Lessons from the Journey of Life – Commencement Speech

Commencement Speech

Lessons from the Journey of Life

Jerry Gin, Ph.D.

Context:  Concluding Section Taken from Commencement Speech to the University of Arizona Honors College, May, 2014

In 2003, I went to a qi gong class and the instructor said, "Put one hand on your chest and the other around your naval and feel the energy between your hands."

I felt the invisible energy and it felt like a weight that grew as I allowed it to grow.  This is something scientists and business persons don't talk about.

This started me on a new quest to understand the nature of the energy and more about the nature of life and the universe.  I began a new course of study that led me to many observations that do not make sense to the Western mind. I did not discard data simply because it did not fit "common knowledge" or "standard thinking".  If I studied and experienced enough, perhaps I could connect the dots.

Not discarding data points because it does not neatly fit is, in fact, a key lesson point.

Examples of data points that "don't make sense":

  • In tornados -- you find reports of straw embedded in wood or brick; or wood embedded in metal.  Common sense says that is impossible, no matter how fast the wind was blowing.  So what is the explanation?
  • The research of Cleve Backster is fascinating. [1]   Cleve Backster was a pioneer in the lie detector tests.  He decided to hook up a lie detector to plants.  If he made a threat to the plant (mentally) -- e.g., burn a leaf, cut off a leaf -- the plant vigorously gave off a galvanic response.
    • Cleve could be 500 miles away -- make the threat -- and the plant would respond.
    • If life was harmed in the presence of the plant, you would get the same galvanic response; e.g., boil live brine shrimp

Thus, matter and awareness or consciousness may not be what you think.

  • If you drop lead weights on a metal plate, you will lose some weight on the metal plate.  The weight returns after a few minutes.
  • There is the Phantom DNA experiment: [1] [11] [17]   You can shine a laser light into a cuvette with DNA.  Take away the DNA and the signal for the DNA remains for up to 30 days.
  • Pass a green laser light through a salamander onto frog eggs; salamanders hatch. [17]
  • Dr. Simon Shnoll spent 40 years looking at the spread of data in chemical or enzymatic reactions and in radioactive decay. [10]
    • He found that data scatter is not random noise.   Processes are not smooth; rates speed up then slow down in peaks and valleys.  Every process studied behaved in this manner
    • The amazing observation is that oscillations measured at the same time anywhere on the globe behave the same way
    • This means every atom and molecule goes through the same hiccups at the same time
    • Oscillations have repeating patterns at intervals of  about 24 hr, 27 days, 1 year
    • Thus, time may not be what you may think.
  • In particle physics, particles wink in and out of existence [16]

Conclusion:  Time, Space, Matter, DNA -- is not what you think

To learn what is going on, I began to learn new disciplines and new fields:

  • Quantum physics -- theories of David Bohm [2]
  • Fields of subtle energy -- the work of the Russians such as Kozyrev [11]
  • Learn there are alternative ways to heal [11] [12] [13]
  • Learn about the miraculous feats of yogi practitioners [18]
  • Learn that qi gong master can prevent cancer cells from growing at 1000 miles away
  • Learn that viscosity and pH of water can be changed with intention [11] [14] [15]
  • Discover that there is "mass consciousness" with random number generators that become "non-random" when major events occur (911, Princess Diana's death) [9]

In Quantum Physics:

  • One cannot separate the observer from the experiment -- i.e., observation or consciousness "collapses the wave" or brings an event into being
  • We live in a vast sea of energy -- empty space is not empty.  Richard Feynman, John Wheeler, David Bohm -- calculate the zero point energy of empty space.  A small container of space contains enough energy to boil all the waters of all the oceans of earth. [16]   Is the zero point energy field, sometimes called the Source Field, [17] [7] the field that connects everything in the universe?
  • Physicist Nassim Harramein -- said all galaxies are centered by a black hole and are in the shape of a torus. [5]   40 Galaxies have now been discovered -- all centered by a black hole.
    • Says all atoms are also centered with a mini black hole -- the electron and proton have a torus structure composed of motion of zero point energy.


  • In quantum physics, since the observer cannot be separated from the experiment, as an extension, is physical reality connected to consciousness?
  • Thus, the study of consciousness is essential to understanding the universe [2] [5]
  • Since there is awareness in all living things (plants, as an example) and their awareness is connected to your consciousness and distance is immaterial, are we connected to all of life -- is all life connected?
    • Proven with people -- e.g., if 2 persons meditate together and then separated physically, their EEG response is similar if one is stimulated with lights and the other not stimulated. [17]
    • If you stare at someone across the street, that person will turn around to see who is staring.

The greatest levels of consciousness were those of the avatars -- our spiritual leaders -- Christ, Buddha, Krishna, yogi's, saints.  These avatars were all "enlightened".  This lead me to the study of enlightenment and meditation to gain an understanding of who we are and the nature of the universe.

Through the study of enlightenment and the meditative practice, [6] [8] [18] certain conclusions become inescapable:

  • You are connected to everyone -- you may just believe you are separate -- like a wave in an ocean -- the ocean is the connection.
  • You are not the ego -- which is the mind-chatter -- you are the observer of the chatter
  • You create your own realities through your perceptions and judgments which are the results of your opinions, positionalities

From a practical point of view, what are the key life lessons from the study of enlightenment and from meditation: [6] [18]

  • We live in a world of relationships -- with parents, boyfriends, girlfriends, spouses, employers, peers, etc.
    • Refrain from judgments based on your perceptions which are derived from your opinions and positionalites.  When you do, you are creating that reality for yourself.
  • Next time you are angry or upset, look at the reason "why" -- it is usually because of a judgment you are making based on opinions and positions you have taken which has been shaped by news media, peers, family, schools, etc.  Different environments would produce different opinions and positions. As you are making your judgments, you are creating your reality.
  • Same problem on global scale -- whether it be problems of race, religion, geography, language -- we should not create our realities based on judgment from opinions and positions which shape perceptions.
  • We are all connected and not separate, as we might believe. Thus, choose Love compassion and forgiveness
  • To find true happiness, look within -- it is not dependent on someone or something (material things) "making" you happy
  • You create your world in which you are happy or unhappy
  • Live in the present moment -- do not live in the past.  The past is gone and if you are holding angry or unhappy memories, you are reliving it and it does you no good.  Forgive it and resume your life in the present

And this brings me to the present moment and time to say, "Thank you" for listening to me.


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