Expanded Mission of FMBR | Feb 2014

FMBR Editorial: Feb, 2014

The Expanded Mission of FMBR

Jerry Gin and Judy Kitt

About a year ago, FMBR, and its founder, Bill Gough, determined that it would be in the best interest of the organization to expand its mission to encompass more than the knowledge and growth of the concept of mind-being.  The new mission for FMBR can be stated as follows:

  • Our mission is to expand the context for scientific exploration to include our interconnectedness with the universe.
  • Our purpose is to lead people to self-empowerment in order to create positive change for themselves and the planet.
  • In our research programs we explore a more encompassing view of the nature of the universe -- one that includes both the physical and non-physical aspects.
  • In our educational programs we share this expanded world view with our membership and the community: locally via the institute, and worldwide via the internet.
  • We create partnerships that foster innovative solutions for the challenges that are facing our world today.

To reflect the broader mission, initially FMBR thought to incorporate the term "Institute" in our name, but in the end, decided not to do so since the FMBR name was so well entrenched. The expanded mission of FMBR will be based on three key areas of focus:


  • FMBR will continue with its monthly lectures and workshops
  • Courses on the learnings from the past 30 years and on the current state of the science of consciousness, providing evidence of our connectedness and the nature of our being
  • Study groups to focus on areas of interest


  • Presentation of scientific research at the forefront of consciousness/mind-being
  • Foster scientific work on leading edge areas and foster collaborative efforts/joint meetings with key principals in the scientific fields of interest

Societal/Global Values

  • Foster the world view that results from the understanding of our connectedness, that we are One world and One people
  • Results in Self-Evident Credos

FMBR Adheres to the Following Principles

As part of its mission and inherent belief in the interconnectedness of all of creation, FMBR adheres to the following principles:

  • Treat others with Dignity and Decency, regardless of race, gender, or physical appearance
  • Do no harm:
    • To Others
    • To Society
    • To the Earth
    • To all Inhabitants of the earth (plant and animal)
  • We are stewards for the sustainability of humanity and the planet
  • We believe in the interconnectedness of life our individual and collective actions affect others as well as all of nature and the planet
  • Foster fairness and balance in all aspects of life
    • For individuals
    • For Society
    • For Nations
    • For Economies


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