Jul 2014 Newsletter

July, 2014 Newsletter

Sound and Consciousness

David will be discussing how you can use sound for healing and for raising consciousness -- physically (pain, organs, cells and disease), mentally (brainwave entrainment), emotionally (releasing stuck emotions and transforming negative beliefs) and spiritually (connecting to higher emotions, the frequency of your Soul, and the frequencies of Source). He will also work with some sound healing instruments and voice with meditations to get you in the zone.

TIME: Friday, 7:30 p.m., JULY 25, 2014
PLACE: Unity Community Church – Y.E.S. Hall, 3391 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto
(doors open at 7 p.m.)


Speaker's Bio

David Gibson is the founder and director of the Globe Sound and Consciousness Institute in San Francisco, offering Individual Classes and State approved Certificate and Associates Degree Programs in Sound Healing and Therapy(www.SoundHealingCenter.com). David is the author of the book, "The Complete Guide to Sound Healing"(www.CompleteGuidetoSoundHealing). He is also a top selling producer of Sound Healing music His music is in many hospitals around the country including Boston General and U.C. Medical Center. He also runs the Sound Therapy Center at the Institute (and online) offering 15 types of sound healing treatments (www.SoundTherapyCenter.com). David has produced 3 International Sound Healing Conference and is also the founder of the Sound Healing Research Association (www.GeneOM.com) researching the frequency body in order to help bring sound healing into the mainstream (homes & hospitals).

Members get in FREE.
A $15 donation is asked of non-members at the door.
Students with ID, a $5 donation is asked.

An I-ASC Workshop
Using Sound for Healing and Raising Consciousness
With David Gibson

In this workshop you will gain a full perspective on how sound affects our body, mind and psyche -- based on ancient techniques and modern science. You will also learn many techniques and skills for using sound for both healing and raising consciousness -- on yourself and on others. We will be using the voice, bowls, and music. We will also do many heart-opening meditations to get everyone in the zone and humming.

Topics covered include:

•     Laws of Resonance
•     How to find the Resonant Frequency of anything
•     The Harmonic Structure of Sound and its relationship to Nature
•     The Frequency and Pitches of the Chakras and Endocrine Glands
•     How to find your and other's own Resonant Frequency
•     Using Binaural Beats to Entrain Brainwave States
•     Using Consistent and Coherent Intention with Sound
•     The Frequencies and Timbres of Gratitude, Compassion, Love and Joy

Sunday, July 27, 2014, 10 AM to 5:30 PM
COST to Attend:
Paid FMBR members: $80.00.
Non-FMBR members: $95.00.

PLACE: Los Altos Masonic Lodge, 146 Main St., Los Altos,



Sunday, August 17, 2014, 1 PM to 5 PM
COST to Attend:
Paid FMBR members: $50.00.
Non-FMBR members: $65.00.

PLACE: Los Altos Masonic Lodge, 146 Main St., Los Altos, CA

JULY 2014
Movie Night Returns

Back by popular demand! Over the next 2 months, we will finish watching and discussing Nassim Haramein's, next is "Crossing the Event Horizon." At 7PM on Wednesday, July 23 we will view DVD 3: "From Micro to Macro -- Unifying the Field Geometry, Structure of the Vacuum, Crop circles" Please RSVP by Email toEmail Judy Kitt for address and directions.

Nassim Haramein's lifelong journey into the geometry of space-time has lead to a coherent understanding of the structure of the universe. In the "Crossing the Event Horizon" DVDs, Nassim will take you on a journey through humanity's evolution, exposing the changes necessary to produce an all-encompassing Unified Physics; a unification of not only the four forces of nature, but also evolution and the occurrence of consciousness. Demonstrating the parallels between this theory and ancient codes found in documents and monuments, Nassim weaves a tale which may prove to be one of the most important discoveries of our time. The "Crossing the Event Horizon" set documents one of Nassim's workshop symposiums and includes several DVD bonus features.


Join us at the I-ASC Summer picnic.

All members will receive an invitation.

We will enjoy a catered Taco Buffet

RSVP for directions (see your email).


The Creative Climate

By David Brooks
Reprinted from the New York Times Opinon Page.
Originally printed July 7, 2014

In the current issue of The Atlantic,  Joshua Wolf Shenk has a fascinating description  of how Paul McCartney and John Lennon created music together. McCartney was meticulous while Lennon was chaotic. McCartney emerged out of a sunny pop tradition. Lennon emerged out of an angst-ridden rebel tradition.

Lennon wrote the song "Help" while in the throes of depression. The song originally had a slow, moaning sound. McCartney suggested a lighthearted counter melody that, as Shenk writes, fundamentally changed and improved the nature of the piece.

Lennon and McCartney came from different traditions, but they had similar tastes. They brought different tendencies to the creative process but usually agreed when the mixture was right. This created the special tension in their relationship. They had a tendency to rip at each other, but each knew ultimately that he needed the other. Even just before his death, Lennon was apparently thinking of teaming up with McCartney once again.

