A Personal Experience of Telekinesis | Feb 2009

FMBR Editorial: Feb, 2009

A Personal Experience of Telekinesis

Yevgeniy Gorodetskiy

Many things are possible within the sphere of the paranormal practices. However, only a few can be somewhat demonstrated or used as evidence such as energy healing and remote viewing but none present as clear a demonstration as psychokinesis or telekinesis.

There are two types of telekinesis or psychokinesis that have become common recently. There is bending metal objects such as spoons or keys. There is also the moving of a needle of a compass or other small objects without any physical contact. It is also possible to affect electronic equipment, move large objects or even levitate but the above mentioned are the most common. Both have been recorded many times on video and have many practitioners in fact recently there was a world record awarded to the Institute of Biosensory Psychology, Russia in telekinesis (movement of objects without contact). Also some practitioners have demonstrated their ability to bend metal. It would seem that the phenomenon is becoming more and more accepted in our society.

Many people still openly deny the existence of paranormal phenomena in general and telekinesis in particular. But for me, it was never about denying its existence but about proving to myself that it does exist. When I first encountered the phenomenon of telekinesis my initial thoughts were to look for a logical physical explanation: a breeze, a magnet, or a softness of metal. There was something inside of me that resisted this notion on a very deep level. It’s interesting how the mind works but as long as there remains a possibility of explaining an internal conflict in a seemingly logical way, even if in reality it is far from logical, it will keep being explained in that way. For me it was not enough to see videos or read books, in fact it was not enough to reach the effect a couple times. There is a very distinct stage that a beginning telekinesis practitioner goes through where he is performing an action while trying to logically explain what is happening in physical terms.

It’s fascinating to talk about, but it is literally as if one part of your mind is captivated by the process at hand while another is trying to prove that it is impossible. Then if you are able to repeat what you are doing enough times or in a particular manner (for example set a particular goal for yourself and reach it) something happens. It is like you are slapped in the face with the fact that you cannot deny this anymore, as if the part of your mind that was trying to deny, got backed into a corner and then simply disappeared. This is a decisive moment in a life of a practitioner.

It feels like you are sitting under a shower of unexplainable joy as if something extremely good has happened but you don’t quite know what it is. After this moment you will not deny the existence of telekinesis anymore, in fact you will be more certain that it does exist than anything else.

It is comforting that there are fields of science that talk about paranormal phenomena such as Quantum Physics in science and Transpersonal Psychology in humanities. There is an exciting new science called Biosensory Psychology in which paranormal phenomena are not only talked about but are repeatable and teachable to almost anyone. It allows for and explains many paranormal phenomena on a very deep level and provides a deep understanding of one’s psychical reactions. A practitioner bases his worldview on his own personal experiences.

The birth place of this exciting scientific field is the Institute of Biosensory Psychology in St. Petersburg, Russia. At the Institute they often deal with skeptics and opposition from the orthodox members of the scientific community. But according to the founder of the Institute of Biosensory Psychology, Vladimir Tonkov, they have found a solution to this problem. “When skeptics come to us we simply offer to teach them. After a person learns how to do this his skepticism goes away.” And so one sure way to get paranormal phenomena to be more accepted in our society is to get more people to have paranormal experiences themselves but for this we need to have many well trained practitioners and one of the best places in the world for this type of training is the above mentioned Institute as there is a nearly 100% success rate. (For more info email below or visit:www.biosens.ru )

Yevgeniy Gorodetskiy, President, FMBR

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