Consciousness, the Basis and Building Block of the Universe

Consciousness, the Basis and Building Block of the Universe

Ken Morley

There has been increasing indication that consciousness is the basis of the universe and not matter. Which is to say, consciousness, the life force, creates matter and not that conscious is the result of matter creating life and ultimately consciousness. Of course, this is what most sages have been saying through out history.

What has really made this obvious to me is the work by the Russians on what they call "torsions fields". A large group of Russian scientists have been working on this for over 30 years. This work is only now coming to light after the end of Soviet rule and the opening of Russia. This has allowed the work to be available to the rest of the world.

I have come to the conclusion that subtle energy fields of all types are related. Here is a list of a very few of them:

od (odic force), Baron Karl von Reichenbach
orgone, Wilhelm Reich
torsion fields, the Russian group of scientists

My sense is that the above list, as well as so many others not named, are in fact expressions of the one basic underlying field: consciousness/life force/the Absolute. "Energy/field" will be the name used from here on. One of the challenges is that physics has very limited definitions of each of these words — "energy" and "field". Each is defined as having fairly specific and often limited range of action. It has been found that the energy/field action discussed here has very few limits as to distance or range of action or time of awareness. This has been demonstrated by carefully controlled experiments.

Each one of these examples named above, has a human name defined by a person or group of persons. The details of what each one does is defined by those doing the defining, even though they may not realize that they are doing the defining. Usually there is a starting insight that something is possible, something different from what was known before to the person. Usually, without realizing it, the insight has a level of belief and force of intent that is not recognized by those having the insight. Such strong force and or intent results in a completely new force or field structure.

My suggestion is that each new energy/field is really just a different expression of the basic structure of the universe. Often the one who discovers it feels that what has been found is new and very different from all else. And it is to some degree because the insight came to a different individual, who then shares it with those who see a demonstration and can experience the results.

This "new vision" is similar to the way that light is observed when studied in modern physics. For example:

as a particle - if it is a particle that is what the experiment is set to look for,


as a wave - when the experiment is designed to work with waves action.

This is a well known in modern physics, though not always welcomed by all. It is suggested here that in a similar way we humans direct what the expression of the energy/field will be. For example: some see healing methods, such as Reiki or Chi Gung; others see a gravity related energy as with the Russians; still others see a way to change weather, orgone cannons, etc. Each example should be seen as a different definition of the energy/field. This seems to be the result of a focus on a particular type or purpose. There may be many different purposes: one is on healing; another on communication; still another on something else.

Thus it appears that we are creating our own world even at this very different level.

Here are links to papers or websites that present results of work in this wide area.




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