A Foreword to the book "Vibrational Medicine"

Forward to the book "Vibrational Medicine"

Forward to Vibrational Medicine: Handbook of Subtle-Energy Therapies

by William A.k Tiller, PhD

Until recently, science and traditional Western medicine have considered that living organisms operate largely by means of the following sequence of reactions:



When an organism was not functioning properly, the cause has been ascribed to structural defects in the system arising out of chemical imbalances. It was recognized that chemical level homeostasis may have been dependent upon a connection with a deeper level energy structure in the organism, but no clear discrimination of this connection was made. More recently, a growing awareness has developed of the interactions between chemical states and electromagnetic fields. Studies in neuropsychiatry show us that small electric currents between specific brain points give rise to the same behavioral changes that are observed with certain specific brain-stimulating chemicals. Small direct current (D.C.) electric currents (10-12 amp/mm2 10-9 amp/mm2) applied to leukocytes in vitro have been shown to produce cell regeneration, while larger current densities were shown to produce cell degeneration. Such studies have been extended to enhance fracture healing in animals and humans. Thus, although we do not yet understand the detailed pathways whereby electric and magnetic fields couple into the cellular metabolism, it is clear that Equation 1 should be replaced by:


An illustration of Equation 2 is Wolf's law of bone structure changes, which states that if one bone receives a non-uniform stress for an extended period of time, that bone will grow new trabeculae in the exact locations needed to maximally support this new stress distribution. The physical strain field is manifested in fibers and collagen which are both piezoelectric, so that an electrostatic field is produced with specific orientation and polarity. This electrostatic field, with its associated microcurrents, causes ion and colloid redistribution in the local body fluids to specific locations where agglomeration and gelation set in. These new semisolid structures age and calcify, eventually forming the microstructures making up trabeculae. One can readily imagine the more subtle stresses of an emotional or mental nature setting the foregoing chain of sequences in motion.

Equation 2 has an obvious defect in that it overlooks mental effects. Under hypnosis, the human body has exhibited truly remarkable feats of strength and endurance attesting to an unconscious mind / structure link. In aikido, Zen, and yoga disciplines, we see a conscious link between the mind and both structure and function. Recent studies in the area of biofeedback techniques show that directed mind cannot only control various autonomic body functions such as skin temperature and pain, but can also repair the body. Finally, on another front, modem psychotherapy has shown that certain chemical treatments influence mental states, and that certain mental treatments influence chemical states. The point is that "mental fields" are additional contributions that should be placed on the right side of the reaction chain given in Equation 2. Other fields, not yet clearly discriminated, also appear to play a part In this reaction chain. Let us label them all under the heading "subtle energy fields" and rewrite Equation 2 as:


Equation 3 is a reasonable representation for a living organism, a cell, or a membrane. Each item in the reaction chain maintains its conditions of homeostasis via immediate support from the item on its right. The development of serious imbalance in any particular item in the chain leads, in time, to obvious disruption of homeostasis for the item to the left. Thus, to develop an early warning system concerning the chemical homeostasis of a biological system, a device must be created that monitors the electrical nature of the biological system. In order to gain information concerning future disruptions of the bioelectric system, the subtle energy fields of the entire biological entity must be monitored. At the moment, there is very little knowledge concerning the nature and character of those subtle energy fields, therefore electrical system monitoring must be used as a basis for early warning. This is a happy circumstance because our technical competence has grown significantly in this area over the past few decades.

A number of electrical devices are presently available for rapid diagnosis of the body's state of health and for the treatment of imbalances in that condition. Many holistic-health practitioners are beginning to utilize these devices, and it has become important to understand how they function on an electrical level and what they actually measure in the human body. Using basic information on the electrical properties and response behavior of both macroscopic and microscopic (acupuncture points) areas of skin, it has been possible to account for all the key characteristics of the three major diagnostic instruments on the market. One of these instruments, the Voll Dermatron, is also utilized in the selection of homeopathic remedies for the patient. It thus forms a narrow bridge across the chasm between the domains of electromagnetic energy and subtle energy shown in Equation 3. In order to strengthen that bridge and to eventually give it quantitative underpinnings, we need to gain a clearer understanding of the basic nature of homeopathy and how it relates to traditional Western medicine.

