Apr 2008 Newsletter

April, 2008 Newsletter

April 25th, 2008 Meeting
Gifts for the Soul – Gifts for the Planet

Join internationally published author Dawn Clark, who will speak on Gifts for the Soul – Gifts for the Planet. Discover the invisible thread that ties us and all of existence together. Through uniquely integrated perspective and second sight abilities, Dawn will illuminate the invisible connections between the quantum matrix and the outward symptoms that plague our emotional and physical health as individuals, as well as how the planet's condition both environmentally and socially is a reflection of our human condition.

Dawn Clark has inspired and motivated audiences both domestically and abroad. An internationally published author and pioneer in the field of bioenergetics, she has been featured on PBS internationally, and has been interviewed for numerous television, radio, and press publications. Her unique broad-bandwidth of abilities includes perception of subtle energies, unrealized potentials, eliminating blockages and root causes for ailments, shamanic and hands-on healing, astral travel, mediumship, retro and precognition. She is a faculty member at the Omega Institute, as well as a member of the Association of Humanistic Psychology and ISSSEEM. Her critically acclaimed book, Gifts for the Soul, is now in its third domestic printing and in its fourth international printing.

TIME: 8PM, 4th Friday of the month

: The Great Sophia Room
Institute of Transpersonal Psychology
1069 E. Meadow Circle, Palo Alto, CA

: Free to members, $10.00 Admission
$5.00 Students with ID

Donations to the Foundation are tax deductible.

FMBR Workshop
April 26th: The Secrets of the Universe Time: 2PM -5PM
Place: ITP (room to be assigned)
Cost: $75 at the door, $65 prepaid, $35 for students

We each come into this life with a special purpose and gifts which support that purpose. When the web of subtle energy that links us to others and to the earth and its creatures disintegrates, we are left stranded, seeking solutions from our intellect rather than from a heart connection to the field of potential. However, we are a unique thread in the tapestry of existence. Individual healing and global sustainability are intrinsically intertwined in these threads. Through a compelling nexus of science and mysticism, Dawn will reveal the secrets of how to dialogue with the universe and tap the infinite well of creativity, innovation and insight. Dawn’s tools and creative works awaken the best in the human spirit, empowering individuals to access their full potential, unblocking vision, fostering innovation, and even extra-sensory abilities innate to us allIn this workshop:
• Discover a universal technology – access codes for unlocking your abilities to heal and realize your dreams
• Gain awareness of the invisible link between life's traumas and unwanted repeated patterns in life, as well as physical and emotional ailments
• Recognize how your life blueprint can get corrupted and impair your ability to innovate, create, and prosper
• Learn how to dialogue with the universe

Judgments and Prejudices:
Non-local Implications

Marion and Bill Gough

In the March 2008 FMBR Newsletter the Editor asks whether “fundamentalists – who keep repeating endless cycles of war and destruction, and who are resistant to change – are too hardwired to mutate and evolve.” Marion, whose sister’s family is “Christian fundamentalist,” felt an emotional reaction. She loves this family, but does not agree with many of their views. However, she knows that they do not intentionally represent a “war-mongering consciousness.”

This got us into a discussion on judgments and prejudices and how our belief system affects our views of others. This was highlighted by news from Kenya where tribal rather than racial differences resulted in hatred, violence, and bloodshed on a national scale. In the United States, Senator Barack Obama delivered a speech to bring out the point that it is possible to be a good person and yet deliver inflammatory speeches as his pastor had done. We can condemn a person’s words but we do not have to condemn the person.

The reason is that we are ultimately one people – something that is being supported by scientific theory and data but is not yet a heartfelt human belief. Quantum theory predicts that a physical system, once separated, retains a "connectiveness.” This phenomenon is known as "non-locality" and implies non-separability at the most fundamental level that transcends space and time. Experimental physics results now strongly support the existence of non-locality. Hence, at some fundamental level we are all connected, and are one people.

The Global Consciousness Project, which started in 1998, seeks evidence of a communal, shared mind in which we are unknowing participants. In effect, our individual intentions, thoughts, and emotions appear to interact and combine to create a non-local field that ultimately has a global presence. This project now has over 60 sites around the world, each recording second-by-second data from physical devices known as random event generators (REGs). The data is sent for analysis to a dedicated computer server in Princeton, New Jersey.

Global-scale events bring great numbers of us to a common focus with a coherence of thought and feeling. These situations have been found to correlate with anomalous structures in the random data. For example there have been striking results for the billion-person meditation, the September terrorist attacks on the U.S., and many other events (for more details go to: http:noosphere.princeton.edu/).

Although more scientific data is always needed, let’s assume: 1) an interconnectiveness exists between everything in our world, and 2) therefore, our thoughts and emotions affect our world and its direction. Now let’s look at some of our actions. We tend to blame people for not changing and agreeing with our viewpoint. Yet whatever exists must represent a part of us since everything is connected. However, we can love a person yet not accept all their viewpoints or statements.

