Bay Area & National Orgs-Interests in Mind-Being

Some Bay Area and National Organizations with Interests in Mind-Being

Jerry Gin

There are numerous organizations with interests in various aspects of subjects which are of interest to FMBR.  FMBR explores all subjects related to mind-being; many of the others specialize in certain aspects of the subject.   I thought it would be of interest to say a few words about some of these organizations for the sake of those interested in further exploration of certain areas of interest.

In Bay Area:

San Jose Dowsers: 
The group meets the second Saturday of each month at about 1 pm at the Community of Infinite Spirit at 1540 Hicks Ave, San Jose.  They have a speaker talking about various topics (healing, etc.), usually using dowsing as a tool. Afterwards Joachim Wippich will work with people on healing, using dowsing tools, and Keith Smyth will instruct on dowsing at all levels.  San Francisco has its own Golden Gate Dowsers group. In July, there is the West Coast Dowsers Conference in Santa Cruz, where the top dowsers in the country convene for 5-6 days of courses and seminars.

International Academy of Consciousness (IAC): 
The group holds courses that teach about out-of-body experiences, with both theory and practical techniques.  There is a local office in San Mateo. It is one of the premier organizations in this area.

South Bay IANDS (South Bay Chapter of the International Association for Near Death Studies): 
John Sphar orchestrates the activities of this group which hold meetings with speakers who have had near death experiences.  It is an excellent group to learn about this field.

Silicon Valley Health Institute (SVHI)
This group looks at the cutting edge of alternative health solutions. Lectures are at 7 PM the third Thursday of the month, with leading lecturers from throughout the world.  Many FMBR members attend the SVHI lectures (used to be called Smart Life Forum); SVHI members are also often at the FMBR lectures. Meetings start with a question and answer period for attendees to ask health questions pertinent to themselves; experts in the audience answer them. This is followed by the lecture

Foundations of Mind: group holds annual meetings, bringing together leading experts in the areas of quantum physics and consciousness.  Many of the members are leading quantum physicists in the academic world; many are associated with the University of California, Berkeley.  In the past, the annual meetings were held on the Berkeley campus.

FMBR is also associated with other groups who give lectures at our meetings and we often attend their national meetings.  Among them:

Society of Scientific Exploration (SSE)
Their national meetings, typically at the end of May, last 3 days and are excellent, covering broad topics of interest to people in FMBR.  They have a journal and a newsletter which cover these topics.

IONS (Institute of Noetic Sciences)
Founded by Edgar Mitchell, this group in Petaluma has national meetings and carries out research in the mind-being/consciousness area.

United States Psychotronics
Psychotronics is defined as the science of mind-body-environment relationships, an interdisciplinary science concerned with the interactions of matter, energy, and consciousness. Psychotronics involves the study, research, and applications of the physics and technology of the mind, brain, spirit, consciousness, and the underlying forces of life and nature – hence the term “psychotronics.”  Jon Klimo was the previous President, Beverly Rubik is the current President – both are FMBR members.
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