Shenk uses the story to illustrate the myth of the lone genius, to show that many acts of genius are the products of teams or pairs, engaged in collaboration and "co-opetition." And we have all known fertile opposites who completed each other -- when they weren't trying to destroy each other.
But the Lennon-McCartney story also illustrates the key feature of creativity; it is the joining of the unlike to create harmony. Creativity rarely flows out of an act of complete originality. It is rarely a virgin birth. It is usually the clash of two value systems or traditions, which, in collision, create a transcendent third thing.

Shakespeare combined the Greek honor code (thou shalt avenge the murder of thy father) with the Christian mercy code (thou shalt not kill) to create the torn figure of Hamlet. Picasso combined the traditions of European art with the traditions of African masks. Saul Bellow combined the strictness of the Jewish conscience with the free-floating go-getter-ness of the American drive for success.
Sometimes creativity happens in pairs, duos like Lennon and McCartney who bring clashing worldviews but similar tastes. But sometimes it happens in one person, in someone who contains contradictions and who works furiously to resolve the tensions within.

When you see creative people like that, you see that they don't flee from the contradictions; they embrace dialectics and dualism. They cultivate what Roger Martin called the opposable mind -- the ability to hold two opposing ideas at the same time.

If they are religious, they seek to live among the secular. If they are intellectual, they go off into the hurly-burly of business and politics. Creative people often want to be strangers in a strange land. They want to live in dissimilar environments to maximize the creative tensions between different parts of themselves.

Today we live in a distinct sort of creative environment. People don't so much live in the contradiction between competing worldviews. We live in a period of disillusion and distrust of institutions.

This has created two reactions. Some monads withdraw back into the purity of their own subcultures. But others push themselves into the rotting institutions they want to reinvent. If you are looking for people who are going to be creative in the current climate, I'd look for people who are disillusioned with politics even as they go into it; who are disenchanted with contemporary worship, even as they join the church; who are disgusted by finance even as they work in finance. These people believe in the goals of their systems but detest how they function. They contain the anxious contradictions between disillusionment and hope.

This creative process is furthest along, I'd say, in the world of B corporations. There are many people today who are disillusioned both with the world of traditional charity and traditional capitalism. Many charities have been warmheartedly but wastefully throwing money at problems, without good management or market discipline. Capitalists have been obsessed with the short-term maximization of shareholder return without much concern for long-term prosperity or other stakeholders.

B corporations are a way to transcend the contradictions between the ineffective parts of the social sector and myopic capitalism.  Kyle Westaway, a lawyer in this field  and the author of the forthcoming "Profit & Purpose," notes that benefit corporation legal structures have been established in 22 states over the last four years. The 300 or so companies that have registered in this way, like Patagonia or Method, can't be sued if they fail to maximize profits in order to focus on other concerns. They are seeking to reinvent both capitalism and do-gooder-ism, and living in the contradiction between these traditions.

This suggests a final truth about creativity: that, in every dialectic, there is a search for creative synthesis. Or, as Albert Einstein put it, "You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created."

Transformative Practice for Relief of Migraine Headaches
Using The Bodyscapes Technique

This is a joint collaboration between I-ASC/FMBR and the Red & Orange House Foundation. The purpose of this study is to examine the effectiveness of The Bodyscapes Technique to relieve pain and improve the emotional health and overall quality of life for people who experience migraine headaches. The study will examine the effectiveness of the technique's to help participants to heal themselves by developing a practice of mindful creative self-inquiry.


My Skull Worries, Dizzy by Program Participant, a 45 year old woman living with migraines. Her poem describes the subtler feelings she uncovered regarding the disappointment filling her spirit while living with migraine pain full in her head. 'My shull where my aptitude juts out, worries. The dizzy capable of being seen, interrupts. Pulsating contractions, putting out the person commanding, not strong, not robust, easily broken. Resolute will shaking in pulsating thought." A full description of this Bodyscrapes session can be read on the Red & Orange House website. redandorangehouse.com/2014/05/04/migraine-my-skull-worries-dizzy/

Six migraine sufferers will participate in the study. They will participate in two half-day Bodyscapes sessions. Participants will be lead into the state similar to that of the artist. An expressive writing exercise will occur followed by a drawing exercise. The expressive writing exercise and the drawing exercise will be linked, both requiring the participants to retain the altered state of the artist. The goal is to achieve self healing to ease pain and access self discovery to better cope while living with migraines. At the end of the session, participants will be taught and instructed to use the self guided Bodyscapes Re-Engagement Technique to relieve pain at the early stages of a migraine should they have one over the following month.

There will be a small fee of $30 for participants which will cover the basic cost of room and art material. The study will be performed over two consecutive half days. Our proposed date is will be in the fall, date to be set later.

If you have interest in participating in the Study please send an email with your contact information addressed to:

Diane Sciarretta at redandorangehouse@gmail.com or call Diane at (561) 715-7878.
Diane's website is: www.redandorangehouse.com.

(additional material in this flyer.)



San Jose Dowsers blog, San Jose: (No meetings in June, July, & August)

JULY 17: 7:00 pm Smart Life Forum, Palo Alto: Diana Schwazbein, ND, speaking on two topics
"Metabolic Health" and "Women's Hormonal Challenges"

Foundation for Mind-Being Research
P.O. Box 449, Los Altos, Ca 94023-0449

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