Sen. Barack Obama expressed these feelings in regard to his controversial pastor’s words. They are at the heart of prejudices that divide the peoples of the world. When we project judgmental viewpoints through our thoughts, words, or writings, we are introducing separateness into the inherent wholeness that underlies everything. This is why the Golden Rule is a tenet of every major religion.This is why forgiveness has such power to heal.

Our brains are wired based upon genetics and past experiences, but we believe that each person can connect to an inner wisdom that provides the knowingness that we are all one. This can change the wiring in the brain. There exists much evidence that a person’s belief system can change when they encounter certain events in their life, for example a near-death experience or a “spiritual” awakening. Additionally, programs and technologies to alter our brain patterns are increasingly becoming available. Thus, there really is no inherent “hard wiring” in the brain that under the right conditions cannot be altered for the better of the whole of society. What we think, feel, and write has “invisible” effects on others, everywhere in the world. There are even measurable effects upon inanimate objects like random event generators!

Thus, we need to avoid judgments and prejudices. Rather, we must learn to understand each other’s belief systems and “faults,” yet help and support each other everywhere in the world, whenever possible, if we are going to live in harmony.

About the authors:

Marion Gough is the former Secretary of FMBR, one of the organization’s original members and an on-going contributor. Bill Gough is the co-founder of FMBR and Chair Emeritus. He is currently involved in a number of projects both at FMBR and outside the organization to apply consciousness on a practical and global level. Bill and Marion are continued supporters of FMBR.



Greg Yau, FMBR President, will be launching his educational Qigong program, “Peak Achievement Qigong,” this July in Australia. The program will be accredited by Australia National University (ANU), which is currently working on the training modules and DVDs. A certificate of completion will be awarded to the graduates of the ANU program.

Greg will follow this with a second program launch in China. Congratulations Greg!

May 23rd Speaker

FMBR welcomes back Dr. James V. Hardt, eminent neurofeedback researcher from the Biocybernaut Institute, who will educate us on the subject of “Advanced States of Consciousness through Technology: the Electrophysiological Basis
of Spiritual States.” Dr. Hardt will explain and illustrate how to use neurofeedback and brainwave patterns to heal the core personality, achieve kundalini, see angels, access Akasic records, and view halos.

Join us for this exciting evening and the opportunity to explore the depths of applied consciousness.


From the Editor

The key element of interest in regard to the end-date interpretation of the Mayan long-count calendar is that it converges with all the other Mayan calendars on December 21, 2012 and heralds a solstice/ galactic center alignment that last took place some 13,000 odd years ago. It also is indicative of a time and space shift as we know it, as we pass through the photon belt over the galactic plane, into the galaxy’s “right” hemisphere, the intuitive side of the human and cosmic brain. It additionally represents a cyclical and geologically predictable period of major Earth changes, which are already coming to pass. The Earth will not necessarily change in a flash such as on a specific date as December 12, 2012. The “endtime” prophecy and 2012 date relate to the “final” passage over the galactic plane; one that started, and has been taking place, since the “dawning” of the Age of Aquarius, which began more or less in the 1960s although planet Neptune entered Aquarius in 1998 and engaged “the dream.” But the Age of Aquarius doesn’t really have a specific start date; the transformation is evolving and has more or less been targeted as manifesting after 2024, when planet Pluto moves into Aquarius. The renown astrologer, Dane Rudhyar, gave an estimate of the year 2060. Thus, the December 21, 2012 endtime date serves as the middle doorway in a “tunnel” or wormhole through multidimensional time and space. The last significant galactic alignment was 13,000 years ago, when the summer solstice was aligned with the galactic center and we moved through the galactic plane to the “left” hemisphere of our galaxy. We had the “birth” of a new civilization as evidenced by the Sphinx and Great Pyramid. We had Gods interfacing with humans as evidenced by Egyptian hieroglyphics, with the advent of new technology and a booming and fertile civilization arising in the Middle East. Some-time before that, there were a series of major Earth changes; thus, the rise of this new civilization seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. While our western history books tend to date this rise of civilization more recently, science has proven that our dating systems are wrong. As we again approach this galactic alignment, a new civilization is in the making.

Smart Life Forum

Unity Community Church
3391 Middlefield Road
Palo Alto, CA

April 15, 7PM: Stephen Strum, M.D
Related Health Issues to Prostate Diseases

May 15, 7PM: Marianna Bozesan, M.S.
Diet for a New Life: A
 Trojan Horse to an Integral Life Full of Energy and Vitality

Institute of Transpersonal Psychology
Events and Meetings

Apr. 4th–12PM-6PM, Apr. 5th–10AM-5PM,
Apr. 6th–10AM-4PM. The Sacred Female:
Cultivating Shamanic and Tibetan Dakini Practices

Join Vicki Noble, M.A. as she explores the sacred female through the Dakini. The Tibetan Dakini is an icon of the female, linking cross-cultural female shamanism with the invisible dimension of magic and healing power. The Dakini, like the shaman, remains undomesticated and embedded in Nature. During the workshop, participants will be initiated into a shamanistic Dakini practice, adapted for today’s contemporary women. Location: ITP. Tickets: $350. 

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