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March, 2012 Newsletter



Through his years of energy practice and cultivation, Qigong master Ji Xing Li has developed the theory of multi-dimensional unified universal energy. This theory is based on a philosophy which breaks through the limitation of three-dimensional logical thinking. It suggests that by utilizing the living energy system of nature and the universe, combined with his method of high-performance energy exercises, we can achieve longevity and rejuvenation and can also improve our brain and body functions.

Through his years of energy practice and cultivation, Qigong master Ji Xing Li has developed the theory of multi-dimensional unified universal energy. This theory is based on a philosophy which breaks through the limitation of three-dimensional logical thinking. It suggests that by utilizing the living energy system of nature and the universe, combined with his method of high-performance energy exercises, we can achieve longevity and rejuvenation and can also improve our brain and body functions.

TIME: Friday, 7:00 p.m., MARCH 23, 2012
PLACE: Unity Community Church – Y.E.S. Hall, 3391 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto
(doors open at 7 p.m.)

Qigong Master Jixing Li, born in China, has participated in several university research programs to further advance the understanding of human subtle energy and the role of consciousness in healing. He collaborated with scientists from major universities in the U.S. and Japan's Agency of Science and Technology to document the effect of energy healing on illnesses including cancer. During his years of practice, Li successfully helped patients with serious illnesses such as cancer, heart problems and nervous system disorders (

A $15 donation is asked of non-members, at the door
Students with ID, a $5 donation is asked


Qigong Master Jixing Li

Saturday, March 31
10:00 am - 12:00 noon, 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Cuesta Park: 615 Cuesta Drive, Mountain View

Nature is not a lifeless thing; rather, it is a living energy system operating on a higher level. The human body is an advanced living biological computer, born with enormous potential. In this workshop, Master Li will explain why we become ill and what "Energy Medicine" is. And through his unique energy exercises, Master Li will teach how to activate the functions of this biological computer and connect with the energies of Nature.

Follow Your Heart, It Is Smarter Than You Think

Recently, Neurophysicists have been astonished to discover that the Heart is more an organ of intelligence, than (merely) the bodies' main pumping station. More than half of the Heart is actually composed of neurons of the very same nature as those that make up the cerebral system. Joseph Chilton-Pearce, author of The Biology of Transcendence, calls it "the major biological apparatus within us and the seat of our greatest intelligence."

Follow Your Heart, The Seat of Our Greatest Intelligence.

The heart is also the first organ that is being formed in the womb. The rest comes later.


The Heart's electromagnetic frequency arcs out from the Heart and back in the form of a torus field. The axis of this Heart torus extends from the pelvic floor to the top of the skull, and the whole field is holographic, meaning that information about it can be read from each and every point in the torus.

The Heart's torus electromagnetic field is not the only source that emits this type of electromagnetic field. Every atom emits the same torus field. The Earth is also at the center of a torus, so is the solar system and even our galaxy...and all are holographic. Scientists believe there is a good possibility that there is only one universal torus encompassing an infinite number of interacting, holographic tori within its spectrum. Because electromagnetic torus fields are holographic, it is more than likely that the sum total of our Universe is present within the frequency spectrum of a single torus.

This means that each one of us is connected to the entire Universe and as such, can access all the information within it at any given moment. When we get quiet and access what we hold in our Hearts, we are literally connecting to the limitless supply and Wisdom of the Universe, thereby enabling what we perceive as "miracles" to enter into our lives.

When we disconnect and shut down the Heart's innate wisdom of Love-based thinking, the ego-based intellect takes over and operates independently of the Heart, and we revert to a survival mentality based on fear, greed, power, and control. In this way, we come to believe that we are separate, our perception of life shifts into one of limitation and scarcity, and one in which we must fight in order to survive. This amazing organ, that we often time ignore, neglect and build walls around, is where we can find our strength, our faith, our courage and our compassion, enabling our higher emotional intelligence that can, if we allow it, guide us through our lives.

We switch the gears out of the fear-based mental state that we have been taught to believe in, and move into Heart Centered living. For this transformation to take place, meditate, "go into your Heart" and access the inner wisdom of the Universe. As each one of us begins this quiet revolution of living from the Heart, we will begin to see it reflected in our lives and in our World. This is how each one of us will create change in the world, create Peace, create Harmony and Balance, and in this way, will we all create the New World Paradigm of Heaven on Earth.

