Important News Regarding FMBR | Oct 2000

FMBR Editorial: Sep, 2000

Important News Regarding FMBR

Ken Morley

We are starting this fall with many changes for FMBR. If you were at the FMBR 20th Anniversary Party in June you know some of the news already.

Bay Light Church of Religious Science lost their lease in June. That means that they and we must look for a new place to meet. The Foundation's members have enjoyed the use of Bay Light's sacred space during the past three years. We thank them for the cooperative and beneficial relationships that we have experienced together.

At the May FMBR meeting Bill Gough, FMBR President, announced that we needed a new place to meet, or we would not be able to have meetings in the Fall of 2000. Dr. Sylver Quevedo from the Center for Integrative Medicine (CIM) of O'Connor Hospital, offered the use of the center to hold our meetings. We were most pleased and accepted the offer. The CIM is located near OConnor Hospital at 455 O'Connor Drive, Suite170. See the map on the first page of the newsletter. Suite 170 is on the first floor, to the right at the first hall after you enter. There is plenty of parking in the front and on the Stevens Creek Blvd. end of the building. The CIM phone is 408-283-7626, if you get lost.

In recognition of the need for change, FMBR has been reorganized. These changes will enable us to pass on to the general public the 20 years of knowledge and wisdom gained from FMBR's activities; and in the future to work more closely with traditional healing institutions. The Board of Directors has approved the following plan suggested by Bill Gough. This structure will spread the load of responsibility for FMBR activities to several different people, but also, as you can see, we will be doing more.

There are now three Operating Divisions:

  • Community Activities headed by Sylver Quevedo, MD, is responsible for local meetings, workshops and social activities. The Program Committee will make use of the connections that Bill , Russell Targ, and Sylver have to continue our interesting meetings.
  • Internet Outreach headed by Alan Reed, is responsible for marketing the videos and audio tapes of FMBR meetings as well as publicizing FMBR publications. This will be done on a web site being developed by Alan, as well as on the FMBR web site working with our webmaster Steve Dantzer.
  • Research headed by Bill Gough, is responsible for developing and running the research studies, groups, and projects that we will be doing. The President, Bill Gough, will be CEO and responsible for planning activities. The Vice President, Alan Reed, will be responsible for marketing and outreach. The Executive Director, Ken Morley, will be responsible of overall coordination. The Treasurer, Austin Marx, and Secretary, Marion Gough, will have the duties as before. A detailed document is available if you would like to see it.

We are most pleased to be associated with the Center for Integrative Medicine. CIM has a philosophy of care that aims to treat the whole person - body, mind, and spirit, using an integrative approach of selected modern and traditional therapies to promote wellbeing and health. Their goal is to assist each patient, in conjunction with their primary care physician, in making appropriate choices regarding their health. CIM also offers classes on a wide range of health and wellness topics, such as nutrition , meditation, music, and yoga.

Ken Morley, Sep 2000

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