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But Does the Earth Love You Back?
(Judy Kitt,President FMBR, August 2022)

Strange Attractor
(Judy Kitt, President FMBR, June 2022)

Injustice To One Person Affects Us All
(Judy Kitt, President FMBR, June 2020)

We're all in this together
(Judy Kitt, President FMBR, Apr 2020)

Women's Voices
(Judy Kitt, President FMBR, Aug 2018)
Personal Wavelength and GMOs
(Jerry Gin, Aug 2018)
Science and Scientism
(Duncan Laurie, May 2018)
How to Respond to World State
(Anu Peter Brandt, Apr 2018)
From the Economist, Dec 23, 2017
(Mar 2018)
Challenger Epilogue
(Astronauts, Feb 2018)

Toward an Understanding of the Biological Effects of Microwave EMF, Part 3
(Bill Gough & Jerry Gin, Nov 2017)
On The Jeanne Love & Regina Ochoa Experience
(Jerry Gin, Oct 2017, Chair FMBR)
Air Canada Near Miss
(Jerry Gin, Sep 2017, Chair FMBR)
Challenger Saga Continues
(Jerry Gin, May 2017, Chair FMBR)
Challenger Channeled
(Jerry Gin Feb, 2017, Chair FMBR)
Book Corner 1 - History of Mankind
(Jerry Gin Jan, 2017, Chair FMBR)

Toward an Understanding of the Biological Effects of Microwave EMF, Part 2
( Jerry Gin Mar, 2016, Chair FMBR)
Toward an Understanding of the Biological Effects of Microwave EMF, Part 1
(Jerry Gin Jan, 2016, Chair FMBR)

Creating the Future
(Judy Kitt President FMBR & Bill Gough Cofounder FMBR, Sep/Oct, 2015)
What is Dowsing?
(Jerry Gin Sep, 2014, Chair FMBR)
Why BioGeometry?
(Jerry Gin Nov, 2014, Chair FMBR)
Segments from a Course on the Nature of Mind_Being
(Jerry Gin Feb, 2015, Chair FMBR)
Healing into Consciousness with Mada
(Jerry Gin May, 2015, Chair FMBR)

The Creative Climate
(David Brooks Jul, 2014, NY Times Editorial)
Expanded Mission of FMBR
(Jerry Gin Feb, 2014,Chair, FMBR & Judy Kitt, President FMBR)
My Experience with BodyTalk
(Jerry Gin Nov, 2013, Chair, FMBR)

Synerview, a Proposed New Concept
(Jerry Gin Aug, 2013, Chair, FMBR)
Reimaging Corporations: Bringing Conscious Awareness to Business
(Judy Kitt May, 2013, President, FMBR)
From Reduction to Synergy
(Judy Kitt Apr, 2013, President, FMBR, William C. Gough, FMBR CoFounder and CEO Emeritus, Robert Bourdeaux, Illustrator)
A Brief Review of Thoughts on Aether and Matter
(Jerry Gin Mar, 2013, FMBR Chairman)
When the Spirit World Speaks
(William Gough Feb, 2013, FMBR Co-founder)
Breakthrough: Clues to Healing with Intention
(Bill Bengston Nov, 2012, FMBR speaker)
Consciousness and Our DNA
(Jerry Gin Oct, 2012, FMBR Chairman)
What is Being Planned at FMBR
(Jerry Gin, FMBR Chairman & Judy Kitt, FMBR President, Sep, 2012)

The Science of BioGeometry
(Dr. Ibrahim Karim Aug, 2012, FMBR speaker)
Why Would A Scientist Pray?
(Russel Targ May, 2012, FMBR speaker and Jane Katra, Ph.D.)
Synchronicity and Fields of Meaning
(Amy L. Lansky, PhD, April, 2012, FMBR speaker)
Follow Your Heart, It Is Smarter Than You Think
(Rebecca Cherry March, 2012, FMBR speaker)
Medical Intuition and Energy Medicine From Ancient Spiritual Traditions to Modern Scientific Breakthroughs
(Dr.Liliana Cerepnalkoski Febuary, 2012, FMBR speaker)
Torsion as a Force of the Universe - What's in it for Us?
(Kevin Kiser, FMBR Member, January, 2012)
An Evolving Journey: Science and Mind-Being
(Jerry Gin, Chairman FMBR, November, 2011)
Arthur Young's Theory of Process and the "Paradigm Shift"
(Excerpt by Michael J. Buchele, M.D. October 2011)
The Heart and Science of Creativity
(William Gough, FMBR Co-founder, with Helen Maslocka, FMBR Director. and Judy Kitt, President FMBR, September 2011)

