April 2014 Newsletter

April, 2014 Newsletter

Thought Forms

On January 30, 2012, Hypnotherapist Diane Cantwell put Ivor Francis into a deep state of relaxation to alleviate his debilitating symptoms from Advanced Lyme's Disease. All of a sudden, from the depths of his somnambulant state, an emphatic voice came forth, "Wake up, wake up, wake up! Everything must go!" In that moment, everything changed, as Diane discovered Ivor's gifts as a clairvoyant and a spiritual channel. The duo have been on a wild ride ever since tapping the Spiritual Realms for hidden truths and powerful techniques for the raising of consciousness on the planet.

After their fateful meeting, the pair teamed up for weekly channeling sessions, receiving information on mystical healing from spiritual luminaries, such as the great Western mystic, Manly Palmer Hall, and Past President of the Theosophical Society, Annie Besant, as well as several other Beings of Light.

Building upon instructions received in their channeling sessions and the information in Besant's book,Thought Forms, published in 1901, Ivor and Diane began to develop a brand new healing modality called, Thought Form Healing™. Their approach to dematerializing thought forms in the Human Energy Field has been called "speed therapy" because of its pinpoint accuracy in identifying and remediating the mental and emotional baggage that has become disassociated from the conscious mind. Thought Form Healing™ frees the consciousness of  lack and limitation created in this lifetime or carried forward from previous incarnations, allowing an individual to experience improvements in health, finances, relationships, and creative expression -- all in alignment with their Soul's Purpose.


Join Ivor and Diane as they tell their amazing story of being guided from the other side and how it led to their own personal transformation and the creation of Thought Form Healing™.

TIME: Friday, 7:30 p.m., APRIL 25, 2014
PLACE: Unity Community Church – Y.E.S. Hall, 3391 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto
(doors open at 7 p.m.)

Speakers' Bios


Ivor Francis spent most of his life in the music business as a performer, composer, record producer, and music educator. However, at age 52, a devastating bout with advanced Lyme's Disease changed everything, as Ivor's healing journey led him to an amazing encounter with the other side and a discovery of his spiritual gifts as a mystic and a healer. In 2012, his unique ability to remote view the complexities of the Human Energy Field while under hypnosis paved the way for a groundbreaking approach to personal transformation called Thought Form Healing™. Along with Hypnotherapist, Diane Cantwell, Ivor developed a powerful way to clairvoyantly identify and remediate a person's Thought Forms -- crystallized energy structures held by the consciousness in the Auric Field. Since then, Ivor and Diane have been privileged to help hundreds of clients get free from their toxic mental and emotional baggage, thus leading to a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Ivor's dedication to music is second only to his knowledge of metaphysics and the practice of Kriya Yoga Meditation, as taught by Paramahansa Yogananda. Ivor has devoted over 38 years of study to Astrology, Tarot, Numerology, comparative religions, as well as many other metaphysical subjects; indeed, his awakening as a healer was an overnight success many years in the making.  In addition to working full-time facilitating one-on-one Thought Form Healing sessions and teaching workshops and seminars, Ivor is currently completing his doctorate in Music Composition at the University of Southern California.

Diane Cantwell, LMHC, C.Ht.

Diane Cantwell is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, and a National Board Certified Teacher. She received her Educational Specialist Degree in Guidance and Counseling from Barry University in Miami, Florida. She is a graduate of the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, the first nationally accredited school for hypnosis in the country, where she received the Academic Achievement Award and the Director's Award for Exceptional Professional Achievement during her Clinical Residency. As the co-founder of Thought Form Healing™, Diane presented a one-hour talk at the April 2013 American Hypnosis Association Conference on the efficacy of using Thought Forms as a means of creating dramatic positive shifts in human consciousness.

Diane is also a voice-over artist that has created numerous multi-media products associated with Stress Management, Meditation, Wellness & Weight Loss, and Creative Movement for Children. Her Body Bingo™ educational products for healthy living are used in schools and educational facilities around the world. Diane received the prestigious Parents' Choice Gold Award for Body Bingo™ and is listed in the 3rd and 9th editions of Who's Who Among America's Teachers. Diane is currently earning her doctorate degree in Metaphysics from the University of Sedona, Arizona.


