My Experience with BodyTalk | Nov 2013

FMBR Editorial: Nov, 2013

My Experience with BodyTalk

Jerry Gin

I first met Dr. Laura Stuve when I attended the basic course for BioGeometry which she organized for the advanced training of BodyTalk practitioners. Knowing nothing about BodyTalk, I wondered how it could possibly use BioGeometry. Being a student of healing modalities, when I heard about a course that Laura was teaching on BodyTalk, I knew that I had to learn about it too. I also wondered why a Ph.D. Molecular Geneticist would forsake her career path to become a "healer" using BodyTalk.

At FMBR, we have learned that we are much more than intelligent animals and that our consciousness, co-creativity and intentions play a vital role as to who we really are. As we suffer through our physical and emotional problems, our conscious mind is often not aware of the underlying causes of the problems. Once a person becomes "conscious" of the cause of the problem, the mind can commence the healing process.

Through the BodyTalk protocol, the practitioner and subject are able to make a diagnosis as to the underlying problems, bring them into conscious awareness and, working with the subject, then take the necessary steps for a correction of the problems. If one is already a healer, they can incorporate the healing modalities which they commonly use, and do so with greater accuracy.

The BodyTalk protocol involves our favorite topic at FMBR -- consciousness. The practitioner truly becomes "connected" with the subject in order to do the diagnosis; literally, the Body Talks to the practitioner. I found it very interesting that once the diagnosis is known, a multitude of healing methods can also be used, including use of epigenetics -- i.e., rewiring the messages from our DNA to promote healing.

Being a Ph.D. Biochemist who had also specialized in nucleic acids (building blocks of DNA/RNA), I found this very intriguing. The connection with BioGeometry is that BodyTalk can also be used to choose the right BioSignature or other tools for healing.  Thus, BodyTalk offers an amazing way to achieve diagnosis and healing.

As a part time healer, I can apply "techniques" such as quantum touch, Reiki, energy healing, qi, etc., but I often found that a key obstacle was in obtaining a true assessment of the cause of the problem. Causes can be emotional, environmental, past lives, childhood traumas and other variables. Thus, how can one truly heal a person without a deep understanding of the underlying cause?  BodyTalk provides such a tool. The protocol for BodyTalk delves into the "story" for the problem, reaching into the subconscious cause. The conscious mind can then make the connection and healing can commence using the BodyTalk techniques.

Laura is a superb lecturer, teacher and BodyTalk practitioner. I now understand why she left a blossoming career as a molecular geneticist to pursue an even more fascinating career in BodyTalk. I felt that our FMBR members could benefit from BodyTalk and the best person to tell you about it is Laura.

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