On Transformation
(Yevgeniy Gorodetskiy, VP Development, May 2011)
Views on Being Creators
(Jerry Gin, Chairman FMBR, May, 2011)
Radiant Minds: Scientists Explore the Dimensions of Consciousness
(Bill Gough, FMBR Co-founder, April, 2011)
Wellness and Consciousness
(Jerry Gin, Chairman FMBR, March, 2011)
On Cycles: Short, Long and In-Between
(Judy Kitt, President FMBR, February, 2011)
FMBR at 30 and Beyond
(Judy Kitt, President FMBR, January, 2011)
On Dowsing
(Jerry Gin, Chairman, FMBR and Bill Gough, FMBR Co-founder, November 2010)
Another Path
(Yevgeniy Gorodetskiy, VP Development, October 2010)
The Fundamentals of FMBR
(Jerry Gin, Chairman, FMBR, September 2010)

Why Search for Enlightenment?
(Jerry Gin, Director and Co-Chairman, FMBR, May 2010)
Learning Telekinesis
(Yevgeniy Gorodetskiy, President, April 2010)
On Love
(Yevgeniy Gorodetskiy, President, March 2010)
(Bill Gough, FMBR Co-founder, February 2010)
What About Santa?
(Yevgeniy Gorodetskiy, President, FMBR, Janurary 2010)
The Nature of Consciousness and the Consciousness of Nature
(Edie Fischer, CEO of FMBR, November 2009)
The Reawakening Of The Feminine: Another Approach To Empowerment
(Adrienne Juliano, September 2009)

The Body Meditation
(Leonard Orr, May 2009)
The Energy and Information System of the Body
(Tiffany Schneider, PhD, April 2009)
Ontopoiesis and Spiritual Emergence
(Olga Louchakova MD, PhD, March 2009)
A Personal Experience of Telekinesis
(Yevgeniy Gorodetskiy, President, FMBR, Febuary 2009)
Barack Obama and Interconnection
(Bill Gough, FMBR Co-founder, January 2009)
What is Sufism?
(Bill Gough, FMBR Co-founder, November 2008)
The Changing Face of Interconnectedness
(Dawn Abel, FMBR Vice President, October 2008)
A Different Path
(Yevgeniy Gorodetskiy, FMBR President, September 2008)

Age of Convergence
(Charles Ostman, May 2008)
Judgments and Prejudices: Non-local Implications
(Marion and Bill Gough, April 2008)
Art and Architecture of Consciousness
(Mali Burgess, Ph.D., March 2008)
Book Review: The Chaos Point: The World at the Crossroads
(William C. Gough, Chairman, Emeritus, February 2008)
Using Electromagnetism & Biofeedback to Teach a Science of Consciousness
(Jean Millay, Ph.D., January 2008)
Our Spiritual Heritage
(Mark Macy, of ITC, November 2007)
An Exchange of Emails on Manifestation
(Lynn of British Columbia and William C. Gough, COB of FMBR, October 2007)
Remembrance for Dr. Ruth-Inge Heinze: An Inner and Outer Vision
(William C. Gough, COB of FMBR, September 2007)

Thoughts about the Future
(William C. Gough, COB of FMBR, May 2007)
The Fusion Torch
(William C. Gough, COB of FMBR, and Bernard J. Eastlund, April 2007)
The Mind's Power and the Placebo
(William C. Gough, COB of FMBR, March 2007)
Century of the Individual
(William C. Gough, COB of FMBR, February 2007)
Book Review: Turning Off Violence
(William C. Gough, COB of FMBR, January 2007)
Santa & Entanglement
(William C. Gough, COB of FMBR, November 2006)
The Way Of The Warrior
(Phillip Scott, Founder/Director, Center for Indigenous Lifeways, October 2006)
Maintaining One's Health
(William C. Gough, COB of FMBR, September 2006)

Challenges In Healing Experiments
(William C. Gough, COB of FMBR, May 2006)
Mind-Being Research
(William C. Gough, COB of FMBR, April 2006)
Connecting Versus Creating
(Darrell Witkowski, FMBR Member, March 2006)
The Mystery Of Manifestation
(William C. Gough, COB of FMBR, Feburary 2006)
(William C. Gough, COB of FMBR, January 2006)
(William C. Gough, COB of FMBR, November 2005)
The Brain's Mirror
(William C. Gough, COB of FMBR, October 2005)
Special Relativity
(William C. Gough, COB of FMBR, September 2005)

Zero-Point Energy
(William C. Gough, COB of FMBR, May 2005)
The Mystery of Water -- Part 2
(William C. Gough, COB of FMBR, April 2005)
The Mystery of Water
(William C. Gough, COB of FMBR, March 2005)
“Existence" Revisited
(Paul Malo, Professor Emeritus at Syracuse University, Febuary 2005)
While Caring About the World
(Freda Morris Hedges, Ph.D., hypnotherapist and subtle energies practioner, January 2005)
The Meaning Of Existence
(Clarence A. Mitchell, Artist, Actor, and Martial Artist, November 2004)
(William C. Gough, COB of FMBR, October 2004)
Little Things
(William C. Gough, COB of FMBR, September 2004)

