The Energy and Information System of the Body | April 2009

FMBR Editorial: April, 2009

The Energy and Information System of the Body

Tiffany Schneider on April's speaker, Greg Becker

Our April speaker is Greg Becker who will present his film The Living Matrix. This film offers the scientific basis for information as medicine while telling the stories of the people who have benefited from such phenomenon. As a practitioner of the Applied Energy Flow System I have direct experience of the body as an energy and informational system.

Example of body as an body as an energy and informational system

Last year a client came to me with a specific problem she wanted solved. She was eight months pregnant and her placenta was sitting right in front of the delivery canal. Her doctor started to prepare her mentally and emotionally for a caesarian section. Judy, a vibrant, athletic woman in her early 30’s politely thanked her and made an immediate appointment with me. She knew from our previous work together that it is possible to alter the energy patterns in the body in a way that changes our thoughts and emotions – in her case elevating a long depression. She wanted to know if the same thing was possible with the physical body – could we change the energy in her body to move the placenta and allow her to have a natural birth? Judy’s doctor said there was a slim chance the placenta would move itself, although she had never seen it happen. Judy wanted to make sure the odds were stacked in her favor.

When we started the work together it was obvious that something was needed other than changing the energy patterns alone. Unlike depression or arthritis, where the body clearly understands that something is amiss and is trying itself to change into a healthier pattern, Judy’s body was completely happy: it saw no reason for change. It needed to receive the information that the current placement of the placenta was going to result in a difficult and damaging consequence.

What healing in the Applied Energy Flow System feels like

The description of a healing process is difficult because the medium and mechanism of delivery are as non-linguistic as it is possible to get. The best way I have to describe the experience is that it is akin to a shoal of fish. A shoal swims along in complete synchronicity with each other without sacrificing any independence. Any member of the shoal can move quickly away in any direction without needing to pause, affect or consult any other member. But while they are swimming together they are bouncing information back and forth, consistently reading each other for information and intention. This is what healing in the Applied Energy Flow System feels like. Through this interaction Judy’s body communicates to me what it needs and I am able to feed this back into her energy along with the energy she requires to make the changes. In this way I am always following her lead but able to introduce outside information that her energy can then integrate or reject, leaving her in control.

Judy and I met for two, 30-minute sessions for three weeks. I distinctly remember the penultimate session because it felt like the push-back a gas pump gives you to let you know the car is full. Her energy and her body did the same thing again on the last session and I thought to myself then, ‘Well, it’s either worked or it hasn’t.’ Ultrasound revealed it had worked and amongst a much surprised medical team, Judy was able to have the natural childbirth that she wanted for her and her daughter.

Judy’s body required more than just energy to change, it needed the information to detect and correct a problem that needed to be addressed. Is the information in the energy supplied? Is it separate? Are the information and the energy actually the same thing? Although fascinating, these questions are outside the scope of this editorial. But science is a process of producing better and better models to describe existing phenomenon. The model used in Greg Becker’s Film The Living Matrix starts answering these questions while presenting the data to support it. It shows us a different way of understanding our bodies, our healthcare, the role we can play in it and the direction we are going.

Tiffany Schneider, PhD is the Founder of the Applied Energy Flow Healing System ( with a private practice in Mill Valley. She received her PhD at the University of London where she worked as a Research Fellow in the investigation of clinical effectiveness. She is also a past President of the FMBR. Click to reach her by email.

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