Nov, 2015 Newsletter

Nov, 2015 Newsletter

November 20
Federico Faggin
The Search for a Scientific Theory of Consciousness

The study and debate about the nature of consciousness has been primarily a philosophical and religious one until 20 years ago when a few neuroscientists started the search for neural correlates of consciousness. Today most educated people are aware of the mystery of consciousness, yet the overwhelming majority of them believe consciousness to be the result of the operation of the brain, despite the absence of any real evidence to support that claim. A few researchers believe instead that consciousness may be an irreducible property of nature.

This talk will first describe the essential and unique aspects of consciousness that need to be explained by a successful theory, and the main ideas and research directions behind the current efforts toward the development of a scientific theory of consciousness. The bulk of the talk will be the presentation of a conceptual framework developed by the speaker that defines the critical requirements for a mathematical theory of consciousness, and is a necessary guide to the creation of a mathematical theory of reality under the assumption that consciousness is an irreducible property of nature. The talk will conclude with the author's views about the possible future developments in this field.


TIME: Friday, NOVEMBER 20, 2015 at 7:30 p.m., (doors open at 7 p.m.) 
PLACE: Unity Community Church – Y.E.S. Hall, 3391 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto 

Speaker's Bios

Born in Vicenza, Italy, Federico Faggin received a Laurea degree in Physics, summa cum laude, from the University of Padua (1965), and in 1968 he moved to Silicon Valley, California, where he now lives.

Faggin gave life to a large number of state-of-the-art products and technologies since he was 19 years old, notable among them are: the design and construction of a small transistorized computer (Olivetti, 1961); the MOS Silicon Gate Technology (Fairchild, 1968);the world's first microprocessor (Intel, 1971); several highly successful microprocessors, among them the Intel 8080 (1974), and the Zilog Z80 (1976).Faggin also founded and directed Zilog, Inc. (1974), Cygnet Technologies, Inc. (1982), and Synaptics, Inc. (1986), where the Touchpad (1994) and the Touchscreen (1999) that have revolutionized the way we interface with our mobile devices were developed. He is currently dedicated to the science of consciousness through the Federico and Elvia Faggin Foundation.

Federico Faggin received many international prizes and awards. Distinguished among them are the Marconi Prize (1988), the Kyoto Prize (1997), the induction into the US Inventors' Hall of Fame (1996), the 2009 National Medal of Technology and Innovation from President Barack Obama, the Enrico Fermi Award (2014), and many honorary degrees in science and engineering.

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Local Organizations Which Are Friends of FMBR

Jerry Gin, Ph.D.

There are a number of local organizations who share common values and beliefs with FMBR. Many of our members are also members of these other group. I thought a brief description about those organizations would be useful for our members.

• South Bay IANDS (International Association for Near-Death Studies). The South Bay IANDS group has excellent talks, usually on the third Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, 13601 Saratoga Avenue, Saratoga. John Sphar is Director of this group, assisted by Bill Virga. For schedule of talks, get on John's email list by signing up on their website: .

• San Jose Dowers is the local chapter of the American Society of Dowsers. Cathy Coultrip is the President. Lectures from guest speakers occur the second Saturday of the month at 1 pm at the Divine Science Community Center, 1540 Hicks Ave, San Jose. After the lectures, at around 3:30 pm, instructors are available to help attendees improve their dowsing skills- for beginners, intermediates or advanced dowers. Check their website at:

• Silicon Valley Health Institute (SVHI), previously called Smart Life Forum, has lectures on the third Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm. Meetings and lectures are at Cubberly High School, H1, 4000 Middlefield Rd. Palo Alto, CA. This is the place to go to learn about alternatives for health. The first 15 to 30 minutes is a time for the audience to ask medical/health questions with local experts answering the questions. This is followed by lectures from alternative health experts on a wide range of topics. Susan Downs, MD, is the Board member who organizes the lectures. Check out their website at

• International Academy of Consciousness (IAC) is an organization which has courses to teach the meaning and techniques for achieving out-of-body experiences (OBE). There is a local San Francisco office in South San Francisco. Check their website for schedule of courses:

• FMBR Study Group is an informal gathering of members interested in exploring the various mind-being subjects. Subjects include all aspects of science and consciousness. There is typically a topic chosen for the meeting, a presentation is given on it and discussion of the topic. Meetings are generally the second Saturday of the month at 4:30 to 6:30 pm at Nuvora, 3350 Scott Blvd, Bldg 5, #502, Santa Clara, CA. Topics have ranged from torsion energy, quantum physics, sacred geometry, subtle energy, nature of consciousness, free energy, BioGeometry, qi, cosmology, nature of matter, ether, etc. Contact Jerry Gin or Henry Rutger to be on an emailing list regarding the meeting agenda and confirmation regarding meeting: to email Jerry Gin and to email Henry Rutger


NOVEMBER 14: 11:30 am to 5:00 pm San Jose Dowsers blog, San Jose:
(Check later.)

NOVEMBER 19: 7:00 pm Smart Life Forum, Palo Alto:
William Walsh, PhD, FACN
Nutrients and Mental Health 

South Bay IANDS DECEMBER 4, 2015
Raymond Moody, M.D. Ph.D.

Meet the psychologist who coined to term "near-death experience",
co-founded the International Association for Near-Death Studies,
and in 1975 published the book that started it all, Life After Life.

(There will be a charge to attend)
Link to flyer for this meeting.

Foundation for Mind-Being Research
P.O. Box 449, Los Altos, Ca 94023-0449

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