Barack Obama and Interconnection | Jan 2009

FMBR Editorial: Jan, 2009

Barack Obama and Interconnection

William C. Gough

As measured by The Global Consciousness Project

The Global Consciousness Project (GCP) at Princeton University monitors random number generators scattered around the world. Every now and then, the numbers form patterns that seem to correspond to events. The tools to detect patterns are averages, variance, and correlations among the scores from all the devices in the network.

On September 11 2001, when two planes hit the World Trade Center, the numbers showed a dramatic trend that coincided with the universal revulsion felt around the world. Such global-scale events, which bring great numbers of us to a common focus with a coherence of thought and feeling, have been found to correlate with anomalous structures in the random data. Below is an edited excerpt of what the Global Consciousness Project reported regarding the night that Barack Obama was elected:

The September 11 2001 terror attacks were analyzed carefully and extensively. We can conclude that the effects were among the largest in our 10-year database. The figure on the next page shows a comparison of 24 hours of data from 9/11--beginning with the crash of the first plane into the World Trade towers, as well as a 24-hour period of data beginning with the announcement that Barack Obama had won the election to become the 44th President of the United States of America. 


The figure speaks for itself [The 2008 election ends at a peak of approximately 750]. However, remember that we cannot reliably interpret single events like this. Nevertheless, it appears that the election shows at least as strong an effect as the World Trade Center terror attacks. We can hope that the election is the beginning of truly positive change.

Even though about 45% of the voters in the United States voted for McCain, which is pretty close to a 50/50 split, why did the random numbers indicate a change? Despite the division of opinion in the United States, the “world” apparently welcomed the election of Obama as unanimously as it rejected the monstrosity that occurred on 9/11.

It is becoming clear that we are an interconnected world society not only on a physical basis via the Internet, but also on a non-physical basis via our thoughts and emotions. The citizens of the world are engaged in an irreversible state of interconnectedness in which nothing, as perceived in our current state of being, remains isolated or autonomous. This is the deeper meaning of the physics and data from the GCP project. What we think and feel have effects on others, everywhere in the world. Thus, we must learn to accept each other, and help and support each other everywhere in the world, if we are going to live in harmony on this planet. It is our collective "spiritual maturity index" that will determine whether humankind can successfully negotiate this next great evolutionary transition.

-- Bill Gough (FMBR CEO Emeritus)

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