FMBR has put a wide range of information on our website to assist visitors as they pursue the many aspects of the consciousness field of study and experience.

FMBR has always had a bevy of those who have something to say in the written word.  There are Scientific Papers, Articles and Reports, and Editorials.  These may be accessed from the FMBR Papers page.

To provide the opportunities for education, FMBR has gathered materials from a wide area.  There are over 50 sets of Power Point slides on a wide range of topics related to many aspects of consciousness.  There are books by two leaders in the consciousness movement, Dean Brown, PhD and Jean Millay, PhD.  Links to the “Law of One” website provide access to the material that came from that effort.  In recent years several different models of Physics have come out; links to these are provided. These are found on the Education page.

On the Explore page are links to;

• YouTube FMBR videos,
• Ideas on self healing and awareness activities drawn from many different perspectives,
• There is a link to a page that allows connection to the many organization and projects that are of interest of FMBR,
•  Abstracts and links to papers of the Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE) 2015 and 2014 conferences are provided.

The mission of the Foundation for Mind Being Research (FMBR) is to expand the context of scientific exploration to include mankind’s interconnectedness with the universe and to create positive change through self-empowerment.  To this end we have created the FMBR Store.

All the merchandise featured in our store has been chosen to help your own explorations. Since the FMBR Store is affiliated with, you can use our site as a launching point for all your shopping on the internet, and a portion of every purchase you make benefits the organization.

We also carry many of the BioGeometry energy balancing materials.

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