The Perception of God
(William C. Gough, COB of FMBR, May 2004)
Instincts — Primary Perception
(William C. Gough, COB of FMBR, April 2004)
Linking to the Past
(William C. Gough, COB of FMBR, March 2004)
The Mysterious Prions
(William C. Gough, COB of FMBR, February 2004)
The Trickster
(William C. Gough, COB of FMBR, Janurary 2004)
How Two Minds Can Know One Thing
(In Memoriam - Dean Brown
Sylver Quevedo, M.D., FMBR President and William C. Gough, COB of FMBR, November 2003)
Spoon Bending
(Sylver Quevedo, M.D., FMBR President, October 2003)
Cells, DNA & Quantum Entanglement
(William C. Gough, COB of FMBR, September 2003)

(William C. Gough, COB of FMBR, May 2003)
The World Community
(William C. Gough, COB of FMBR, April 2003)
The Soul -- Responses to Clarence Mitchell's Letter
(William C. Gough, FMBR Board Chairman, March 2003)
Science & the Soul
(William C. Gough, FMBR Board Chairman, February 2003)
Letter to the Editor
(William C. Gough, FMBR Board Chairman, Janurary 2003)
(William C. Gough, FMBR Board Chairman, November 2002)
The Healing Process
(Sylver Quevedo, M.D. FMBR President, October 2002)
Book Review: Overcoming Violence
(William C. Gough, COB of FMBR,September 2002)

Importance of Imperfection
(Dr. Dean Brown , May 2002)
Emergence of Life
(William C. Gough, April 2002)
The Mysterious Zero/Infinity
(William C. Gough, March 2002)
Beyond the Veil
(William C. Gough, February 2002)
Precognition & Connectiveness
(William C. Gough, Janurary 2002)
Fields — Good & Evil
(William C. Gough, November 2001)
Law of Emptiness
(Dr. Dean Brown, October 2001)
Life After Life
(William C. Gough, Adrienne Juliano, September 2001)

Measurement & Reality
(William C. Gough & Dean Brown, May 2001)
An Awakening Call & A Blessing
(Fatima Saleh, April 2001)
A Personal Record
(Marshall Pease, March 2001)
(Marshall Pease, Febuary 2001)
In Memoriam — Robert L. Shacklett, Ph.D.
(Janurary 2001)
On Being a Victim
(Marshall Pease, November 2000)
Communities II
(Marshall Pease, October 2000)
Important News Regarding FMBR
(Ken Morley, September 2000)

The Communities of Man
(Marshall Pease, May 2000)
Faith v. Curiosity
(Marshall Pease, April 2000)
Just the Facts, Please
(Marshall Pease, March 2000)
(Marshall Pease, February 2000)
(Marshall Pease, January 2000)
Computer Age
(Marshall Pease, November 1999)
(Marshall Pease, October 1999)
Respect v. Hatred
(Marshall Pease, September 1999)

This Unstable World
(Marshall Pease, May 1999)
Law & Process
(Marshall Pease, April 1999)
Reaching Consensus
(Marshall Pease, March 1999)
The Adversarial Life
(Marshall Pease, February 1999)
(Marshall Pease, December 1998)
(Marshall Pease, November 1998)
(Marshall Pease, October 1998)
Fire and Ice II
(Marshall Pease, September 1998)

(Marshall Pease, May 1998)
Seeing Is Believing
(Phillip Scott, April 1998)
(Marshall Pease, March 1998)
(Marshall Pease, February 1998)
Fear and Curiosity
(Marshall Pease, January 1998)
Fire and Ice
(Marshall Pease, November 1997)

Infant Mind
(Marshall Pease, May 1997)
(Marshall Pease, April 1997)
(Marshall Pease, March 1997)
(Marshall Pease, January 1997)
Gebo Revisited
(Adrienne Juliano, November 1996)
Binta Jua
(Marshall Pease, October 1996)

Holistic Science
(Marshall Pease, April 1994)

The Power of Symbols
(William C. Gough, November 1993)
Edge of Chaos, Parts I and II
(Marshall Pease, April/May 1993)
(William C. Gough, February 1993)

(Marshall Pease, April 1992)
The Mysterious Link
(William C. Gough, February 1992)

Symmetry and the Golden Rule
(Robert L. Shacklett, January 1991)
Hierarchy and Unity
(Marshall Pease, September 1990)
Chaos, Pattern and Meaning
(Robert L. Shacklett, January 1989)

Information, Energy, and Meaning
(Robert L. Shacklett, September 1988)
The Communities of Man
(Marshall Pease, May 1988)
Science and Inner Knowing
(William C. Gough, October 1987 - April 1988)

Quantum Mechanics and Dr. Bohm
(William C. Gough, January 1997)

Paradigms and Inner Knowing
(Marshall Pease, November 1987)
Physics and the Law of Karma
(Robert L. Shacklett, April 1987)
(Compilation, March 1987)

Psychic "Protection"
(James Johnston, November 1986)
Three Thoughts from Two Authors on Science and Reality
(Compilation from a talk by Dr. Huston Smith, October 1986)
The Kundalani Crisis
(Mariel Strauss, April 1986)
Thinking About Getting Well
(Robert L. Shacklett, February 1986)

Speculations About PK (psychokinesis)
(Robert L. Shacklett, May 1985)

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