Jan 2008 Newsletter

January, 2008 Newsletter

January 2008 Meeting

Multiple Personality Disorder
and Spiritual Teachers
Ralph B. Allison, MD

Our January speaker Ralph B. Allison, MD, is a retired psychiatrist who will discuss his communications with spirits that borrowed the bodies of those of his patients manifesting Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD).

Dr. Allison lived and practiced in Santa Cruz, CA, when he met his first MPD patient. The patient introduced Allison to what Allison called her “Inner Self Helper,” now known as the "Allisonian ISH." After numerous sessions with the ISH, Allison decided that the helper was the dissociated essence (i.e., soul or spirit) of his patient. At another time, Allison communicated with a psychic entity in the patient, who claimed to be what most people call an angel; however, this entity preferred to be called Celestial Intelligent Energy (CIE).

Later, in Davis, CA, Allison communicated with another MPD patient. After helping her to integrate her alter-personalities into one Original Personality, the same CIE whom he had communicated with in Santa Cruz manifested in this patient to talk with him. The CIE, named “Faith, Hope, and Charity,” then took Allison on as a student and taught him about many psychological and spiritual subjects, some of which he will cover in this presentation.

TIME: January 25, 8PM

PLACE: The Great Sophia Room
Institute of Transpersonal Psychology
1069 E. Meadow Circle, Palo Alto, CA

Speaker Bio:
Dr. Ralph B. Allison is a graduate of the UCLA School of Medicine. He did his psychiatric residency at Stanford Medical Center and was board certified in psychiatry. He is a Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association. He has co-authored one published book, Minds in Many Pieces, which tells of his experience with MPD patients in Santa Cruz, CA. He has published two dozen professional papers and has presented in Mexico, Canada, England, Sweden, Germany, Philippine Islands and Japan. Dr. Allison has also presented at numerous conferences in the U.S. including the Bay Area Conference on Shamanism and Alternative Healing. He also has numerous papers and two book manuscripts available on his website (www.dissociation.com). Dr. Allison now resides at Heritage Ranch, near Paso Robles, CA.


Using Electromagnetism & Biofeedback to Teach a Science of Consciousness
By Jean Millay, Ph.D.

One of the most important purposes of education is to put all children in complete possession of their abilities and talents. To date, those abilities and talents have been defined without reference to the autonomic nervous system. However, when biological feedback (biofeedback) is introduced into the school curriculum, it brings children an understanding and control of their nervous systems before they become habituated to unhealthy stress reactions commonly experienced today in so many educational environments.

There have been decades of research on the therapeutic uses of biofeedback (also called neurofeedback). This “Medical Model” has worked successfully to alleviate many health problems, especially for those patients ensnared in old habits of stress. However, now it is time to introduce the “Self-discovery Model” to children before similar unhealthy stress reactions become habits for them as well. Consider the economic savings in healthcare if adults had learned as children to manage stress early in life, avoiding many health problems. Thus, the evolution of healthcare in the 21st Century should follow our best research, which has created the technology of energy medicine and the tools for learning self-regulation of the autonomic nervous system.

Most of us grew up to accept the social idea that “the doctor knows best.” We have learned to depend on doctors, even those who spend very little time talking to us. After only one very brief look at our chart, many automatically prescribe expensive (and often dangerous) pills. Today, we all suffer from this expensive and inefficient healthcare system because of its emphasis on an old outdated allopathic model. This system has broken down for the average family. We just can’t afford the taxpayers cost of Medicare, the personal cost of insurance, or the HMOs that dictate what a doctor can or must do. On top of that, there is the corruptive influence that the rich pharmaceutical companies exert to “buy” political benefits from Congress along with their additional influence on the hiring of FDA administrators from their own ranks for their own profit.

As an alternative, I propose that we introduce free and voluntary biofeedback into public-school science classes beginning with ten-year-olds. In a short time, these students and their parents could begin the shift of emphasis from allopathic medicine to energy medicine, saving millions of dollars in healthcare. In that way, we could bypass the corruption now firmly entrenched in the present system.

For example, only children with extreme cases of attention deficit disorder (ADD) or attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) actually need the kind of dangerous drugs currently being prescribed for them (and often over-prescribed). But for the rest, medicines that might be needed for a short time can be greatly reduced by teaching them to extend their ability to focus attention. Focus of attention is a key to intelligence and when learned early enough, neurofeedback can be instrumental in increasing the intelligence of students everywhere. Students can even find healthy ways to enhance their sports performance, eliminating the competitive attraction of unhealthy and illegal drugs.

Additionally, when children are taught that their own personal electromagnetic energies are directly related to those of the sun and the earth, they also find that we are all connected. All ten-year-olds can understand the basics and are thrilled to discover they are connected energetically to everything. This is good science, especially as we struggle with how to use energy more efficiently. Thus, learning about electromagnetism is fundamental for all of us in the 21st Century and not just for those college-bound students who may take a class in physics.
In conclusion, the “Self-discovery Model” of biofeedback demonstrates the way our bodies react directly to our own thoughts, and to other people. This information provides the power to change our reactions voluntarily as needed. With this self-control, we can also discover the innate power of our own multidimensional consciousness, which can produce a quantum leap in intellectual efficiency and emotional equilibrium.

