Mar 2011 Newsletter

March, 2011 Newsletter

The World of Science,
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Memoirs of a Dissident Scientist is one scientist's reflection on a successful sixty-year career. Professor Sturrock has trod an unusual path, combining a variety of innovative research in mainstream science with another variety of studies well outside the mainstream. Although most scientists look with a jaundiced eye on topics such as parapsychology and UFO research, he views them simply as more grist for the scientific mill, regarding topics outside the mainstream as major challenges rather than minor annoyances best swept under the rug.

A Tale of Two Sciences has three sections: the first reviews the author's conventional research. The second reviews his unconventional research. The third presents his speculations on how these two presently distinct ventures might be reconciled, to their mutual advantage. With a clear and simple style - and occasional humor - Sturrock presents both scientists and nonscientists with a refreshingly open and unprejudiced perspective on science. He shows that scientific thinking can be applied to a wide range of topics - unconventional as well as conventional - and even to topics that are normally considered beyond the purview of science, such as the Shakespeare authorship question. (

TIME: Friday, 7:30 PM, Doors open at 7:00 PM MARCH 25, 2011
PLACE: Unity Community Church – Y.E.S. Hall, 3391 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto



Peter A. Sturrock, Emeritus Professor of Applied Physics at Stanford University, has made notable contributions to several fields of science, for which he has received a number of awards. He was the founding president of the Society for Scientific Exploration. His most recent books are The UFO Enigma and A Tale of Two Sciences - Memoirs of a Dissident Scientist. He is currently writing a book on the Shakespeare Authorship Question.

A $15 donation is asked of non-members, at the door
Students with ID, a $5 donation is asked

Wellness and Consciousness

Jerry Gin

At the recent Wellness Festival in which FMBR participated, the health of the body, especially via proper nutrition, was the key focus. In describing FMBR at the Festival, I endeavored to present a larger definition of wellness, one that must encompass the balance of mind, heart and spirit as crucial to wellness. As a means of explaining the balance of heart, mind and spirit, one can use the terms consciousness and bringing consciousness to a higher level. This concept stems from David Hawkins' definition of levels of consciousness using a logarithmic scale. According to his scale, the emotions of anger and fear are below 200, beginnings of enlightenment are at 500 and the avatars of spirituality (Christ, Buddha, Krishna, others) are at 1000 (see Power vs Force, Eye and I). But then, what does a higher level of consciousness mean and why is it relevant to the wellness of the individual, the society and the planet?

Some of the aspects of what I would call a higher consciousness include the following:

Understanding the connectedness of all beings (in The Way of Mastery, by Jeshua ben Joseph, we are each a wave, but underlying us is the ocean);

Understanding that Love is our basis and the glue;

Understanding that compassion, forgiveness and lack of judgment is the foundation.

Being consciously aware and moving up the scale of consciousness results in greater happiness and wellness.

Since each aspect of consciousness is a treatise unto itself, let's expand on just the last point: compassion, forgiveness, lack of judgment. At the heart of this point is the ego. The ego tends to take positions and make perceptions. Of necessity, everyone has an ego so there are lots of different positions and perceptions. As a consequence, we make judgments and we tend to take actions on those judgments. When not offset by a sufficiently high level of consciousness, problems arise. On a political, global basis, this results in wars and intolerance. On a personal basis, this results in anger, resentment, broken relationships. The anger and resentment are consequences of the ego's judgment; if the ego takes another view, that judgment goes away along with the anger. The answer is very simple but very difficult to implement - don't let the ego take control, don't make judgments, and live in a state of compassion, forgiveness and Love.

On a personal basis, if one truly forgives all the perceived "wrongs" that have been done (which are merely a result of one's judgment), one can then release resentfulness and anger, allowing the body and mind to naturally start to heal. This would increase one's state of health and happiness. Thus, increasing the level of consciousness is the road to wellness of the individual, and, when extrapolated, is the road to wellness for society and the planet.

In addition, wellness and consciousness are inextricably linked to spirituality. Owen Waters, in Spirituality Made Simple, describes the 12 stages of the progression of human consciousness, with the first 6 stages being the Material Tier and the second 6 stages being the Spiritual Tier. In this view, wellness similarly progresses as one moves through the stages of consciousness development.

In the Material Tier, the stages are:

  1. Survival: Maintaining physical existence;
  2. Tribal: Gathering into groups for protection;
  3. Courage: Adventure and exploration;
  4. Conformity: Creating order out of chaos through hierarchical control;
  5. Intellect: Basic mental development and physical science;
  6. Community: The initial stages of heart-centered consciousness - putting the greater good above the self.

