Jul 2013 Newsletter

July, 2013 Newsletter

The Whole in EveryOne
The Emergence of A Commonly Sensed Consciousness

Studies at several independent laboratories over a twenty-year period have shown that the whole of humanity - as a living being - functions very much as does an individual. In an individual, millions of nerve cells have to be stimulated-together to produce a single-conscious- perception. To wake up before we "hit the wall", millions of us will need to tune in to our capacity for being Conscious - as a collective. As humanity awakens, this will eliminate poverty, pollution, disease, crime and war and create harmony. By being awake together, it is unmistakably known how "The world can live as one."


In his talk he will share what he has seen happen as participants have experienced this Oneness.

TIME: Friday, 7:30 p.m., JULY 26, 2013
PLACE: Unity Community Church – Y.E.S. Hall, 3391 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto
(doors open at 7 p.m.)

Speaker's Bio

Sperry Andrews, Sperry Andrews, B.S.F.A. has been the Executive Director of the Human Connection Project since 1990. He founded the Human Connection Institute in 1996 to further the use of experiential group consciousness for healing, community building, sports and business. Sperry has collaborated with eminent scientists and educators conducting both objective and experiential research, into the emergence of a commonly sensed consciousness.

Sperry Andrews has been facilitating groups internationally for thirty years. He is a scientist of human consciousness exploring how humankind can live in harmony. The Human Connection Project is bringing together world-class scientists, educators and media people to help shift the separative "mind-set" of humanity through a scientifically-based, social-action, media-research program.

Members get in FREE.
A $15 donation is asked of non-members at the door.
Students with ID, a $5 donation is asked.

Sperry Andrews, will lead the workshop,
New Eyes New World

The awakened awareness that mystics and sages have spoken of since the beginning of recorded history will be shared by everyone present. Participants will experience melting into a life changing experience of Oneness, feeling bliss and causeless joy, as one's whole being is liberated from the illusions of separation and limitation. By being awake together, it is unmistakably known how "The world can live as one".

Saturday, July 27th, 2013
12:30 pm - 6:30 pm
Los Altos Masonic Lodge, 146 Main St., Los Altos, CA
$60. members $70. non-members

• Los Altos Masonic Lodge, 146 Main St, Los Altos

FMBR Is on Video

There are two ways to see the FMBR meetings on video. On USTREAM and Vimeo

1. At the time of the meeting we are broadcasting live video on Ustream.tv on the web. These recordings are of our meeting speakers and some of the short topics that often introduce the meetings proper. The videos are of medium quality as far as video but good quality on the audio side. We have all the meetings starting from Jan, 2012, except for Feb, May, and Aug (Jun we had no meeting). Anyone can watch these videos.

2. As our video editor (and videographer) Kurt Bohan finishes the video of each meeting, this more polished version is put online at the video service Vimeo. To view these videos you must be a member of FMBR ( if you get the FMBR newsletter, that does not indicate that you are a member, the annual donation for membership is only $50). Each video has a different password. If you are a current member you are invited to send an email or letter to FMBR requesting a list of the videos and the password for each.

There is one video on the Vimeo service taken at a working meeting of BIOS/HeartMath sponsored by FMBR at Institute of Heartmath, Boulder Creek in the Santa Cruz mountains in Jun 2011. Here is the link to that video.

( BIOS is a project of the Chicago Center for Creative Development. There is a book Bios A Study of Creation by Hector Sabelli, with others, which develops and explores this hypothesis.)


No meetings in June, July, or August San Jose Dowsers blog, San Jose

Come to the picnic!
July 13th Picnic, Henry Cowell St. Park, 12-5

JULY 18: 7:00 pm Smart Life Forum, Palo Alto: Doug Husbands, C.C., C.N.N is the speaker.

South Bay IANDS     (check their website)


About a year ago, FMBR and its founder Bill Gough determined that it would be in the best interest of the organization to broaden its mission to encompass more than the knowledge and growth of the concept of mind-being. The broadened mission for FMBR can be stated as follows:

  • Our mission is to expand the context of scientific exploration to include our interconnectedness with each other and the universe.
  • Our purpose is to lead people to self-empowerment in order to create positive changes for themselves and the planet.
  • Our research programs will explore a more encompassing view of the nature of the universe -- one that includes both the physical and non-physical aspects.
  • Our educational programs will share this expanded world view with our membership and the community locally via the institute, and worldwide via the internet.
  • We create partnerships that foster innovative solutions for the challenges that are facing our world today.

To reflect this broader mission, the organization has adds three key areas of focus:


  • Continue with monthly lectures and workshops to maintain and grow a local community of interested individuals.
  • Present courses on the learnings from the past 30 years and on the current state of the science of consciousness, providing evidence of our connectedness and the nature of our being
  • Create study and working groups to focus on relevant areas of interest


  • Presentation of scientific research at the forefront of consciousness/mind-being and environmental sustainability.
  • Foster scientific work on leading edge areas and foster collaborative efforts/joint meetings with key principals in the scientific fields of interest.
  • Develop high standards of credibility in all research activities and publications.

Societal/Global Values

  • We foster the world view that results from the understanding of our connectedness, that we are One world and One people.
  • We are and will be stewards for the sustainability of humanity and the planet.
  • We believe in the interconnectedness of life -- our individual and collective actions affect others as well as all of nature and the planet.

As part of its mission and inherent belief in the interconnectedness of all creation, FMBR adheres to the following principles:

  • Treat others with Dignity and Decency, regardless of race, gender, or physical appearance.
  • Do no harm -- to others, to society, to the earth, and to all the inhabitants of the earth including plants and animals.
  • Foster fairness and balance in all aspects of life -- for individuals, for society, for nations, and for economies.

Donations made to the Foundation are tax deductible. The Foundation is incorporated under the laws of the State of California and operates as a non-profit scientific research organization under IRS code 509(a)2 with tax exempt status under section 501(c)3. The organization was founded in 1980 and is located in the heart of Silicon Valley, CA.

Foundation for Mind-Being Research
P.O. Box 449, Los Altos, Ca 94023-0449

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