Members get in FREE.
A $15 donation is asked of non-members at the door.
Students with ID, a $5 donation is asked.

APRIL 26, 2014

Workshop with Diane Cantwell, LMHC, C.Ht. and Ivor Francis, MA
Thought Form Healing
The Invisible Keys to Transformation

Thoughts are things. They generate vibrations and assume a floating form in the energy field surrounding the body (aura). To those with clairvoyant sight, thought forms provide a visual representation of an individual's subconscious belief system, and can be removed or healed. If you have tried everything and still feel blocked with patterns of lack, limitation, stress, anxiety, or unhappiness, this workshop can help.

Gain practical wisdom and powerful techniques for personal transformation from Thought Form Healing Specialists, Ivor Francis and Diane Cantwell.

In this 3-hour experiential workshop: 

  • Discover how to gain access to the magical powers of your subconscious mind!
  • Open your psychic centers and tap into the quantum field of pure potentiality with Diane's amazing guided meditations!
  • Learn how to develop your intuitive senses to identify and remove negative Thought Forms!
  • Learn how to access your Etheric Template and work with your Programming Angels to create immediate shifts in your physical body!
  • Clear Foreign Energies from the body, mind, and consciousness -- for empathic personalities who constantly take on the energy and emotions of others, this is a must!
  • Learn a variety of ideomotor response techniques in new ways to gain immediate access to your Higher Self. Not sure what you want to be when you grow up? Try this!
  • Learn how to create Super-charged Positive Thought Forms to help you achieve your dreams and goals!

Ivor and Diane's cutting edge work with the energy fields of the human body has produced a comprehensive approach to healing that empowers the individual to get to the cause behind the negative conditions in life -- the deep subconscious false beliefs that constitute the unconscious script running our lives. This intensive workshop integrates ancient wisdom and modern science in an easy-to-understand way. You are guaranteed to walk away feeling lighter!

Saturday April 26, 2014, 10AM-1PM

COST to Attend:
Paid FMBR members: $65.00.
Non-FMBR members: $75.00.

PLACE: Los Altos Masonic Lodge, 146 Main St., Los Altos.

2014 SSE Conference


The 33rd Annual Conference of the Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE) will be held near San Francisco, California on June 5 -- 7, 2014 (Thursday through Saturday). FMBR is proud to be the local host for the event.


The overall theme of the conference is "The Mysterious Universe."  Invited speakers will help define themes to be developed further by our own SSE membership, and the program will include papers assessing progress and social/political issues in areas of longstanding interest to SSE members.  All conference sessions will be held in the hotel ballroom.

Theme 1: The Conscious Lab: New Research in Consciousness

Dean Radin, Institute of Noetic Sciences (Invited Speaker)
"Mind-Matter Interaction Experiments Involving Light"
Theme 2: Future Energy: Horizons of Energy Research
Vittorio Violante, Rome Tor Vergata University
"Material Science Challenges to Define the Fleischmann and Pons Effect by Applying the Scientific Method"
Theme 3: Earth and Beyond: Evidence of the Mysterious Universe
Gerald H. Pollack , University of Washington (Dinsdale Award Lecture)
"The Fourth Phase of Water"
Gary Nolan, Stanford University (Invited Speaker)
"DNA Analysis of the Atacama Humanoid"

Evening Panel

A free-wheeling discussion of program topics will be the focus of an evening panel of members and invited speakers.



Contributed Papers

Contributed papers by full members on any topic of interest to the Society are welcome.  Papers related to the themes of the conference will be grouped with relevant invited talks when possible.  A poster session may be provided for selected papers or on request.
Titles and abstracts for contributed papers should be sent to the Program Chairman: Adam Curry, E-mail: adam.curry@psyleron.com.  Electronic submission is required.


April 12: 1:30 pm San Jose Dowsers blog, San Jose: Cynthia Sue Larson speaking on
"The Quantum Jump"

April 17: 7:00 pm Smart Life Forum, Palo Alto: Robert Rowen, MD speaks on
"Is Ozone Therapy the Miracle Cure That So Many Seek?"

Foundation for Mind-Being Research
P.O. Box 449, Los Altos, Ca 94023-0449

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