Introduction to the Westerbeke Conference

List of Participants

by Robert Henley

From the Spring, 1984 FMBR Reporter

As a part of the Foundation's project on the Nature, Power, and Role of Thought, a retreat was held at the Westerbeke Ranch Conference Center in Sonoma on April 23-25, 1982. On Sunday. April 25th, a select group of scientists and researchers met to seek a consensus regarding representational models of consciousness. The participants are listed below together with extremely abbreviated descriptions of their professional backgrounds.

D.N. "Lynx" Crowe -- Buchla & Associates
Background: computer design, linguistics.

Brenda Dunne -- Researcher, Engineering Anomalies Research Group, Princeton University.
Background: Psychology and Parapsychology research.

William & Marion Gough -- Foundation President & Secretary

Virginia Gruye-Cates -- then Foundation Executive Director.

Jack Houck -- Systems Engineer, McDonnell-Douglas Corporation
Background: Engineering, PK (psychokinesis) and remote perception research.

Robert Jahn -- Dean of Engineering & Applied Sciences", Princeton University
Background: Engineering, plasma physics, remote perception and PK (psychokinesis) research.

Karen Malik -- Trainer, Monroe Institute

Ann Palm -- Holistic scientist and educator.
Background: physics & psychology.

Elizabeth Rauscher -- University of California.
Background: Nuclear & particle physics, remote perception & PK (psychokinesis) research.

Rupert Sheldrake -- Biologist. International Research Institute, India.
Author of A New Science of Life, and "the" originator or the theory of morphogenetic fields.

Henry Stapp -- Theoretical Physicist, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory.
Background: Quantum physics.

Eve Weir -- Author, Lecturer, and Psychic

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