Personal Responsibility vs. Quantum Consciousness Shift

Personal Responsibility vs. Quantum Consciousness Shift

Dawn Abel

Updated Aug 29, 2008

It is a given that most people who believe there will be a consciousness shift sometime in the near future or who ponder how we will get to that point, think that the shift will happen by changing our perceptions and the perceptions of those around us, and creating a mind-meld where the majority of people are focused on the same end result. They think that the principle of quantum mechanics can be applied to make that shift, such that the interconnected mind can just create a definitive vision and expect to see the change envisioned, as the result. Many think that by intentionally meditating or praying in unison, they can create the change they want to see, similar to groups of people who try to heal others at a distance. While thought patterns and energies may be transmitted through space and time, it is, however, still up to the person or persons on the receiving end to do something with those received thought patterns and energies. On a cellular level, the body may try to accommodate those directed energies, but without open receptors that allow the signals to be processed and then downloaded into cellular memory, the message and the healing are to no avail. This is where the majority on the planet currently stand relative to the expected shift.

Even with all the good will, focused meditation, and awareness of a desired outcome, it is still a person’s own responsibility to take those thought patterns and resulting visions, then process and assimilate them, and ultimately apply them to his or her own healing and personal life. If that person doesn’t take responsibility for healing himself or the planet, and doesn’t have the willpower or personal commitment and faith to process the changes in his own life to fuel the healing processes, all the good intentions in the world will not heal or change that person or entity.

However, not everyone thinks that personal responsibility for ones actions is involved in “the shift.” There is an ongoing debate between metaphysicians and physicians (an analogy to those who deal with the metaphysical and the physical), who equally and emphatically argue that healing and change can only be accomplished one way or the other: through interconnected mind change or physical action. The important issue is that one is an extension of the other and they are equally important in making change. The physical change affects the interconnected mind just as the interconnected mind affects the physical outcome. But on both levels, there has to be a willing audience who can integrate and implement the changes at all levels. Lectures on metaphysical subjects can open a person’s mind but without active participation, the change does not occur. Making change at the physical level emphasizes concrete action and change. Once the change occurs, the results are heeded at the conscious level and a shift in perception can occur.

Thus, there is a need for an integrated approach between both disciplines to create a lasting shift. Until we take personal responsibility for our part in the expected shift, we may well be disappointed when the changes don’t occur for us personally. We may be lucky enough to ride peripherally on someone else’s changes by taking advantage of opportunities that come as a result. However, we will most likely wake up one day and find that the world has changed but we haven’t. We may be ill-equipped to deal with the changes because we didn’t process the message internally; thus, our own modus operandi didn’t kick into gear. That may create a crisis on a personal level, because we did not swallow the medicine that we received. We may believe in the shift, pay lip-service to the shift, pat ourselves on the back for being a supporter of the shift, but in the long-term, the shift is about taking our intention, processing and swallowing it, and ultimately making it happen.

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