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January FMBR Newsletter

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Remote Viewing Through Mind Dynamics
Elizabeth Rauscher, PhD
J.J. Hurtak, PhD, PhD
Desiree Hurtak, PhD

January 25, 2019
Elizabeth Rauscher, PhD
J.J. Hurtak, PhD PhD
Desiree Hurtak, PhD


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Remote Viewing Through Mind Dynamics

New advances in nonlocal mind-consciousness development and communications are introducing changes in our traditional paradigms of science. One unique development of communications has come through “remote viewing” that allows us to know the world and things around us that are beyond our five senses. In this new concept, the power of consciousness is clearly able to operate as a nonlocal perception, allowing us the ability to sense distance events or objects, as well as influence targets. According to Rauscher, nonlocality is described in complex eight space, that is, an eight-dimensional space, where time, past, present and future, and space come together in the now. More and more research is showing that our mind functions within a consciousness field that is nonlocal and may also be multidimensional. We are the observer, but in this reality, the observer can make a difference in the world around us.
Results are now overwhelmingly confirming that we are living in a quantum world with extended spacetime models. Rauscher and the Hurtaks will present their recent work both scientifically, as well as experimentally with remote viewing and the implementation of entangled quantum events involving this greater mind dynamics. Rauscher started and chaired the Fundamental Fysiks Group, at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and did experiments in remote viewing at SRI in the 1970s and Drs. Hurtak conducted research with Andrija Puharich using remote viewing on a global scale. Together they bring this research to the present and show how it also works in our daily lives.


Speakers' Bios

Elizabeth Rauscher, Ph.D.received her doctorate in physics from the University of California, Berkeley.  She is a cosmologist with an added focus on consciousness development. She was a nuclear scientist, astrophysicist and researcher at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL). She has also worked with Remote Viewing studies since the 1970s. Her main field of research includes: Nuclear and Atomic Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmological Models, Plasma Physics, Biomedical Engineering and Geophysics Monitoring and Data Analysis. Her most recent books are Mind Dynamics In Space and Time, co-authored with Drs. Hurtak and Orbiting the Moons of Pluto (World Scientific).
Her website is "http://elizabethrauscher.org/"
J. J. Hurtak, Ph.D., Ph.D. and Desiree Hurtak, Ph.D.are social scientists and have written, translated, and published numerous books. They are founders of The Academy For Future Science, an NGO (non-governmental organization) in association with the United Nations. Dr. J.J. Hurtak is the author of The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch®translated into over twenty-five languages. He is co-author of the End of Suffering with his colleague and remote viewing expert, physicist Russell Targ. Together the Hurtaks have also produced numerous films and music projects, providing an in depth look at science and the experience of consciousness development.
Their website is "https://futurescience.org"

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Judy Kitt
President FMBR


We’re excited to create a space for what’s emerging as we hold the intention to elevate the consciousness on this planet.  That is what the "Women's Voices" meetings are all about.  Our next meeting will be held on Saturday, January 26th from 2 - 5 PM.  We’ll have a discussion topic related to our interests in FMBR.

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Jerry Gin

The next Study Group will be in February, but the date has not been set.
We will put the date here, when it is set, or contact Jerry by email, later in this month.  His email is:
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January 17: 7:00 pm
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Dr. Ted Achacoso

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