Challenger Epilogue – Feb 18

FMBR Editorial - Feb, 2018

Challenger Epilogue

Jerry Gin

In April, May, September, and October of 2017, as we were finalizing the transcripts and work for website and preparing for the lecture on this topic, each astronaut came through Regina Ochoa and Jeanne Love to describe where they are now in their thoughts and feelings 30 years after their death in the explosion of the Challenger Space Shuttle. Below are short excerpts from each of these recent channelings. The full transcript from each astronaut is presented now in a new "Challenger Epilogue" section in the Challenger Crew Channeling website.

Ron McNair

"The very reason we incarnate is to experience ourselves in human form, to learn how to make decisions based on love and compassion. It is so very difficult when the human world has lost its focus and its memory of what life is… what creating really means. It means to stop looking outside because the outside world will always disappoint. It will always fall short. To look within doesn't mean to dwell on personal consciousness or personal stories, it means to enter the place of the Divine.

"Our religions do not remember how to do that. We have forgotten, with only a few remembering. There are more coming who remember, and they will be impenetrable to the horrible darkness you all have been fighting and clearing, healing and realigning. Without the work of so many who still remember, the new ones could not enter in. And for a time they couldn't."

Greg Jarvis

"We have all waited a very long time to complete this circle. It gives us great pleasure to be able to do that at this time. You have had your share of ups and downs… yeah, well… and at this time you are wondering if it is all worth it, and will it make a difference. Fortunately — and I can say this with certainty — there is much to be gained from this new response to the work we have done over the years with you and others for the benefit of this planet."

Christa McAuliffe

"I still have this longing to be able to show the human world the sacred cosmic parts of themselves. The separation comes only in the non-belief. And that is the simplest and deepest of truths. The separation comes when we ignore ourselves and our connectedness… It comes from hating who we are, so we can never recognize love and respect in someone else."

Dick Scobee

"That was the beginning, and it just kept happening. We were brought to individuals who could really feel us and let us inside so that we had a voice. At the time, we thought it rather strange that we were communicating with people who were outside our circle of education, but we were so thankful someone was listening that we just kept coming back for more. We really were going through a debriefing. We had to debrief; it was part of our training. Just these women — Jeanne and Regina — were not part of our thought realm or training. Yet they were so willing to listen to our story and our trauma."

Ellison Onizuka

"I cannot thank you enough for your perseverance in this matter. Indeed, beyond the information or the words lies the energy of life which is spoken of in so many terms. It will be what it needs to be. The energy still stands. We are still committed to a few more channeling/writing sessions to wrap this all up as is necessary. All of us have other projects and learning activities which we are still connected to. We are all still working alongside our earth families, as well as forging new, lasting friendships with all those on this side who have become a part of this project."

Judy Resnik

"So, in closing, I guess that I must wrap up this "transmission" with the statement…Never walk further than you can see, but trust that the inner light can go much further than the human mind. Trust that you can remove self-doubt, fear and concern all with the understanding that you will seek the higher ground in all of this and become more than the scientific community pursuing some very interesting phenomenon."

Mike Smith

"There is just an incredible amount of information and I am on the road to collect as much as possible. I love it!!! I did not like to study before, but here? You bet; because it means something here. Knowledge of the universe is a bridge to something even greater. I want to be on that ride when it is time to cross that bridge and see the greatness. Truly, what I have learned already blows my mind. That being said, the mind without the trappings of a physical brain can be considered limitless. So... I can absorb whatever and as much. Cool, huh?!"

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