A Remembrance – Jean Millay

A Remembrance - Jean Millay

Jean Millay, PhD died on August 2, 2017 in Hawaii.  She was a very special person, a leader, teacher, speaker, and friend to many.  She was an early and long explorer in all aspects of consciousness.

She spoke three times to FMBR.  In May, 2000 her topic was Connecting with a Higher Intelligence.

In April, 2011 she spoke on A 5th Fundamental Force in the Universe, which grew out of the book she edited — Radiant Minds.  The book was a compendium of research and philosophic papers by fifty-five authors from Parapsychology Research Group covering forty-four years of parapsychology research.

She last spoke to FMBR in June, 2014.  Her topic was A Spirit is Willing.  She described the multidimensional nature and the interconnectedness of The Consciousness of Life of the Whole Biosphere.  She believed that the Consciousness of Life Force is among the Fundamental Forces in the universe.  The next day she lead an FMBR experiential workshop titled Spirit Communication.


In 2008 Dr. Millay asked if FMBR would put on our website her new study guide for teachers of grades 5 through 12 on the subject Teaching Self-Discovery Science with Biofeedback and Electromagnetism.  It is quite an interesting study guide: Teaching Self-Discovery Science.

She taught parapsychology for eight years, served as president of the Parapsychology Research Group, and was an editor/contributor to Silver Threads: Twenty-five Years of Parapsychology Research. Her book Multidimensional Mind: Remote Viewing in Hyperspace focuses on her 30 years of research into psi phenomena, hypnosis, trance states, channeling, shamanism, and the EEG effects of entrainment with lights, sound, and chemistry. She and Dr. Tim Scully created the Brain-wave Biofeedback Light Sculpture — the impetus for her research on the effects of brainwave synchronization. Her movie, The Psychedelic Experience, won a film festival prize in 1965.

She will be missed.

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