Healing into Consciousness with Mada | May 2015 Editorial

FMBR Editorial: May, 2015

Healing into Consciousness with Mada

Jerry Gin

Mada Eliza Dalian is an enlightened being. She has created a completely new technique to help us access the self-sabotaging beliefs, emotions, and thought patterns locked in our body's cellular memory and accelerate our healing and transformation. Unconscious thought patterns, fears, beliefs, and hurts are buried deep within us and are causative for many physical and mental problems. Our beliefs from early childhood experiences or memories of traumatic experiences keep us from healing. Whenever I work on a person and try to assist them in their process of healing, I might be able to address surface problems such as inflammation, but it is difficult to achieve an understanding of the underlying causes, which prevent the healing to occur.

Through her ability to read the thought patterns that are running in the body with bull's-eye accuracy and her awakened consciousness as a mystic, Mada has created a self-healing system that helps us access the underlying causes of our problems in the body and bring it to awareness so they can be seen, resolved, and transformed. In her lecture and workshop, Mada's new method of healing, called the Dalian Method (DM), will be described.

I directly experienced this healing in a session with Mada a number of years ago before she developed the self-healing Dalian Method. I mentioned to Mada that when playing tennis, sometimes I would develop a cardiac arrhythmia. Though it used to last for a short time, it brought my awareness into my body and prompted me to question its cause.  When Mada looked into my body, she identified a repressed ancestral fear pattern reaching back eons in time. I immediately knew it was the fear of death.  In Asian families, and I think in most cultures, we are taught never to utter the word "death."  The word for the number "four" in Asian language sounds like the word "death." As a child we were taught never to use this word.

After we released the conditioning associated with this fear with Mada's method, I felt a deep shift in awareness within. I understood that I, and no-one, can ever die. I became aware, beyond intellectual understanding, that death is not real. I saw that we are all spirits temporarily incarnated into a physical form, and that we are eternal. The release of the repressed fear of death of my predecessors that I had been unconsciously carrying in my body, and the powerful energy movement in my body was truly transformative. I felt a huge weight, extending into the past history of my ancestral lineage suddenly lifted. In that moment of clear awareness, I felt the power to also influence and free the weight of fear from many generations of my ancestors. This experience freed me from the weight of generational conditioning that I had been carrying in my body. I felt tremendously lighter and was physically transformed by the experience.

I have been a student of the enlightenment process for a number of years. To achieve enlightenment one must leave behind all beliefs and fears. The Dalian Method helps us move forward in our growth in healing into consciousness and thus our progress toward enlightenment and health.

Mada's self-healing method is available in a box set with a book and 2 CDs, Healing the Body & Awakening Consciousness with the Dalian Method: An Advanced Self-Healing System for a New Humanity. Her first award-winning best-selling book, In Search of the Miraculous: Healing into Consciousness is a step-by-step spiritual manual to each person's journey out of fear, pain, and suffering into awakening to one's true reality.

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