Jeanne Love & Regina Ochoa, Oct 10 2017 Editorial

FMBR Editorial - Oct, 2017

On the Jeanne Love and Regina Ochoa Experience

Jerry Gin


For much of this year, the FMBR team working on the Challenger Space Shuttle project (which has resulted in the website) have vicariously experienced some of the key events of the 7 brave astronauts as they died from the explosion and their eternal spirits were resurrected. Jeanne Love channeled their resurrection first hand right from the time of the explosion. In the ensuing 2 years after the explosion, the astronauts came through Jeanne Love and Regina Ochoa many times; we can experience their lives and feelings as they evolved from the time of their death.

You will learn about information the astronauts discovered as they observed NASA and learned about government agendas. You will also learn about the profound impact of these events on the lives of Jeanne and Regina. The story is not over since the spirits of the astronauts still come through Jeanne and Regina. Being close to the story and of events which are developing, I and some of the other FMBR Board Members, have also experienced communications with the some of the astronauts and others close to them. The Friday lecture on October 27th is a rare opportunity to learn of this story first hand from Jeanne and Regina.

The explosion occurred over 30 years ago. FMBR got involved in the project about 6 months after the explosion. Bill Gough and Bob Schacklett, along with Edie Fischer, investigated the stories from the astronauts and worked to bring the stories to the public, but obstacles prevented this from happening. It may not have been the right time to bring it to the public.

In reading the transcripts, there was a key thread that the astronauts really wanted to convey: life continues after death and that life is eternal.To accomplish the astronaut's goals, in January, 2017, I assembled and digitalized each astronaut's story and we formed a team to edit and bring forth the story in its current version today on the website.

Jeanne and Regina are extraordinary psychics. When Regina was channeling Richard Scobee (Captain of the Challenger) in a message to me, I felt immense energies moving through me. I was to convey energies to another FMBR Board Member to establish communications with another of astronaut. That person felt those energies and was subsequently directly visited by that astronaut. The reason I am relating this experience is because Jeanne and Regina will have a workshop on Saturday, the 28th. The purpose of the workshop is to learn to listen to the energies all around us and hear their messages. You will be guided to connect to energies of expanded consciousness, assisting the mind to free itself to be in harmony with the mystic. The workshop will be limited to the first 25 persons and will be given a Dodecahedron crystal as we learn its sound codes.

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