Jean Millay, Ph.D., introduced biofeedback at Santa Rosa Community College in 1974. She used two Aquarius Electronic brainwave analyzers and a phase comparator designed and manufactured by Tim Scully, Ph.D. Together, they built the first Stereo Brainwave Biofeedback Light Sculpture to watch EEG signals, simultaneously, from both sides of the head. In 1980, she had an opportunity to try out all her biofeedback instruments in a fifth grade class. The results were excellent. Millay has collected and published many of these papers over the years. Millay has since developed an EM chart showing the relationship between the frequencies of the sun, earth and life. The chart is a meter long, with different colors for different types of frequencies so anyone can understand it. This is available on CD as part of a 60-page booklet of lesson plans for teachers.


February meeting: Come hear Arthur Hastings, Ph.D, who has directed psychomanteum research at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.

FMBR Kudos

Congratulations to our recently appointed Board members: Dawn Abel, David Allen, Amber Balk, Jerry Gin, Yevgeniy Gorodetskiy, and Tiffany Schneider. Your willingness to come forward is crucial to the future of our organization. We appreciate your enthusiasm and commitment to helping expand our vision into the next 27 years!

Many thanks to the following outgoing Board members: Bill Gough and Marion Gough. Your vision served as the steady guiding light for the organization. Thanks also to Roger Boyer for all your years of dedicated service. We’ll miss you all.

FMBR Annual Meeting Recap

FMBR held its annual meeting on November 30th. After 27 years on the board, Bill Gough, CEO, and Marion Gough, Secretary, have resigned to allow themselves time to work on cutting-edge science applications. Bill supplied a history of the organization and its successes. Edie, our new CEO, paid tribute to Bill’s accomplishments and spoke on the continued FMBR mission to bring emerging consciousness issues and talent to the organization, while maintaining emphasis on energy medicine. Greg spoke of his efforts and successes in bringing FMBR to an international audience, including collaboration with an Australia organization to investigate how symbols impact water. Tiffany spoke of an annual FMBR conference and increasing member opportunities for website interaction including: broadcasting monthly meetings, a searchable library, and wiki contributions. Dawn spoke of new FMBR services to address the needs of an emerging market including those current members who are ready to move emerging consciousness concepts to application, through focused intent and community action. The services will include futures forums and workshops to guide those who want to take part in creating our future. The workshops will include designing, developing, and planning new visionary structures for the future with opportunities to apply them locally in the community.

Holiday Shining Stars

Thanks to Valeria and John Dumitru for opening up their home and hearts for the annual FMBR XMAS party. Special thanks to Edie Fischer for organizational support, to Marion Gough and Marsha Simms for the wonderful music, and to the following volunteers who helped make it a success: Darlene Perssons, Sigrid Taylor, Mary Cummings, and Florence Haas. Happy New Year!!!

FMBR Board of Directors

Bill Gough Cofounder/CEO Emeritus
Edie Fischer CEO
Greg Yau President
Ken Morley V.P. Communications
Dawn Abel V.P. PR/Marketing
Yevgeniy Gorodetskiy Director of Operations
Amber Balk Secretary, Mtg. Coordinator
Austin Marx Treasurer
Francis Lee Audio-Visual Manager
Tiffany Schneider At-Large
Jerry Gin At-Large
David Allen At-Large

Institute of Transpersonal Psychology

Events and Meetings

Jan. 12/13: 10AM-6PM
High Stakes Transitions: The Art of
Innovation, Leadership, and Transformation
(Samadhi Classroom, Continuing Education)
Fee: $495.00 (10% discount for ITP Alumni,
Students and Staff)
For more information: 831-335-7713 (Mitch
Saunders). To register call: 650-493-4430, ext. 269.

Jan. 18: 7:30AM – 9AM
Women at the Well: Transformational Global
Leadership -- Global Vision, Global Reach
(Great Sophia Room, Global Women’s Leadership
Network) Continental breakfast ($10 contribution)
Register by email: gwln_reg@yahoo.com.

Jan. 21-28: All Day
Transpersonal Education and World Wisdom
Psychologies - Embodiment, Advancement and
Application: Presentation Retreat, Los Gatos
Registration/Information: chines@itp.edu.

Feb. 6: 5PM-6:30PM
ITP Specialization Panel
Career Resource Center and Spiritual Guidance
Dept. (Great Sophia Room)

Feb 29: 7PM-10PM
Transformation through Forgiveness: Living with
the Spirit of Ubuntu (Great Sophia Room, Circles of
Inquiry Presentation) Refreshments Served.
Tickets: General - $25, ITP Alumni - $15, and
Students - $10
To register call: 650-493-4430 ext. 269.

Smart Life Forum

Cubberly Center, Rm H–1
4000 Middlefield Road
Palo Alto, CA

January 17: Elson Haas, M.D
The Impact of Toxins on Your Health

March 20: Karl Knopf, Ed.D,
Fitness for Seniors

April 15: Stephen Strum, M.D
Related Health Issues to Prostate Diseases

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