Exciting Research on Long Term Cancer Survival

Exciting Research on Long Term Cancer Survival

Dr. Jean Millay reports exciting research by James Forsythe, MD

Dr. Jean Millay, FMBR member and speaker, has written to us regarding the exciting research Dr. James Forsythe MD, HMD has done on extending the overall survival rate for patients with stage IV cancers using complementary medical approaches. Dr. Millay suggested we include his research paper on the FMBR web site but we have not yet received permission to do this. ( Until we do, see below for website information. )

Jean is collaborating with the team doing the research study. Jean states that the FDA and FBI raided Dr. Forsythe's house and office and pressed serious charges on his use of human growth hormone although they did not press charges on his use of the homeopathic medicine portion of his complementary approach. Dr Forsythe felt that his research was important enough to fight the FDA charges. The jury had no problem finding him not guilty and he WON the court fight. Dr. Forsythe is continuing his research in Reno and now has nearly 300 patients in his study.

He has reported his results at a medical convention in Las Vegas and received a standing ovation from the other doctors.


This is the website for Dr. James William Forsythe, MD, HMD

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