May 2011 Newsletter

May, 2011 Newsletter

Quantum Stoke -- the Ecstasy of Existence


Our world is at a crossroads. The way we have viewed the world for centuries, is no longer working in many crucial ways. From the Gulf oil disaster to the global financial meltdown, our future depends upon a new vision that is emerging from modern science and spirituality. Quantum Sense -- The New Common Sense is a look at how learning about The Story of the Universe -- our epic 13.7 billion year journey together -- has vital keys to the solutions for our most challenging issues. Author Herby Bell explores our common origin story as a unifying and compassion- ate way forward, toward a better world and bright future. Be STOKED about living in this exciting and pivotal time in the evolution of our Universe. Infused with great music, this avant-garde presentation is an invigorating journey into our 13.7 billion years of existence. Tantalizing and thought provoking, come discover just how connected we all are.


Dr. Herby Bell, a practicing chiropractor and Life/Health Coach, has practiced mind-body-spirit fitness for over 30 years. He is an award win- ning speaker and author of the book, Quantum Sense: The New Common Sense -- a look at how our world views shape and predict our futures.


Michael Ruggles is a retired Doctor of Chiropractic who maintains a practice in alchemical life transformation, consciousness technology and sacred healing. He has authored the book Quantum Conversation: How Thoughts, Feelings and Beliefs Shape and Create Your Reality.

Here is a YouTube ( introduction to "Quantum Sense" done by Dr Bell, and a second one (

TIME: Friday, 7:30 p.m., May 27, 2011
PLACE: Unity Community Church – Y.E.S. Hall, 3391 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto
(doors open at 7 p.m.)
A $15 donation is asked of non-members, at the door
Students with ID, a $5 donation is asked



Title: Metamorphosis--A Multimedia Presentation


This time on Earth is unlike any other. The old world is dying and a new world is being born. It can be so easy to feel overwhelmed with all the turmoil occurring around us. Sacred geometry, however, can help us navigate our way through the precarious seas. Sacred geometry is the ancient art, science and philosophy of space and proportion. It addresses the laws of creation and the inner workings of nature. It has been used by civilizations around the world for thousands of years as a way of connecting with the harmony of Universal Order. Sacred geometry reveals a world of profound order and sublime beauty. It can be comforting to experience unchanging principles in an ever-changing world. It can help us align with the forces of nature so we can move in harmony with the changes rather than be overwhelmed by them. The presentation includes a new feature involving the interplay of radiant and reflective color that causes static mandalas to spring to life and go through amazing metamorphic transformations before your very eyes.


Jonathan Quintin/ Artist and Cosmologist

Jonathan Quintin was born and raised in provincial New Zealand. From an early age he was attracted to the teachings of ancient wisdom and the beauty and order of nature. He left home at an early age and worked at marine radio stations around New Zealand before venturing overseas at the age of 21. That marked the beginning of his many years of extensive travels around the world - with a particular interest in ancient civilizations. His radio qualifications enabled him to find employment on ships and oil rigs in the North Sea and with the United Nations in the Middle East.

For the past 24 years he has pursued a course of comprehensive study and artistic expression of sacred geometry. The fundamental premise of his work is that at every level of existence - from the microcosm to the macrocosm - the same key patterns bring all things into manifestation.

Jonathan's quest as an artist is to provide various modalities that help attune human consciousness to the harmony of universal order. He shows how the shapes, patterns and forms of sacred geometry are harmonic keys that can help open us to states of higher consciousness.

On Transformation

There is much talk about a global transformation which is either happening or is within the near future. Yet exactly what is coming is unknown. There are speculations, predictions, channelings, some evidence, but exactly what is happening is beyond those who talk about it as it may affect the entire planet and all of humanity. And if this is true, and humanity is close to a transformation, be it spiritual, conscious or evolutionary we are living in an interesting time.

From my experience and from experience of others who have walked down a similar path, a life transforming event is usually a difficult one with few exceptions. It may seem completely impossible during the time it is occurring. And there has been no indication that this time may be any different. There may be a very difficult, critical time for all of us when a choice and a certain maturity may be required.

A human being consists of many layers of existence; many folds of the psyche; many wonderful gifts. But without being developed, being unused since childhood, they are buried under our ego, conceit, stupidity and self-lies. This not only affects our life and our health but also affects our capabilities. If a time is near when the use of these natural aspects of ourselves will be required for our survival, I would feel distressed if I was telling people about predictions of a future period or event, but not sharing with them what they may need to be ready to pass through such a transition.

Near death experiences show that when a body is "brain dead", the person who is later revived can vividly describe the events and scenes when the person was brain dead. Distance healing again demonstrates that we are not limited by space. If we are not just a "body", who are we? Spirituality tells us that we are part of the Absolute and have a consciousness beyond the body. Being part of the Absolute, we also have the ability to create.

Owen Waters, in "Spirituality Made Simple," gives us a similar equation for creation. According to Owens:

The Universal Law of Creation

Creation = Thought + Feeling + Motion

Per Owen, "The only tool at the disposal of the Creator in making the universe was consciousness. Therefore, everything in the universe consists of consciousness – people, rocks, plants and planets – and, because they consist of consciousness, they all have some degree of awareness. Creation was made possible when the Creator divided its consciousness into two complementary aspects – thought and feeling. It then intertwined these aspects and set them into motion in ways that was needed to develop life as we know it. The universe, you, and everything around you consist of 100% consciousness. Life is but a dream, and each one of us is here to change the dream in our own unique way. Recreate your dream to realize all of your potential using the Universal Law of Creation."

