Sacred Geometry and Universal Order

Sacred Geometry and Universal Order

Jonathan Quintin

Updated November 26, 2009

For thousands of years, sacred geometry has been used as a means to illustrate states of universal order. The archetypal and patterns that occur through the relationship of numbers are mathematical programs describing the laws of creation.

They provide essential knowledge for us by revealing the natural resonant patterns that the world is based on. The information contained in them is conveyed to different parts of the self (ranging from cellular to soul level).

The effects and results depend upon a number of factors such as the degree of attention, intention, awareness etc of each person contemplating them. It can range from no effect (or very little) at one end of the scale to a spiritual awakening at the other.

Through conscious awareness we can integrate the essence of those realms into our mental and emotional patterns and introduce healthy working systems into our reality. The more we understand universal law the more we can apply the harmony that is apparent in nature as a more powerful force in our own lives.

The geometries can also be a great synthesizer of the left and right hemispheres of the brain. The rational, analytical aspects of the patterns are processed through the left hemisphere; while the visual beauty and profound implications are processed through the right – implementing whole brain consciousness and expanded awareness.

Geometry is often likened to music. Pythagorus described it as “music made visible”. He observed that the mathematical laws governing musical harmony correlated with the laws governing physical reality.

Geometry is a visual form of harmony: the harmony of parts with each other and with the whole. The world is composed of diverse and contrasting elements. It is harmony that restores unity to the contrasting parts and weaves them into a cosmos.

The primary shapes, patterns and forms of sacred geometry can be used to help harmonize our flow with the flow of universal consciousness. They represent harmonic tones that can attune, empower, uplift and inspire the human condition.

Images, depending upon their nature as well as other factors, can have a dynamic impact upon the psyche. When we look at something, our mind is influenced (to varying degrees) by the tone with which the object is associated. This can range from pleasant images producing endorphins and negative images producing adrenalin and cortisol.

When we look at something, the image we see is not actually the object we are looking at; but rather a representation of the interplay of light and shadow that has been recreated by the nerve of the retina in our eyes.

The retina arranges a mass of rods and cones in a manner that simulates the arrangement of light and shadow reflected in our field of vision. This information is then sent as electrical impulses (vibrations) to the brain for processing.

Vibration is the determining factor in the transference of information between the perceived and the perceiver. This can be the vibration of the object/s (of our view) reflecting light, or a simulation of that reflected light created in the retina of the eye.

Everything has a vibration. If you draw a circle, it creates the vibration of a circle. Drawing the shape of a triangle creates a vibration of a triangle; similarly with a square and pentagon etc. The triangle, square and pentagon represent the primary harmonics of nature. Their vibrations are resonant with the fundamental processes of creation.

The harmonic geometries, through the process of bio-regenesis, can activate latent qualities within us and help restore our DNA to its original imprint. The process of bio-regenesis works along the lines of sympathetic resonance.

The principle of sympathetic resonance can be experienced with two tuning forks of the same note, held at opposite ends of a room. If one of the forks is struck it will begin vibrating and in a few seconds the other begins to ring. This happens because the energy waves (sound waves) from the fork that was struck traveled through the air and activated the second fork. The second fork came into sympathetic resonance with the first.

Something of a similar nature (though on a more subtle level) occurs when we consciously engage with harmonic geometric shapes, patterns and forms. As we contemplate them, we tune into the intricacies of the Universal Mind.

Universal Intelligence has designed itself into each of us. The human form is established upon the same set of principles that can be found on all levels of creation.

We are a holograph of a multi-dimensional Universe, where the whole is reflected in the part. Rudolph Steiner used the term “anthropocosmic human being” to describe the concept that we are a microcosmic reflection of the macrocosm. As above, so below.

When we consciously engage with an archetypal geometric harmonic, the part of our universal self that correlates to that particular vibration can be stimulated in a similar way to how the second tuning fork is stimulated from the vibrations of the first, though on a more subtle level.

In the case of the tuning forks, however, the first fork requires an external force to activate it. But in the case of geometric contemplation, our consciousness is the activating force.

Geometric contemplation is a process that can help us to harmonize with the vital forces and to experience an integration of Spirit-Mind-Body in a state of higher consciousness. It can bring about transformations in awareness and help lead us to a state of self-realization.

It is a gradual process but when used in a mindful and purposeful way the vibrational patterns of the geometries generate a resonance that can have a calming and transformative effect on us right down to the level of RNA/DNA.

We only use 3 percent of our current 2 strand DNA. According to a number of esoteric teachings, however, the original divine blueprint of human DNA contains an additional 10 esoteric strands – which are fused together and contained within the two perceptible strands.

Each additional strand possesses attributes that allow the person to achieve greater deeds. These additional, invisible strands have, according to these teachings, laid dormant in humanity for millennia.

According to these teachings, an activated 12 strand DNA facilitates 12 levels of consciousness, 7 higher senses, 13 chakras and 12 chemical nucleotide bases (compared to the current 4), allowing for 144 chromosomes (compared to the current 64).

We are designed to evolve and our evolution is directly and intimately tied with the Earth’s. The elemental particles that give substance to our cells come from the Earth. The cells are imbued with our divine consciousness, forming a union of spirit and matter. In this context, we as humans are the progeny of Mother Earth and Father Sky; spiritual beings embodied with the elements of terra firma.

Many believe the Pleidian photon belt is activating our DNA and setting in motion the process of accelerated evolution and even ascension. We are at an important juncture right now because we have the ability to reclaim our original imprint, which is our birthright as a species.

Our role is to assist the Earth with what is happening now. By raising our own frequency and bringing more light into our fields, we as collective consciousness can assist Earth and humanity along the path of evolution and ascension. When enough people awaken to their Higher Selves we will have critical mass that can form the spearhead to carry us through to the Golden Age of Enlightenment.

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