Medical Intuition and Energy Medicine | Feb 2012

FMBR Editorial: Feb, 2012

Medical Intuition and Energy Medicine
From Ancient Spiritual Traditions to
Modern Scientific Breakthroughs

Dr.Liliana Cerepnalkoski

Medical Intuition and Energy Medicine are emergent disciplines derived from ancient spiritual traditions. Today, these subjects are being rediscovered and researched using western scientific methodology.

Intuition is a sixth sense, an innate ability we all posses but have been discouraged from using. We often ignore, dismiss or rationalize intuition and rely on the rational mind. There are more ways of knowing beyond our five physical senses and our technology. The mysteries of existence, consciousness, and the Universe are immense. The more we know, the more there is to know.

Intuition is not a gift, but a skill. Just like everybody can learn how to play the piano or play tennis up to a certain level, everybody can learn to use intuition. Training, study, practice, innate ability and talent create a good medical intuitive, just like they create a concert pianist or a tennis champion.

Intuition includes clairvoyance (seeing, without the physical eyes),clairaudience (hearing, without the physical ears), clairsentience(kinesthesia, feeling with the body), and claircognizance (direct knowing, not based on the logical mind.) All forms provide access to the non-physical worlds and non-physical guidance.

When we discover the real causes of the illness using intuition, we can cultivate health and well-being. We habitually expend more time and energy fulfilling the ego's (the "image" created about us) agenda while the incarnational purpose of the soul is ignored. This leads to imbalances in the energetic system which may eventually manifest as physical or mental illness, emotional disharmony, difficult relationships or radical disconnection from the self, others, the Earth and the Universe.

In addition to assessing the Human Energy System (chakras, aura), organs and systems, the medical intuitive observes the mental, emotional, and spiritual origins of a medical condition. Before anything manifests in physical reality, it first appears as an energetic template. Eliminating the energetic root of illness (through energy work, life-style changes, and spiritual transformation) promotes healing and may prevent further reoccurrences or complications. If a physical condition has already manifested, working at an energetic level (integrated with conventional medical care) promotes healing at many levels of being and is potentially curative and transformative.

Energy Medicine incorporates a variety of techniques from around the world, but the principles are the same. First the chakras, aura, organs and systems are cleansed through extraction of negative energies. Next, an "energy make-over" achieved by restructuring and recharging creates a new configuration for optimal flow of Life Force (called "chi","ki," "chai" or "prana" in various traditions).

Medical intuitive and energetic medicine techniques are non-local. They can be used with equal accuracy and effectiveness in person or long-distance -- geographical location is unimportant. I need only the first name of a person to instantly access their energy system, even if they are located on the other side of the world.

Exercise care when selecting a medical intuitive or energy healer. People often take more time choosing a hairdresser than choosing a doctor, surgeon, energy healer or massage therapist -- all of whom can influence us profoundly on an energetic level. There are many popular misconceptions about working with intuition and energies. Training, study, practice, ethics and purity of intention are attributes to look for in a medical intuitive or energy healer.

In the past, the training of clairvoyants and healers was initiatory, achieved through oral transmission from a master to a student, who was personally selected, tested for aptitude and ethical conduct, and trained intensively for several years. Currently, the primary criterion for such training is the ability to write a check, so the level of students' aptitude, motivation, and intention greatly varies.

Many people think that after a weekend course they are now shamans, mediums, healers, channels, or intuitives. There is a misconception that energies are self-adjusting, that they do not require any technique and that you cannot do any harm by working with them. Some people know just enough to be dangerous. As the business of spirituality grows, the quality of the teachers and training methods need to be carefully examined before investing time and money. Ultimately, a good teacher is only a guide, directing us to the answers inside ourselves. Nobody should give their power away to teachers or gurus.

Developing and applying energy management skills is vitally important for health maintenance, harmonious relationships, spiritual development, personal transformation and ultimately world peace and a new paradigm. Staying awake, self-observant, in the present moment, and accepting radical responsibility for all that we create in our lives is the sign of an evolving human, capable of serving humanity.

We are energy-consciousness! Modern physics confirms what the spiritual traditions of the world told us for millennia. We are all One, part of the Unified Field of Consciousness which quantum physics now calls God. As we heal individually, we collectively raise the vibration of the Unified Field for the benefit of all humanity.

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