Caroline Cory, Deborah Sorkins, and Owen Waters describe very radical ways of viewing reality and creation, as viewed by a "normal" Western mind with the viewpoint of "cause and effect" Newtonian science. However, if we take into account the evidence from many of the top scientists and researchers of today, of whom only a few are mentioned in this writing, then it becomes evident that we are creators.

Part: 1

We are Creators of Reality by Inherent Design

Part 1: Creating From a Blank Slate.

You are a Magnificent, Powerful, Complex Creation,
With infinite potentiality, Self-directing and Self-sustaining.
The film Validation is a short fable film by Kurt Kuenne; it is demonstrative of the power of words, presence, and the ability to change a reality. It is also a wonderful visual example of the "Creative Process" and the "Elements" required to bring matter into form.

                          Your Thoughts, Every Thought has the Potentiality to Manifest into Form.
Energy modulated by thought, word, deed or action is a dynamic exchange of information.

Resonance provides the mechanism for this dynamic exchange.
Very Simply stated ... "What you put out ... Is what you get back" ...

Why not make Your Experience a directive preference? 

I have mentioned the segment coming up in the Aliquots of Enlightenment series called "The Creative Process": Let us now begin to break it down.

So in true Fast Track Style:

The Creative Process: Bare Basics
There is no magic nor mystery to this process, you engage it in every moment and in every experience. The piece you need to remember is: 

How to do it Consciously.
It is through the conscious awareness and knowledge of Fundamental Physical Laws and Universal Principles that we can begin to understand and thus direct the creative process.
Thought or Mind Energy or Consciousness is directed with specific and focused intent utilizing a unique specific formula, frequency and timing sequenceAs this intended thought finds its vibrational match it will manifest in alignment with the absolute value of that formula.

There are many versions of this Formula. The one cited in example here is described by: The Visible and Invisible Worlds of God byCaroline Cory (Copyright 2004 I Universe Books)

Creation = Intent/Thought + Desire + Belief + Surrender is described in a formulated sequence. 
My experience of this Formulation is as follows and I will direct my intent now to describe this in Words.

All elements of this formula are very specific in terms of a vibrational/mathematical/timing sequence which will derive a specific inception point, thereby, allowing the manifestation of that asking in accordance with its absolute value.

I will elaborate a bit more in detail the sub-components of Intent; As I utilize the formula in my experience.

INTENT: is to include:
1) The alignment I desire. (To whom/where am I directing this request)?
2) It is formulated to be specific but allows for infinite potentiality.
3) It states Purpose: Who and what does this creation serve? Does it serve the highest and purest potential for myself and others? Understanding that Every Thing and All Things are interconnected,  as you create, it's impact and effects are felt as a whole.

DESIRE: is the formula Element that evokes an emotion or "intensity". I have previously stated that Emotion is a powerful programming tool and a critical element.

BELIEF: Here we ask: Do we really believe that we can manifest this creation? This is a bit tricky, requires some real introspection, and clearing work to be done first.

The Blank Slate: is a Conscious Creation or Co-creation from a state of no pre-conceived or pre-programmed belief sets.  The ability to perceive from a neutral state and then to "in the moment or desired experience" to Consciously assign it meaning: thus evoking an emotion (frequency/ vibration) as an "intensifying" programming tool.

Our perceptions of reality are based on our beliefs. When we Believe something to be true we assign it emotion, a very powerful programming tool which then reinforces the perception/belief cycle.

SURRENDER: Uncondition-ality
This element requires you to completely release the outcome. That means you must release control of: How it will occur, if it will occur, when it will occur or any version of that.
You must resolve or dissolve into the Knowing, that it will show up in some way or in some form at some time, that is most aligned with your asking. Ahhh ... And that's where the fun comes in!  Additionally, I will add, to recognize that manifested creation requires in-the-present-moment awareness.

So now let's examine the Film Short: "Validation", in terms of the Creative Formula and of course viewed from my perspective and from my experience. Because all perceptions are derived from one's individual experience.

INTENT:  The intent was present and clear. He was serving himself and others bringing them to a higher vibratory state of joy and thus, offering them a higher state of awareness and consciousness. Energy is a dynamic exchange and so his expansion was being served as well.

DESIRE: There seemed no lacking there. He feels to be passionate, present and engaged. He sits endlessly in a basement garage giving momentum to his creation. I would rather be on a beach, but it's his creation.

BELIEF: On first pass one would say ... Hmm ... Yes, look at his success. He believes in what he created without limitations, that is, until he is not able to reproduce the same desired effect in one person. He then becomes desperate, despondent, seeking and questioning in his ability. His Belief falters ... or did he really have that element to begin with?

SURRENDER: This came as a process for him. As we see in the film it was not until he released the Condition-ality of his Intent and gave up the seeking or the controlling of the outcome, that he was truly able to manifest all of his heart's desires. In this release, in this uncondition-ality or this surrender, the highest and purest potential of manifestation aligned for his asking, was manifested in a seemingly serendipitous way.

The whole Creative Process need not be complicated if directed with fundamental understanding and conscious Intent.

It is a Choice.

We are Creators by Inherent Design:
Isn't it time NOW for us to learn HOW to consciously create our Reality?
Till Next time:  We Are Creators by Inherent Design Part II

Till Next time:  We Are Creators by Inherent Design Part II

D. Sorkin MD

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