Feb 2011 Newsletter

February, 2011 Newsletter

This Is Your Blood on Processed Food

Live blood analysis offers a glimpse into the biological terrain or “soil” of the body by examining blood at high power under a microscope. Many holistic practitioners consider the biological terrain at the root of one’s health. On his deathbed, Louis Pasteur, founder of the Germ Theory, contradicted his life’s work when he said that the germ is nothing, the terrain is everything. Photographs and short videos of blood magnified 8000 times from research on the blood will be shown and explained. Key factors and their indications will be discussed: clotting factors, red blood cell stickiness and clumping, and white blood cell movement. The mysterious microbial forms in the blood, and their controversial interpretations by Wilhelm Reich, Gunther Enderlein, and others will also be discussed.

TIME: Friday, 7:30 p.m., February 25, 2011
PLACE: Unity Community Church – Y.E.S. Hall, 3391 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto


Beverly Rubik, PhD

Beverly Rubik earned her PhD in biophysics at U.C. Berkeley. She is internationally renowned for her pioneering research and has published over 80 papers and 2 books. Dr. Rubik serves on the editorial boards of Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine; Evidence-Based Integrative Medicine; and Integrative Medicine Insights. She founded the Institute for Frontier Science, a nonprofit corporation for research and education in Emeryville, CA, where she conducts research on frontier science and medicine.

She is a professor in Interdisciplinary Studies at Union Institute and University, Cincinnati, OH; and is adjunct professor of Integrative Health at the California Inst. of Integral Studies in San Francisco, CA. Dr. Rubik has won awards for her research, including the Alyce and Elmer Green Award given in 2009 by the ISSSEEM. She serves as a consultant in the health care industry on maverick health products and as a holistic health educator to individual clients at Health Medicine Center in Walnut Creek.

A $15 donation is asked of non-members, at the door
Students with ID, a $5 donation is asked

Improving the Biological Terrain: Making Nourishing Changes for Optimal Health and Anti-aging

How to improve the blood and the biological terrain, for optimal wellness and anti-aging, will be presented. Evidence-based findings on drinking water, and key foods and nutritional supplements will be presented. Some practical tips on how to implement these changes in your life easily will also be offered.

Paid FMBR members: $50, non-members: $60. Masonic Lodge Fireside Room, 146 Main St., Los Altos

On Cycles: Short, Long and In-Between

In recent years, a great deal has been made about December 21, 2012 as the end of a grand, 26,000year cycle of time. The date is purported to have been calculated by the ancient Mayans, who are known to have been master time keepers. As we approach the date in question, speculation about what will happen on that date, what it all means and what might happen next has gotten a lot of press. Although many use the idea of the closing of a grand galactic cycle as a means to generate fear in people, there are also people who believe that the alignment will bring in new energies that will foster a positive evolution of humanity —operating with less separation and higher level of consciousness/spirituality. The end of this cycle can be seen as a great opportunity to examine our societies, how we interact with each other and with the world around us, and to gain in collective wisdom.

As a biologist and a clinical researcher, I have long been aware of diurnal cycles, hormonal cycles and the periodicity around blood pressure and metabolism, for example. In my shamanic studies, I have become more and more attuned to cycles in nature, lunar cycles and seasonal movements. And as a ceremonialist, I have become intensely interested in life cycle events and initiations—the cycles of a human life. However, I am learning that all of the above barely scratches the surface of the number of systems that dance to a rhythm of periodicity.

Modern scholars have observed and studied cycles in everything from cellular functioning, to complex biological systems, economic systems and up to planetary and galactic systems. Rhythmic cycles have been discovered in systems as diverse as ornithology (in the wing beats of various birds, migration patterns and metabolic activity), botany (electrical conductivity of sap, concentration of growth substances and photoperiodicity) social and economic systems (wage earner activity, marriages and births, crime levels, creativity and inventiveness).

All of modern physics uses waves to model the universe and modern computers provide tools for developing models for the study of cycles. Information from the Foundation for the Study of Cycles (www.foundationforthestudyofcycles.org) provides a lot of material for thought. The foundation, which was incorporated seventy years ago, has been studying cycles in all scientific disciplines since its founder, Edward Dewey, discovered that cycles of identical length were found in economic (business) and biological systems.

In 1967, Dewey stated “Cycles are meaningful, and all science that has been developed in the absence of cycle knowledge is inadequate and partial. ...any theory of economics, sociology, history, medicine, or climatology that ignores non-chance rhythms is as manifestly incomplete as medicine was before the discovery of germs.” Their website also states the following principles:

Rhythmic cycles are a characteristic of more than 500 different phenomena.
Cycles persist without change of period for as far back as there are data. After distortion, cycles will revert to the pre-distortion pattern.
Cycles of any period tend to have counterparts in other phenomena, and even in other disciplines.
Timing of cycles suggests a geographical pattern, regardless of phenomena.
Cycles of the same period tend to synchronize, or crest at the same calendar time, regardless of phenomena.

