Cycles, Prophecy and Evolution

Cycles, Prophecy and Evolution

Dawn Abel

Not everyone is consciously creating their own future and reality, as many Earth-bound consciousness busters are currently doing; some are perpetuating and fulfilling biblical prophecy. According to Zecharia Sitchin in his most recent book The End of Days, nations are following a prescribed scenario that plays out at the beginning of times and the end of times. The scenario follows a cyclical messianic calendar that uses a complex mathematical system of years, which pinpoints -- using “non-linear” cycles -- the potential time and date of the return of the Annunaki and a “repeating” nuclear Armaggedon.

That’s right; according to the subscribers of Sumerian/biblical text and the Sumerian/messianic calendars, we are readying for another nuclear war followed by a painful recovery. The nuclear war will again be in Babylon -- current-day Iran -- which will destroy nations and empires as it did at the beginning of times (Sitchin - Wars of Gods and Men). The political and economic consequences will trickle down to all actively involved and peripherally located nations. As a sidenote to these cycles, the Quetzalcoatl return of the Mayas is also included, but Sitchin calculates that this return is based on linear time so he doesn’t pay much attention to it.

While the mathematically linear Mayan long-count calendar heralds the Quezalcoatl (Christ) return, whether physically or energetically, the non-linear “messianic” calendar shows repeating cycles of war, recovery, conflict, and war. However, non-linear cycles, when studied using applied science rather than literal biblical prophecies, also provide a chance to transcend from these repeatitive non-linear cycles to harmonic non-linear cycles to create our own continuum of consciousness. The harmonic cycle is not a cycle that Sitchin pursues in The End of Days, largely because he is literally translating written Sumerian text information and ancient calendar calculations that illustrate repetitive cycles.

Western bible thumpers are content and even crazed about the repetitive non-linear cycles and so perpetuate the cycles, thus fulfilling the biblical prophecies. This is not only a messianic mindset, but a biological and psychological deficiency that can now be explained based on faulty neurowiring, most likely at the hands of our Nibiruan/Sumerian creators, the Annunaki. While fundamentalists cannot seem to break their repetitive belief patterns and cycles, others are breaking from the repetitive cycles by psychologically and biologically tuning to a higher consciousness that has a higher harmonic frequency. This frequency is available to some because we have an intellectual and psychological willingness to evolve and also because our DNA is following suit and evolving beyond our inherent limitations. While our DNA evolves, we can harmonically spiral outside of both linear and cyclical time, harnessing the peripheral imploding energies to birth and build new harmonically inspired systems.

The ability to transcend using non-linear “harmonic” cycles is tied to an evolving 12-strand DNA sensory awareness that attunes our inner biology to new energies ready to ignite creation. This creation, (the alpha-omega or beginning-end) in turn, expands and allows us to move beyond the physical and low-energy cycles that create low-level consciousness. But not everyone can make this evolutionary leap; some will stay in their repetitive mode due to psychological resistance and faulty DNA wiring, which runs in a repetitive, endless loop. This endless loop can now scientifically be explained by both psychology and biology, as there is now evidence that the repetition is grounded in autism.

According to a review of research, adapted from materials provided by the University of New South Wales (2008, January 18, New Approach to Detect Autism Earlier by Professor Florence Levy, UNSW’s School of Psychiatry), cyclical aspects of repetition have recently been found to be of both psychological and biological origins. Autism is characterized by ritualistic and compulsive behaviors including “a rigid adherence to routine and a marked resistance to change.” According to Levy, “Until now we have relied mostly on psychological approaches in making a diagnosis, but this needs to be incorporated with the biological approach – utilising information from brain mapping technology. When the developing brain encounters constrained connectivity, it evolves an abnormal organisation, the features of which may be best explained by a developmental failure of neural connectivity, where high local connectivity develops in tandem with low long-range connectivity, resulting in constricted repetitive behaviours.”

This would account for the repetitive cycles of flawed behavior that began when the Annunaki created the human race in their own faulty image, and also severely limited our cosmic lifecycles and consciousness from that of their own, instead placing themselves as the intermediaries and authority figures in the absence of true enlightenment. As a result, humans evolved, but in a constricted fashion. Those most plugged into the authority consciousness continued to repeat the same mistakes based on flawed, local information, with a marked resistance to true cosmic knowledge that is a prerequisite to alpha-omega evolutionary leaps.

However, some of us are evolving beyond our psychological and biological limitations. Our inherent biology is currently being triggered by cosmic non-linear harmonic frequencies that are activating the planet, our minds and our DNA. At the same time, our evolving DNA is allowing our minds to speed up to the harmonic frequencies more readily. Those who do not resist can more easily assimilate to the new harmonic frequencies. These cosmic harmonic frequencies are preparing us to evolve beyond the limited connective capacity imposed by the Annunaki. Thus, our DNA must evolve to keep pace with the harmonically shifting energies or we’ll die.

This evolution, or what some would call the mutation of our 12-strand DNA, is what is currently rewiring our neural connectivity. It is allowing those who are not psychologically caught in an endless loop to jump from the local and low long-range repetitive cycles to the non-linear, spiraling, harmonic cycles. This, in turn, is activating our DNA, allowing us to tap into our higher essences and the cosmos, so to perceive and create new worlds and consciousness bubbles with the capacity to quickly expand them exponentially.

Like the 100th Monkey theorem, where consciousness and evolution change after an idea or biological event transforms the 100th organism, what is happening now is more like the 10th Monkey theorem; that is, the velocity of change has quickened ten-fold and will continue to quicken even more so that our consciousness and biology will evolve to birth new worlds simultaneously, where we can then order the various creations into a prevailing consciousness. This consciousness will replace the low-energy consciousness that has driven and, for some, continues to drive the planet to the prophetic, but not necessarily all-encompassing Armageddon end-loop.

Those who are not hard-wired psychologically into the Annunaki stream of consciousness with its repetitive cycles, those who have managed to adjust to the the planet’s harmonic frequency changes, those who can physically endure the changing harmonics and the DNA transmutation, will evolve beyond the originally programmed repeating cycles. They will make biological and harmonic leaps through a spiral that will propel them out of the current non-linear repetitive cycle to birth a new consciousness; similar to how life forms in the universe. The new consciousness and new human will no longer lack connection to the cosmos; all wiring will be active and engaged.

So, even if there is an Armageddon, not everyone will be witness to it or part of it. Those who are hell-bent on heralding the repetitive cycles and being part of them -- either due to psychological and/or biological deficiencies-- will suffer local, personal, and peripheral damage. They can thank the Annunaki, who created them in their image and who were responsible for the first nuclear holocaust, for their repetitive, endless-loop program. This program will also be the source of the second holocaust. The Annunaki’s celestial and messianic cycles -- autistic in nature and unyielding -- will repeat, with their crazed devotees following.

The rest of us, however, who have already begun mutating, are experiencing a once in an “ endtime” opportunity to create and birth a new consciousness for the next alpha-omega (beginning time/end time) cycle. We can harmonically spiral into a new non-linear cycle both biologically and cosmo-psychically. This cycle is the cycle of creation. It is an ongoing mutation and evolution beyond the mundane. It guarantees the birth and survival of a new strain of human being and cosmic consciousness, and a new harmonic planetary energy grid with a new set of biological tools to help us create sustaining systems for future life through advanced consciousness.

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