Respond to World State

How to Respond in A Meaningful Way to the Current State of the World

by Anu Peter Brandt
Mar 21, 2018

"Our true colors come shining through. We’re living in a time in which the vibrational state of our world and the restlessness of the collective consciousness are meshing together in a way that hasn’t really happened before.

"This confluence of energetic states is acting as a great catalyst, awakening and exposing the innermost mental-emotional (and, in some cases, spiritual) nature of people in all walks of life. And, even those who might wish to cover up their inner nature and keep it from being exposed are, for the most part, unable to do so.

Using our most readily available resources

"It’s observably obvious in our governmental bodies, our political leaders, our celebrities, even in the people we work with, our families, our friends.

When there is turmoil or excitement, unrest or great awakening, it tends to push people to their edge. 

"Great light can bring with it great shadow. And great darkness can bring with it stalwart search for clarity, for light. And with all of this, we are compelled to use our most innate abilities for coping, for navigation, for lighting the way. We automatically fall back on our most readily available inner resources for managing whatever we’re going through.

"For some, this means calling on our deepest knowledge of harmony, of inner peace, of love and compassion, and using that as a basis for how we interact with ourselves, with those around us, with the world.

"For others, if we’re lacking those qualities or the ability to reach them, we fall back on responses that are rooted in fear or lack, and our way of being in the world becomes harsh, over-critical, self-serving, maybe even violent."

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