a most beautiful golden watering can, containing liquid golden light -- the highest form of chi -- and advised me to sprinkle the cells daily with that energy. With the utmost care and joy, I proceeded to "water" the cells delicately, as if I were watering the seeds of precious, rare flowers. As I watered the cells, I offered them words of encouragement and imbued them with a playful, smiling enthusiasm: grow-grow- grow, beautiful cells!

For one month during the period of this work, I was traveling through South America. Each day, I nonetheless did multiple forms of energy work on Dumitru, multiple times per day, wherever I could fit a few minutes of work into my schedule -- on the plane, in the bus, waiting for a meal in a restaurant, before going to sleep. As I worked each day, I clairvoyantly assessed the progress and was excited to see the improvements. I almost could not believe the enormous implications of the transformation I was witnessing: the restoration of vision, and with it, the reversal of what medicine says is an irreversible condition!

"Is it done?" I asked Jesus, after two months of work. "And the blind shall see," he replied. Indeed, Lumi confirmed that following the energetic treatment, Dumitru could see and read his newspapers again. Not long after, Dumitru resumed walking outdoors and going on trips by himself to spa resorts in the mountains of Romania, slowly recovering from the joint stiffness that came with being confined to a chair, and gaining an increasing desire to enjoy the golden years of his life.

Three months after the day we started our experiment, Lumi took her father for a follow--up visit to the opthamologist. He was very surprised to see that Dumitru had only "very slight signs of AMD," in a small area of just one eye. When I heard this news, I was ecstatic. I had tears of joy and felt humble gratitude for the miracle that I was allowed to witness and in which I was invited to participate. Lumi, in turn, was speechless. "I do not have words," she said, "except to thank you." "Thank God and Jesus," I replied.

After completing this work, Lumi and I discussed how critical it is for energy medicine to be incorporated into standard medical training and practice. In a few decades, we agreed, doctors are likely to consider our generation as primitive, for not using energy medicine in hospitals, as well as for otherwise ridiculing and discounting this practice. Universal energy is free, abundant, perpetually available, and without negative side effects. In addition, the techniques for working with this life force are simple, as well as effective in helping people not only heal from illnesses but also maintain health and prevent disease.

In the mid--1800s, Hungarian physician Ignaz Semmelweis MD postulated that the reason so many patients died from infection in hospitals was because doctors were not washing their hands or instruments -- the latter of which were used on everything from autopsies to child deliveries. Dr. Semmelweis was ridiculed and aggressively attacked by his colleagues, who were offended by the request to wash their hands. They conspired to ruin Dr. Semmelweis's reputation, medical practice, and life. Ultimately, Dr. Semmelweis was locked up in a mental asylum, where he soon died. Nowadays, of course, medical doctors and staff are obliged to wash their hands and use sterilized instruments and gloves while doing procedures and surgeries. People forget that a man had to die for this idea to be accepted!

Innovators, who think differently than the norm of their time, have suffered throughout history, even have died for their ideas, before those very ideas have been woven into the fabric of society. As German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer summarized in his famous quote, "All truth passes through three stages: First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self--evident." I pray that in the very near future, we see integrative medicine departments in every medical school, clinic, and hospital; we see doctors and patients alike trained in preventive medicine and body--mind--heart-- spirit integration; we see patients directed to complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) therapies, just as they are directed to conventional medicine therapies and not simply as a last ditch effort when conventional medicine fails; and we see people becoming active participants in their own healing process.

May it be so.


Dr. Liliana Antoaneta Cerepnalkoski is a pioneer and independent researcher in the fields of medical intuition, energy medicine, human consciousness and transformation, a speaker and writer.

An experienced complete intuitive (clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, claircognizant, medium and channel) with a diverse background of study from Music (classical pianist) to Medicine (physician-scientist) to Metaphysics (medical intuitive-energy healer), Liliana gracefully bridges the realms of Art, Science and Spirituality.

Her book, Love, Energy and Miracles: Stories of Healing that Redefine What is Possible will be released in the near future.

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