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August FMBR Newsletter

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FMBR Meeting in August
The People's Disclosure Movement
With Kosta Makreas &
Hollis Polk

August 24, 2018
Kosta Makreas
Hollis Polk

The People's Disclosure Movement
(UFO & ET)


Personal Wavelength and GMOs
 Jerry Gin, PhD

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Kosta Makreas and Hollis Polk will introduce you to "The People's Disclosure Movement" and how you can participate in it. It is the largest-ever global citizen-led grassroots movement to proactively and successfully initiate contact with Extraterrestrial civilizations which are currently visiting the Earth in great numbers.

Kosta founded and facilitates this cosmic-oriented "People's Disclosure Movement" which organizes people via his web site and is powered by the ETLetsTalk Community of 20,000 activists in more than 100+ countries. He will inform you about the movement's history along with a tale of his personal journey which led him to create the movement on a global scale. Kosta and Hollis will also share their "up close and personal" stories of encounters with UFOs, Star Craft, and Star People.

The goal is for humans to co-create with our Star Friends a positive planetary transformation and future. We are birthing a “Golden Age” on Earth which features free energy, medical healing technologies, planetary peace, travel to the stars, abundance, environmental sanity, justice for all and much more!


TIME: Friday, August 24, 2018 at 7:30 p.m. (doors open at 7 p.m.) 

PLACE: Unity Community Church – Y.E.S. Hall, 
3391 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto,CA 

Speakers' Bio

Kosta Makreas B.A. in Computer Science is a software consultant in the Silicon Valley for almost 4 decades, author, activist, international networker and online community leader who is actively promoting peaceful contact between Humans and Extra-Terrestrial Civilizations which are visiting our planet at this time. He is the founder of, The People's Disclosure Movement and the Global CE-5 Initiative and for almost 12 years his passion and mission have involved leading and growing the ETLetsTalk community which has 20,000 members in more than 100 countries. The ETLetsTalk Community is making successful daily, weekly and monthly benevolent E.T. contact.

Hollis Polk is a professional clairvoyant, hypnotherapist and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner and is uniquely qualified to teach everyday people how to discover their own psychic abilities. They can then use those enhanced abilities to more fully contact and interact with Star People. This aids in organically growing The People's Disclosure Movement. teaches everyday people how to communicate and interact with loving E.T. spiritual Beings.

Members get in FREE.
A $15 donation is asked of non-members at the door.
Students with ID, a $5 donation is asked.

Personal Wavelength and GMOs

Jerry Gin, PhD

Lately, I have gotten into the habit of testing all the vegetables I buy at the supermarkets to determine whether they are good or bad for me.  In one popular supermarket, I found the majority of the vegetables tested “bad” for me.  In an Asian supermarket, I found most of the vegetables were good for me.  This led me to read a little more about GMO foods.  I thought it would be good to describe some of my findings about GMO foods and describe a method I use for testing if a food is good or bad for you.  I also found this technique very useful for knowing whether a food in the refrigerator has spoiled or is still healthy to eat; and it works very well to know if a supplement is one you should take or not take.

First, a brief description about GMOs.  Genetically Modified Foods (GMO) are toxic, not because of the chemical nature of the food, but because of the herbicide (weed killer) used in conjunction with the plants to get rid of weeds.  The genetics of the plants were modified so that they are resistant to “Roundup” (Glyphosate or N-(phosphonomethyl) glycine). Glyphosate is an inhibitor of an enzyme used by humans, animals and plants to make three essential amino acids:  tyrosine, tryptophan, and phenylalanine. 

Levels of glyphosate found in foods can exceed EPA safety standards.  Animals exposed to glyphosate have shown chronic kidney deficiencies, liver congestion and necrosis, two to three times increase in mortality, tumors, pituitary and other hormone imbalances.  Glyphosate decreases manganese levels in plants, impacts gut bacteria and their metabolism, inactivates cytochrome P450 enzymes, may be associated with celiac disease, and may be connected with autism related to manganese deficiency. (See article by Jerry Tennant, MD, in Healing is Voltage:  Cancer’s On/off Switches, starting on page 287).

In my forays to the supermarket, I have found vegetables in the “non-organic” section which test safe for me and foods in the “organic” section which are deemed not healthy for me.  Thus, labels, for me, are not always reliable.  It may have nothing to do with GMO or non-GMO.  It could be that some organic foods are grown in soil that has been extensively treated with herbicides in the past.  So, the question becomes: what to do?

The concept of dowsing one’s personal wavelength comes from the field of Biogeometry.  You can use this technique to get some information about which foods and supplements may be good for you and which you might want to avoid.  To determine your own personal wavelength, use a “neutral” pendulum (e.g., an acrylic ball on a string).  In this procedure, the pendulum is held in one hand over the open palm of the other hand.  To begin, the finger holding the pendulum is held next to the acrylic ball and the length of the string is gradually lengthened while initiating a front to back motion.  Once the length of string reaches about 2 inches, the acrylic ball will start rotating clockwise.  The length of the string at which this happens is your personal wavelength.  If you put your hand over a food or supplement which is not good for you, then the pendulum will go counterclockwise.  If the food is neither good nor bad for you, the pendulum may just swing back and forth. 

For a YouTube video discussion of the Personal Wavelength, see Robert Gilbert’s video:

If you see me at the meetings, I would be happy to demonstrate this procedure for you.  It may take some practice, but it is a great technique.  This is not mental dowsing since you are not asking a question, just letting the pendulum respond. 

FMBR's Annual Membership Drive

FMBR’s annual membership drive is now underway for the 2018-2019 season. As a volunteer-run, non-profit organization, we depend upon membership fees and donations, which enable us to continue offering quality lectures, workshops and programs to our members—a tradition we have maintained for over 38 years now.

This year, we are focusing on revamping and updating our website, which also serves as a searchable archive of 38 years of FMBR material.  Watch for the rollout of the new site soon.  Individual research projects continue, as does the monthly study group.  In addition, we are exploring some exciting partnerships, and continuing work on the Challenger channeling material.

As you know, we try very hard to keep our expenses down and to keep our membership rates low.  We have not raised the membership fee for many years, and the costs of updating our website and archives has been great.  For that reason, we are raising our annual membership dues to $75 effective Aug 25th.

Benefits of Membership:

  • Free admission for you and a spouse/partner at our informative monthly lectures
  • Discounts on workshops and courses
  • A standing invitation to our study groups in science and consciousness
  • Invitations to the annual holiday party, summer picnic, movie nights and special events

Attendance at just a few events pays for your membership.
To join FMBR, renew your membership, or make an additional donation online, please go to If you prefer to pay by check, please use the form below.

We are so grateful for your continued support, and for your spirit of inquiry.


No Meetings During the Summer
San Jose Dowsers blog,
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August 16: 7:00 pm
Silicon Valley Health Institute,
Palo Alto:
Stem Cells For The Treatment of Chronic Pain: The Healing Power of Nature
Harry Adelson, ND


South Bay IANDS

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