These factors suggest that the natural world is subject to powerful forces that trigger fluctuations in various phenomena. An identical rhythm in different phenomena implies an interrelationship, or common cause. The knowledge of predictable, repetitive patterns is a valuable tool in the scientific projection of many different phenomena...[and may help] those searching for a new paradigm to understand the inter-relationship of all life.

It may be that all systems, whether organic or man-made, self organize around some set of rhythms that ebb and flow as part of a natural cycle. It also appears that those cycles can be studied in order to elucidate how they interact with us. More importantly, it is possible that the knowledge gained from studying universal cycles can be used to generate wisdom about how humanity may interact in a more balanced way with life on Earth and with the universe. If indeed we are rapidly approaching the close of one grand galactic cycle, this is something worth pondering now. What are your views about the possible universal nature of cycles and their potential impact on humans and the physical world?

Judy Kitt, President, FMBR

Visited by an Orb

At the annual FMBR holiday party, held in December, members of the foundation gathered to celebrate the holidays and FMBR’s 30th anniversary. About 60 long-time members, recent members, past speakers, future speakers and invited guests enjoyed great food, lively conversation and lovely music. Some of the many former and present members of the board gathered for photos as people who were around when FMBR was founded reminisced about the foundation’s history and many spoke excitedly about the foundation’s future.


A great number of people commented on how great the energy of the gathering felt. It must have been very positive, as we were visited during the singing by a beautiful , which was captured in a photo, hovering above co-founder Bill Gough’s wife, Marion. Upon seeing the photo, she commented “Oh, you photographed my guardian angel!” (The term orb describes unexpected, typically circular artifacts that occur in flash photography—sometimes with trails indicating motion. Some people claim that these are intelligent manifestations of energy while others claim, not entirely convincingly, that they are simply dust particles.)


BOOK REVIEW: The World of David Wilcock
Jerry Gin, Chairman

I found reading about David Wilcock and his work very intriguing. He is a “seer” who claims to get information from the same “source” that provided Edgar Cayce with his prolific and penetrating insight on many healings and his “life readings” on previous lives. Edgar Cayce died in 1945, but before he died, he said he would reappear in 1998. Evidence presented in The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, by Wynn Free, indicates that David Wilcock is the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. This book serves as an introduction to the writings and beliefs/transmissions of David Wilcock which is described in detail in his free books and writings on his website:divinecosmos.com (see his on-line books: The Divine Cosmos, The Shift of the Ages, The Science of Oneness). Whether or not one believes he is the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, he presents intriguing information about ascension, the nature of consciousness (and group consciousness), spirituality, the “law of one”, role of Ra and the creation of the pyramids, the Mayan calendar, a summary of the data on the earth changes as well as the changes in the solar system and the galaxy, and many other interesting subjects. David tries to bolster the information he has obtained from his “source” by summarizing esoteric and scientific data. Information ranges from scientific data on earth/galaxy changes to information on how DNA can be affected non-chemically but by “energy” to create hybrid species, to hypotheses on torsion fields and torsion waves which might be involved in pyramid power as well as consciousness (knowing full well there is much controversy about such subjects). I like the hypotheses because it might foster more scientific work in these esoteric areas and thus contributes to a better understanding of consciousness.

Member Profile


Bill Virga has been a member of FMBR since 1998. He has had a retail window cleaning business for 30 years and has been a Transpersonal Psychotherapist for the past 13 years. His passion is exploring the journey of the soul, which includes working with abused children and women getting off of drugs and alcohol, and examining the spiritual and paranormal. He is attracted to the community of FMBR, the speakers as well as the audience.


FEBRUARY 27: 7:30 pm RAHM: Metaphysical Exploration Group, Novato:
Devatara Holman, MA, MS: Lac will speak on Buddhist Medicine.

FEBRUARY 17: Smart Life Forum: Meir Schneider, PhD, will speak on “Movement.”


The Foundation was established in 1980 to assist in the evolution of consciousness studies and to help bring this new field into wider recognition as a bona fide science. The interdisciplinary nature of the field is reflected in the activities of the organization and in the breadth of interests of its members who currently represent areas of engineering, science, medicine, the humanities, and the arts.

With its major focus on facilitating the development of an integrated model of consciousness, the Foundation provides encouragement and resources to a rather unique group of creative researchers and scientists with the objective of betterment of the individual, the society, and the environment.

Because of the special nature of scientific inquiry in this area, the Foundation is interested in building its regular membership with competent individuals who:

  • are open to a multidisciplinary approach to knowledge
  • recognize they are an integral part of any experiment in which they choose to participate
  • know and are prepared to expand their own level of consciousness

The intention is to develop high standards of credibility in all research activities and publications.

Donations made to the Foundation are tax deductible.

The Foundation is incorporated under the laws of the State of California and operates as a non-profit scientific research organization under IRS code 509 (a)2 with tax exempt status under section 501 (c)3.

Foundation for Mind-Being Research
P.O. Box 449, Los Altos, Ca 94023-0449

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