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FMBR Editorial: Nov, 2007

Our Spiritual Heritage

Mark Macy

Each generation has always handed down to the next generation an awareness of departed ancestors living somewhere out of view, and of great spirits with tremendous power and knowledge watching over our world from realms unseen, providing support and guidance. Throughout history cultures have incorporated the spirit worlds into people’s lives. One of the rare exceptions is the modern industrialized world for the past 300 years, where ignoring the spirit worlds has come to be seen as intellectual and sophisticated. In effect, Newtonian physics has pushed the worlds of spirit into the closet.

Instrumental Transcommunication ITC

My research (ITC, or instrumental transcommunication - the use of TVs, radios, telephones, computers, and other technical devices to get in direct touch with the other side) indicates that the spirit worlds are for real and the time is overdue to employ the best knowledge and technologies available to forge a technical bridge to them. After all, science has become brilliant at understanding the physical universe, from the very big to the very small. It’s time now to apply that same brilliance to understanding the worlds beyond big and small, beyond three dimensions, and beyond time and space.

The spirit worlds have always seemed mysterious to us humans on Earth because they exist beyond our five senses, and we’ve never known their whereabouts. But now, thanks (ironically) to science, we know exactly where the spirit worlds are. They’re right here, all around us, like radio waves, separated not by distance but by vibration. Thanks to science we KNOW that countless discrete radio signals are all jumbled together at just about any location on Earth. If we have a radio we can tune into each signal separately. I know from my research that the spirit worlds, likewise, are all jumbled together in the same space and remain distinct not by distance, but by vibration. In this case it’s not radio frequencies but vibrations of consciousness that separate them. (I’m one of many researchers today who regard consciousness as vibrations of subtle energy—life energy— existing beyond the electromagnetic spectrum, and everything everywhere consists of these vibrations.)

Although we today haven’t yet learned how to quantify these conscious vibrations, my colleagues and I know that thoughts of love, respect, gratitude, and joy generate light, subtle vibrations, while troubled thoughts of fear, animosity, doubt, lust, envy, and shame produce dark, dense vibrations. There are countless worlds of spirit vibrating to these different thought forms. There are light and lovely paradise worlds where everyone is compelled to help and serve each other. There are dark, dismal worlds where people are caught up in dramas—chasing, fleeing, and resenting each other.

A "contact" field

The different vibrations of consciousness exist as surely as radio frequencies exist, and we humans tune into the worlds of spirit that resonate with our general dispositions. Our mind is like a radio tuner. If we’re generally tuned into love and decency we attract into our lives supportive spiritual influences from the finer realms. If we’re usually tuned into troubled feelings then we attract disruptive spiritual influences from the darker realms. It’s often called the principle of resonance or the law of attraction. Very basic. Very true.

Our spirit friends talk of a “contact field” consisting of the thoughts and attitudes of everyone involved in an ITC project. If everyone is in harmony with decent attitudes, the contact field is clear, and our invisible friends can see into our world and work with our equipment. If there’s a lot of dissonance from fears and animosities, the field is cloudy, and our friends can no longer work with us and our equipment.

I plan to devote the last years of my life (born in 1949) to finding ways to sustain group resonance—not an easy feat here on Earth with people’s egos, hormones, and personalities—but I’m sure there’s nothing more crucial for a safe, happy future for humanity.

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