On Transformation | May 2011

FMBR Editorial: May, 2011

On Transformation

Yevgeniy Gorodetskiy

There is much talk about a global transformation which is either happening or is within the near future. Yet exactly what is coming is unknown. There are speculations, predictions, channelings, some evidence, but exactly what is happening is beyond those who talk about it as it may affect the entire planet and all of humanity. And if this is true, and humanity is close to a transformation, be it spiritual, conscious or evolutionary we are living in an interesting time.

From my experience and from experience of others who have walked down a similar path, a life transforming event is usually a difficult one with few exceptions. It may seem completely impossible during the time it is occurring. And there has been no indication that this time may be any different. There may be a very difficult, critical time for all of us when a choice and a certain maturity may be required.

A human being consists of many layers of existence; many folds of the psyche; many wonderful gifts. But without being developed, being unused since childhood, they are buried under our ego, conceit, stupidity and self-lies. This not only affects our life and our health but also affects our capabilities. If a time is near when the use of these natural aspects of ourselves will be required for our survival, I would feel distressed if I was telling people about predictions of a future period or event, but not sharing with them what they may need to be ready to pass through such a transition.

They will have to find and begin to use some parts of their psyche and their energetic structures once again. This will not only improve their health, lives, and capabilities but also make life deeper and more fulfilling. In addition, this process may be something that can help their survival and the continuation of life here on earth.

Life is precious and unbelievable with every moment bringing the possibility of a miracle. Life is also a chance to interact with people, other worlds, and even “Infinity”. Yet someday our life is certain to come to an end, but what is waiting for us beyond is unknown. Yet there are some areas that can and should be explored. Many institutes and individuals around the world are studying precisely these areas of our consciousness. They are the ones who are available to teach and train us to use our natural abilities, become fuller and be prepared for whatever may come next.

— Respectfully,
Yevgeniy Gorodetskiy
V.P. for Development, FMBR


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