One might say that it was the emphasis on disease rather than on health that split apart allopathic and homeopathic practice. The physical body reveals the obvious materialization of disease; the relationship to the more subtle aspects that relate to health is not so easily measured. Conventional allopathic medicine deals directly with the chemical and structural components of the physical body. It can be classed as a truly objective medicine because it deals with nature on a purely four-dimensional space/ time level, and thus has developed much direct laboratory evidence to support its physiochemical hypotheses. This has occurred because the reliable sensing ability of both humans and instrumentation presently operates on that level.

Homeopathic medicine, on the other hand, deals indirectly with the chemistry and structure of the physical body by dealing directly with substance and energies at the next, and more subtle, level. It must be classed as a subjective medicine at this time for the following reasons: 1) It deals with energy that can be strongly perturbed by the mental and emotional activity of individuals, and 2) there has not been any diagnostic equipment available to support the homeopathic physician's hypothesis.

Both theoretical structure and an experimental laboratory for studying subtle energies are essential ingredients for the generation of a correct scientific foundation for homeopathy. A postulation concerning the former allows a testing via the latter, so that a bootstrap process can be invoked to inch our way towards the desired goal. Because of this, Equation 3 must be altered to the following form:


Allopathic medicine follows the upper path between the subtle energy fields and the functioning state of the human, while homeopathic medicine follows the lower path between these two domains. In essence, discriminating between the subtle energies of Equation 3 leads to the series parallel circuit of Equation 4, wherein two different levels of chemistry and energy operate in two different space / time frames.

This book by Richard Gerber, M.D., is an attempt to present a conceptual bridge between current allopathic medicine and future subtle-energy medicine. It is a broad-ranging book that tries to set a qualitative and somewhat speculative perspective. One does not need to agree with all the details given in this book to appreciate its overall synthesis. It is this overall synthesis of information, and this grand perspective, that Dr. Gerber hopes readers will take away with them.

I liked the book, have enjoyed reading it and think that it is a timely contribution. I do not agree with all of it but, in the main, it is consistent with my personal view of the bottom line, which is:

We are all elements of spirit, indestructible and eternal, and multiplexed in the divine. We contain a unique mechanism of perception which is mind. In my theoretical modeling, mind consists of three levels -- the instinctive, the intellectual, and the spiritual -- and mind is postulated to function in a six-dimensional space lattice.

This mind creates a vehicle for experience (a universe, a world, a body) and each person. as a spiritual being plus perception mechanism, invests in that vehicle which runs a continuously programmed course. The being is connected to the vehicle via the emotional circuitry. The stuff used for the construction of this vehicle or simulator is of dual or conjugate nature. One part, which is electrical in nature and travels at velocities less than that of electromagnetic light, is of positive energy and positive mass. It forms the physical part of the simulator. The other part, which is magnetic in nature and travels at velocities greater than that of electromagnetic light, is of negative mass and negative energy. It forms the etheric part of the simulator. The total sum of these two energies is zero, as is the sum of their entropies. Thus, the total simulator or vehicle is created out of what we call "empty space" - the space of mind, via a fluctuation type of process. This vehicle world (simulator) is just the "world of appearances and form" - the world of relative reality that we shape with our minds. Outside of that is the absolute! It is necessary to learn to penetrate the foibles of the "relative" in order to appreciate the "absolute" However, all who read this book are presently in the simulator and, when we talk about holistic health and a new medicine, it must be the medicine of that material, the simulator material. We know a great deal about one aspect of the simulator material (the physical) but very little about its conjugate part (the etheric). Now is the time to begin serious investigation of the etheric, and to develop an etheric material science to balance our present, physical, material science. This book is a significant contribution to the new awareness needed to support such a task.

JUNE 1987

This introduction was written by Dr. Tiller in 1987; he has since retired from Stanford and is pursuing the study of subtle energy, or psychoenergetics, as he calls the field.

He and his team have been advancing the study of this field at the Institute for Psychoenergetic Science in Payson, AZ. His website has over 35 papers (as of the end of 2015) available for study, as well as some interesting videos.

Check out the website at: www.tillerinstitute.com/index.html.

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