Rebecca Cherry is the Founder of Tickled Pink productions, a symbiotic and multi-disciplined platform of Integrated Energetics and creative projects. She is an author, designer, psychic and workshop leader focusing on the re-emergence of the Divine Feminine. Rebecca lives in Tuscany, Italy.

What We Are Reading

The Shift: The Revolution in Human Consciousness
by Owen Waters

The Shift is a wonderful explanation of the mass awakening/collective transformation of humanity into a new stage of consciousness— one that opens up a wider vista of awareness that springs from the heart.


Owen Waters is a master at explaining The Shift in a very simple, yet encompassing manner. He explains that, in the 1960s, just one in fifty adults had reached this new stage of consciousness; today, the number is one in four people in the United States and Europe. The new, more aware humans are called the "Cultural Creatives" and many do not yet realize the tremendous numbers of people who are at this stage of awareness. The consciousness revolution is transforming our perception of the nature of the universe. The "Hundredth Monkey Effect" is part of The Shift -- meaning that as more people make The Shift, the new consciousness becomes embedded in the collective consciousness so that momentum builds to create The Shift in humanity as a whole.

Owen presents the concept of "memes", derived from the earlier work of Claire Graves, Don Beck and Christopher Cowan in Spiral Dynamics. Memes are "social equivalent of genes, cultural units of information which self-replicate from mind to mind on a vast scale, appearing within society as new trends of thought." There are nine meme levels, reflecting the development of society from primitive beginnings to the present.

The first six memes include the evolution from basic personal survival to clans; then to courage, to finding order and purpose in life, to achievement, and finally to community and caring. The Shift in consciousness is described by the appearance of a second tier of memes which include evolving from responsible freedom to intuitive development and global views, to the new ninth meme which explores the use of the mind to transform reality for the better. Memes 10, 11 and 12 involve secrets of the universe, globally applied wisdom and cosmic consciousness.

The memes are linked to the human energy system, which, in turn, are linked to the chakras. We normally think of the 7 chakras; however, if there is symmetry within this the memetic system, then there should be 12 chakras. This line of reasoning led to the discovery of 12 chakras which are elegantly described in the book. These are, in turn, related to the 12 keys of the musical octave (rather than the standard described 7 keys).

As we move into the second tier of memes, we step into a new reality -- Owen Waters describes the 12 principles for the new reality. The book concludes with The Ultimate Meditation, which is at the heart of who we really are and which, I believe, will contribute to the energy of the mass awakening we are collectively undergoing now.
Owen Waters website can be found at

Reviewed by Jerry Gin

Member Profile -- Edward Carrion


Edward Carrion was born to a highly psychic mother and demonstrated his own psychic abilities at a very young age. In his adult life, he worked in law enforcement and social work before devoting himself fully to his psychic work. Edward believes in the act of loving, which he describes as the act of gently bringing someone back to themselves. He loves others through his readings so they may clearly see their purposes and paths in their life and make choices for their highest possible good from a grounded and centered place. In addition to being a regular reader at East West Books in Mountain View, Edward is producing and hosting a student-run weekly TV program, called "Exploring the Paranormal with host Edward Carrion" at Chabot College in Hayward. Edward has been coming to FMBR meetings for many years. He enjoys the diversity of topics presented at FMBR meetings and the great community of like-minded souls he meets there.
His website can be found at



MARCH 10: 1:30 pm San Jose Dowsers blog, San Jose: Come learn about Psychic Protection with Wayne Hoff.

MARCH 15: 7:00 pm Smart Life Forum, Palo Alto: Tsu Tsair Chi, PhD speaks on "Estrogen Management to Prevent Cancer"

MARCH 15: 7:00 pm RAHM: Metaphysical Exploration Group, Novato: (check their website)


The Foundation was established in 1980 to assist in the evolution of consciousness studies and to help bring this new field into wider recognition as a bona fide science. The interdisciplinary nature of the field is reflected in the activities of the organization and in the breadth of interests of its members who currently represent areas of engineering, science, medicine, the humanities, and the arts.

With its major focus on facilitating the development of an integrated model of consciousness, the Foundation provides encouragement and resources to a rather unique group of creative researchers and scientists with the objective of betterment of the individual, the society, and the environment.

Because of the special nature of scientific inquiry in this area, the Foundation is interested in building its regular membership with competent individuals who:

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