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FMBR Meeting, Friday June 23
Robert Gilbert, PhD

Egyptian BioGeometry(R) and
the French Spectrum of Invisible Vibrations


Website of Robert Gilbert, PhD


FMBR 6 Day Workshop, with
Robert Gilbert, PhD
June 24 Through June 29
BioGeometry(R) Foundation Training,
the breakthrough energy science
developed by Dr. Ibrahim Karim of Cairo, Egypt.

The Foundation Training in BioGeometry(R) provides the essential skills needed to understand, detect, measure, create, transform, and practically apply to vital energies which sustain life, health, and spiritual connection.

Full BioGeometry(R) Foundation Training
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$1195 for non-FMBR members, $1095 for Paid up FMBR Members

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BioGeometry(R) Foundation Training Graduate

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FMBR Meeting, Friday, July 28
Benard Haisch, PhD

FMBR Meeting, Friday, August 25
Jerry Kroth, PhD

The Psychic Immune System:
A Hidden Epiphenomenon of the Body’s Own Defense

The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence. -Nikola Tesla