Biological Effects of Microwave EMF, Part 3 – Nov 17

FMBR Editorial - Oct, 2017

Toward an Understanding of the Biological Effects of Microwave EMF, Part 3

(Nov. 4, 2017 Version)

Bill Gough and Jerry Gin

We are of a wave nature and external waves affect us. The most ubiquitous waves affecting us in the high tech world are microwave electromagnetic fields (EMFs). In Parts 1 and 2, we discussed the need for more stringent safety standards for microwave electromagnetic fields. Humans and all life forms are experiencing a very rapid expansion of their exposure to such fields -- for example, those generated by cell phones, computers, Wi-Fi, baby monitors, radar units in cars, Smart Meters, EMF towers. The current safety standards are based upon the heating effect in our body of the EM radiation. The dangerous health effects of very low doses of EM radiation are not covered by the current safety standards focused on EM waves interacting with biophysical structures in our bodies. In Part 3, we will address our entire body as a holographic wave structure. We believe this will provide deeper insight into the dangers that we face.


Everything in the universe can be described in terms of either a form (a structure) or as waves. In physics this is known as the wave-particle duality -- every elementary particle or quantic entity exhibits the properties of not only particles, but also waves. Hence, every form contains the essence of a spectrum of waves. This is the basis for the Fourier expansion which was so influential in physics and mathematics in the nineteenth century. Its influence continued into the twentieth century when it provided a foundation for quantum mechanics. In fact, the pillars of modern science are based upon waves -- quantum theory (probability waves), relativity theory (gravity waves), and electromagnetic theory (EM waves). We will focus upon EM waves in this editorial.

Everything in the universe is vibrating. All forms and patterns have a wave spectrum associated with them. The correspondence between physical shape and wave spectrum and vice versa, is described by the field of mathematics known as drum theory. It has been shown that two "drumheads" of different shape can have the same vibration frequencies. Thus, we have a basis for considering waves as primary. We believe that waves create the pattern and forms of the physical, creating a holographic universe that is continually changing.

Since holograms are created by the interaction of waves, and the universe is composed of waves, every small part of the universe is a representation of the whole just as in a hologram. Physicist David Bohm named the dynamical process of creation a "holomovement" -- an unbroken and undivided totality. In a holographic universe, anyone can understand and know the universe from their own back yard. This is why isolated ancient civilizations could gain so much wisdom about the universe without the use of modern technology. If the universe can be considered all waves, then the human body can be viewed as a composite of interacting waves. Thus, our bodies could be considered a hologram, but millions of times more complex than the ones on display in today's museums. Let's now explore what that means regarding our interaction with microwave electromagnetic waves and the effect it has upon our health.

Information Transfer

The human body can be considered a community of cells, some 70-100 million with 200 different types. Their wave patterns must interact and communicate to produce a changing and working body. As described by Dr. William Tiller in his book, Science and Human Transformation the human body is constantly in resonance and communication with electromagnetic energy. At the cell membrane level, movement (flexture) both emits and is affected by microwave EMF. At the organ and muscle level, communication is at the radio frequency range ( 104 to 106 Hertz). Thus, cell membranes, body organs and muscles are affected by microwave EMFs which are so abundant in our high tech world. Dr. Bruce Lipton, in his Biology of Belief recognizes that it is the cell membrane which is the “brain” of the cell. The membrane is the basis of communication which dictates what will happen within the cell; the DNA merely carries out the orders given by the membrane.

As discussed in Part 1, there now exists a scientific basis for predicting serious health effects upon our body from microwave levels 100,000 lower than the U.S. current safety standards. The research results address the regulatory role of calcium within the body's cells. The microwave radiation opens the calcium channels located on the cell membranes. Just as we can tune a radio to a new station (a new radio wave frequency), the microwave radiation can re-tune our body to a frequency that provides excess calcium to our cells. As Dr. Gin pointed out in Part 1 excess calcium within cells activate the enzymatic reactions which can lead to cell death, inflammation, oxidative stress, breakdown of cell to cell junctions, DNA breakage and effects on immunity. These changes can result in cancer, reduction in fertility, effects in the brain, heart, hormone and immune systems.

We now know how small levels of microwave radiation can actually cause biological effects and harm by affecting the voltage-gated calcium channels which bring calcium into cells. Since any structure such as the body's calcium channels, or the cell membrane, can be considered a wave spectrum, interference with these structures normal function can disrupt and distort the body's informational flow. It is just like putting some wave-generating device next to your TV. A distorted picture is produced. Therefore, we should be particularly careful when we introduce such distortion into the evolving holographic wave patterns of a baby, child or adolescent. We don't want to destroy the musical harmony that exists in a healthy growing body.

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