In the Spiritual Tier, the stages are:

  1. Love: The later stage of heart-centered consciousness; the first step in spiritual consciousness; awareness that you are a spiritual being;
  2. Inspiration: Intuitive reason; attunement with age-old wisdom and unconditional joy of your soul;
  3. Creativity: Development of a greater ability to create powerful new realities; higher mental development;
  4. Enlightenment: The goal of spiritual seekers; direct access to the secrets of the universe;
  5. Angelic: The realm of angels and avatars;
  6. Cosmic: Cosmic consciousness; the peak state of human experience.

In these latter stages, the concept of wellness has evolved to another level, with the realization that one is not the body, that one is an eternal aspect of the Absolute and is fully responsible for creating their own reality.

Jerry Gin, Chairman FMBR

Wellness Festival Report, By Jerry Gin, PhD

The organizers of the second annual Wellness Festival invited FBMR to participate as a group interested in fostering wellness. The festival occurred on January 30th, and it was a good chance to see all the types of organizations that foster wellness from different perspectives. As Chairman of FMBR, I spoke on wellness from the perspective of creating and maintaining the balance of the heart, mind and spirit. Smart Life Forum Program Director Mike Korek (also FMBR member) described their monthly lectures which bring leading experts to talk about a myriad of subjects that contribute to wellness.

There were two keynote speakers who focused on wellness. Prof. Adiel Tel-Oren, MD, whose talk was titled "Should Food Really Be Your Medicine?" stressed that in addition to focusing on proper nutrition in the foods we eat, we should also recognize that there are other underlying causes of wellness problems such as toxins, metabolic disorders, etc. John Robbins' talk was titled "The New Good Life". He spoke about being ecologically mindful about the foods we eat and where they come from.


The other organizations that participated were: The Table of Life Meetup, HumVeganity Meetup, Project Wellbeing, SBay Raw Food Meetup, Int'l Association of Cancer Victors & Friends, The East Bay Eco Health Network, Peninsula Wellness Group Meetup, SF Bay Area Boot Camp Meetup, Holistic Moms Network, The Ecopolitan Network, Wellness Cuisine Chefs, The Happy Omega-3 Meetup. In addition to the talks, there were exhibitors/vendors providing services or products to promote wellness.



Title: Metamorphosis--A Multimedia Presentation 

Sims (1)

Marsha Sims joined FMBR in 1992. She has an extensive background in music, education, graphic and multimedia design, editing, publication production, photography, and administration. She has worked in administration for many large companies, including the California Institute for Physics and Astrophysics, the Optical Sciences Laboratory at Lockheed Martin, and the NASA-Stanford-Lockheed Gravity Probe B Experiment.

Marsha currently teaches piano, voice and guitar. She is a semi-professional songwriter and is president of Una Aria Music (BMI) listed as a music publisher in the Billboard Buyer's Guide. Currently Marsha is excited to be performing the lead role in Carmen by Georges Bizet, at the Bay Terrace Theater in Vallejo. In addition, she has a Fine Art Photography Show of magical and spiritual nature moments from the sacred Monument Valley, AZ/UT, and California. This show goes through the end of March at the Lift Fitness Center in Mountain View.

Marcia shares her work in photography, graphic arts, opera singing, music, performing arts, theater and songwriting as her expression of love and beauty. She feels that it is important to share the positive gifts that each of us has to make the world a richer place. She likes FMBR because of the chance to interface with the creative members who think outside of the box on topics such as spirituality, science, healing, psychic experiences, etc. "The lectures and workshops are great fun!" Visit her at


MARCH 17: Smart Life Forum:Brian Peskin speaks on Fish Oils.

MARCH 27: 7:30 pm RAHM: Metaphysical Exploration Group,Novato:
PK Spoon-bending party with FMBR's own Tiffany Schneider, PhD!

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The Foundation was established in 1980 to assist in the evolution of consciousness studies and to help bring this new field into wider recognition as a bona fide science. The interdisciplinary nature of the field is reflected in the activities of the organization and in the breadth of interests of its members who currently represent areas of engineering, science, medicine, the humanities, and the arts.

With its major focus on facilitating the development of an integrated model of consciousness, the Foundation provides encouragement and resources to a rather unique group of creative researchers and scientists with the objective of betterment of the individual, the society, and the environment.

Because of the special nature of scientific inquiry in this area, the Foundation is interested in building its regular membership with competent individuals who:

  • are open to a multidisciplinary approach to knowledge
  • recognize they are an integral part of any experiment in which they choose to participate
  • know and are prepared to expand their own level of consciousness

The intention is to develop high standards of credibility in all research activities and publications.

Donations made to the Foundation are tax deductible.

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